Good People Doing Good Things — Young & Old, Human and Canine

I have a few stories of good people today, and I think by the time you finish reading this, you will once again begin to believe in the goodness of human (and canine) nature.  Oh, and you might need your tissues on this one …

Groceries and much, much more

Iqbal Alimohd is a 69-year-old cab driver in Calgary, Canada.  Fifteen years ago he noticed a few elderly people along his path who, as he says …

“With time going by, I see they’re not doing good. And then I told them, ‘From now on, I buy your groceries, because you don’t have much energy left’.”

And thus began Mr. Alimohd’s trip into the land of ‘good people’.  One thing led to another, his efforts grew, and today he and his family spend every Saturday serving their community in a variety of ways.  Every Saturday, he arrives at Real Canadian Superstore before it opens, ready to buy and deliver groceries for dozens of seniors.

His wife Mumtaz takes phone orders during the week and tracks them in a spreadsheet. Their sons, Faisal and Yasin, started helping with grocery runs during the pandemic. The day isn’t done until 7 p.m. most weeks, but the time is something they give for free.  Says his son, Faisal, of the time commitment …

“It was such a big commitment that whenever we would want to travel or go anywhere, he would be like, ‘Well, what are my seniors going to do on Saturday?'”

But it’s more than just groceries.  Iqbal spends hours socializing with the seniors, driving them to appointments and doing anything else he can to help. It’s always been something he kept quiet, and his son Faisal said they didn’t realize how much was involved beyond buying and delivering groceries until they would hear from seniors or their children or get thank-you notes.  Sometimes, he says, there are children of seniors who tell him, “Your dad’s been there when we haven’t been able to be there.”

Such a simple thing, yes?  And yet … how much it means to those on the receiving end of Mr. Alimohd’s compassionate giving of self and time.

Young hearts of gold

This year’s graduating class at Islesboro Central High School in Islesboro, Maine, is a big one – 13 students!  And every single one of those 13 gets a thumbs up 👍 from Filosofa for being a good people.

It is tradition for graduating classes to raise money through a variety of activities for a senior trip at the end of the year, and this year’s class at Islesboro was no different … they raised $8,000 and were debating a trip to Greece, or perhaps South Korea.  But somewhere along the line, their plans derailed, and in the nicest sort of way.

Instead of using the money they’ve earned for a trip, these thirteen young people donated $5,000 to help out their neighbors struggling in the wake of the pandemic.  Said one of the students, Olivia Britton …

“It felt sort of obvious that it needed to go back to the island community.”

$5,000 went to the Island Community Fund to help people who were out of work and needed money for food or rent. The students are still deciding where to donate the remaining money.  Another student, Liefe Temple, said …

“We could really see how the whole world and the island, too, was struggling. So it felt really good to do that with our money, to give it back to the people who gave it to us.”

Some parents on Islesboro have done a great job … thumbs up to the students and their parents!  👍👍

A lot of locks!

Meet Kieran Moïse – he’s the young one on the right.

As you can see, Kieran has quite a head of hair, which he says he has spent six years growing with the goal of donating it to charity.  After graduating from high school and getting accepted into the U.S. Air Force Academy, the time had come for Kieran to cut his 19-inch afro.  Says Kieran …

“Now that it is time to shave it, I would like to raise $1,000 per inch for St. Jude’s Hospital. My hair is 19 inches long and that $19,000 will do so much good to help families dealing with cancer. One of my good friends in middle school died from cancer and I know St. Jude’s really helped his family. This is just one way that I feel like I can give back. It will also help make some really good wigs for kids!”

{Tissue please} 

Kieran’s mother says her son “was born with a beautiful headful of hair, and for his entire life, that’s the first thing everyone noticed about him… everywhere he went, he was the guy with the big hair. There was no way not to notice it.”

She also said that “Every Sunday night, I’d help him condition it one section at a time while he sat through two movies. That hair was a huge part of his personality.”

Thus far, Kieran has raised more than twice his initial goal!

Pooches can be ‘good people’ too!

This one was sent to me by my friend Herb last week and I thought this pooch deserved a spot in today’s good people post, for his efforts to save this kitten are nothing short of heroic!  The doggie’s mom noticed what was happening and grabbed her phone to film the whole thing …

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  2. Jill, great stories. Just focusing on one, Iqbal Alimohd and his wife Mumtaz, should be commended for giving one of their two days off to help shop for those who cannot. Plus taking and tracking the orders takes time during the week. Well done. Keith

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    • Thanks, Keith! Yes, I fully agree … the family is doing such a wonderful service for their community. I hope that when Alimohd gets too old to do this anymore, his sons will follow in his footsteps.

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