A #SaturdaySong Revised

This morning’s music post is a bit different … I’m re-blogging our friend Clive’s post from a few days ago. The song is Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction, one that I have played a few times here, and was planning to play again. Sadly, we humans never learn and seem to keep the world … on the eve of destruction.

I chose to re-blog Clive’s post for a few reasons. One, his includes some interesting and fun personal memories. Two, he presents some fascinating trivia that I wasn’t aware of. And three … he not only makes it interesting, plays good music, but he makes it fun, too! Thanks, Clive, for your generous permission to share your post!

Take It Easy

Earlier this week, my good blogging friend Jim sent me a link to a blog by Marla, who I’d not come across before. He did so because she had posted an article which included a song that means a lot to me, and he remembered that I had posted it myself. Indeed I had, in Tuesday Tunes 52. But this reminded me that I had also written a longer piece about it in my #SaturdaySongs series and, as I’ve recently shared a couple of those with you, this seemed like my cue for another. These date back to 2016 when I knew few of you who are actively following me these days, so I’m fairly sure that this will be a new one for you. This is that post, from 29.10.16 – as ever, I’ll return at the end for a few closing words (though probably not words…

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13 thoughts on “A #SaturdaySong Revised

  1. One of those songs that if you were aware when it came out, it just never went away again. The sixties gave us hope that we could change the world and this song was one that told us just what we needed to change. It was right then and it’s right now. Unfortunately, we never manage to make the changes we needed back then. Maybe our children and grandchildren can do it now by voting out al the politicians who make promises they don’t keep.to people they think they don’t need.

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    • Exactly … this song pops into my head multiple times EVERY week. Yep, we thought we were changing the world a half-century ago, but … seems we didn’t do such a great job of it, for today it’s even worse than it was then. Sigh. I’ve just about lost hope for humankind. What little I have left is as dust in the wind.

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      • Have faith, maybe our children and grandchildren can do it. They must see the current mess and decide they don’t want liars, racists, misogynists and/or crooks in power and will start voting new, fresh faces in who share the same ideals.

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        • Sigh. We saw the mess our parents and grandparents left and we thought we could fix it, but instead we only made it worse. I still have a thin thread of hope, sweetie, but it is very thin right now …


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