The GOP Madness … Doing Us A Favour?

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two of the Republican House members who had been appointed by Kevin McCarthy to sit on the committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection.  The two were Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Burns of Indiana, and Speaker Pelosi was well within her rights to reject them, for both had refused to certify the election results from the 2020 election, though there was no question whatsoever that President Biden had won by more than 7 million votes. Both attempted to stifle our votes, our voices.

McCarthy, who qualifies as one of the head clowns in the GOP circus, went ballistic and pulled the other three, the ones Pelosi had agreed to, off of the committee.  Fine by me, for his only goal was to be disruptive and ensure that the committee would be unable to conduct a full investigation as we need them to.  Why?  Why are Republicans so adamant that we not get to the bottom of an attack that threatened the democratic principles founded in the U.S. Constitution?  Because … they know the role that certain Republicans played in inciting and participating in the events of the day.  Some of those people carry the last name “Trump” and that is already a proven fact!  So, let’s cover it up … bury it so that they don’t have to try to justify their actions, justify their attempt to rob We the People of our voice … so that come November 2022, people will have forgotten the coup that almost was, and those who bear some responsibility for the events won’t have to answer awkward questions that might land them on the other side of the iron bars!

That said, Washington Post columnists Greg Sargent and Paul Waldman have collaborated on a piece that I think worthy of being shared.  For what little my opinion may be worth, I am 100% in agreement with these gentlemen …

How Kevin McCarthy is boosting the integrity of the Jan. 6 investigation

Opinion by Greg Sargent and Paul Waldman

21 July 2021; 5:08 p.m. EDT

We should be thankful that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) just pulled Republicans out of any involvement in the select committee to examine the Jan. 6 insurrection. In so doing, he ensured that the committee’s investigation will both have more integrity and be more likely to undertake a valuable accounting.

Which goes to a larger truth about this moment: Efforts at a real examination of arguably the worst outbreak of political violence in modern times — and efforts to protect our democracy more broadly — will not be bipartisan. These things will be done by Democrats alone.

McCarthy’s handling of the Jan. 6 committee illustrates the point. It comes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced that she is nixing two of McCarthy’s picks to serve on it: Reps. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

McCarthy mustered great outrage about this, railing that it was an “abuse of power” that had cost the committee “all legitimacy and credibility.”

In fact, precisely the opposite is true: By pulling out, McCarthy has boosted the committee’s legitimacy and credibility immeasurably. The less involved McCarthy is with this committee, the more likely it will be to undertake a genuine and comprehensive accounting.

McCarthy’s picks were expressly designed to prevent that accounting. This is not speculation or a mere guess at McCarthy’s motives. It is unavoidably clear from the public statements and conduct of Banks and Jordan themselves.

Banks’s first act on getting named by McCarthy was to release a statement declaring that the committee must investigate the “hundreds of violent political riots” in which “many more innocent Americans and law-enforcement officers were attacked.”

That’s an explicit declaration that the insurrection and Donald Trump’s incitement of it should not be the focus of the committee and is a less serious matter than those riots.

Similarly, after Jordan was picked, he immediately declared he wants to serve on the committee because “this is impeachment round three,” unwittingly revealing — or perhaps unabashedly declaring — that he saw his role as solely a means for working to exonerate Trump.

What’s more, Jordan had already played a prominent role in spreading the very lies about the 2020 election that helped inspire the insurrection the committee will be investigating. Given that the committee is charged with probing the causes of the violence — and that those lies are a major cause — any real accounting must also implicate Republicans such as Jordan.

On top of all this, remember that McCarthy could have exercised even more control over the investigation — yet declined. Back in May, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the Homeland Security Committee chair, announced an agreement with the ranking Republican on an evenly divided 10-member bipartisan commission, with both parties having veto power over subpoenas.

Guess who voted against that commission? McCarthy, Banks and Jordan did.

All three also voted to object to President Biden’s electors, a vote that represented the culmination of the lies this committee will investigate as a cause of the violence.

There’s another hidden dynamic here, too: McCarthy and Jordan are very likely witnesses themselves. McCarthy made a frantic appeal to Trump to call off the rioters; he likely has firsthand experience of Trump’s truly sociopathic and insurrectionist intentions that day.

And Jordan was present in a Dec. 21 White House meeting with Trump and others, at which they discussed how to overturn Biden’s electors on the day of what would become the insurrection. What was said at that meeting will be of great interest to the committee.

“Anyone who is a material witness to the key events leading up to the Jan. 6 insurrection doesn’t really belong on the committee,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a member of the select committee, told us.

“The investigative inquiry is being shaped right now,” Raskin continued, “but those are likely to be key events in the chronology.”

Here’s the bottom line: By nixing Banks and Jordan, Pelosi actually protected the integrity of the committee’s investigation, from their openly advertised intention to misdirect, disrupt and sabotage it. By appointing publicly committed saboteurs, McCarthy openly advertised the same intention.

The conventions of political reporting are such that this basic and obvious truth will not be faithfully rendered in press accounts. But it follows from a straightforward interpretation of the statements and conduct of those Republicans themselves.

28 thoughts on “The GOP Madness … Doing Us A Favour?

    • They won’t stop even then, I think, for they are already preparing for and worrying about the 2024 election. Somebody ought to tell them that if they want to be re-elected next year, perhaps they should get busy and do things to improve people’s lives instead of just blocking everything and turning Congress into a circus. Sigh. xx


  1. Jill, while I did not agree with this move, as it gives some ammunition to the Republicans looking for wedge issues, I do agree with her choices. Jordan, in particular, is a hatchet man whose job on the various committees is to discredit anyone who is critical of Donald Trump. Getting at the truth has been secondary to setting up a perimeter around Trump. And, of course, Jordan is not known for truth telling as his wrestlers said he lied about them telling him about the fondling doctor at The Ohio State University. He denies they did, when more than several said he is lying.

    I did take some pride in Congress woman Liz Cheney, who vilified McCarthy for yanking the others. In her words, he apparently does not want to get to the truth. Keith

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    • Jim Jordan is an empty shell of a man, lacking compassion and conscience, lacking what is known as moral turpitude, lacking values all the way around. I was glad that Pelosi rejected him, for I believe his only purpose there was to deflect and obstruct the actual investigation. As for Cheney, I have almost never agreed with her politically, but today I applaud her courage, her conscience, her desire to put country ahead of party. And as we all know today, no, Kevin McCarthy does NOT want the truth to come out, and with good reason.


  2. All the pretence should stop now. There was never a chance of a bipartisan panel suggested by McCarthy for reviewing January 6th. He must have struggled to put together a team where the majority hadn’t gone along with the Big Lie whether they believed it or not As it happens he didn’t even try and just put forth his choices knowing what the end result would be. Two rejections from the 5 Two of the biggest trouble makers, Trump Supporters, Big Lie. Promoters were never going to be accepted. But their dismissal, though obvious was enough to make McCarthy complain of a partisan investigation. Fair enough, maybe it should be since he turned down the opportunity of a bipartisan investigation.
    Time to just get on with it and see how many Republicans tell the truth when questioned about that day. Come back and tell everyone the names of those who instigated and supported the insurrection.. Try them, lock them up and get back to supporting the Country without ay more political games.

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    • Is it at all possible McCarthy wanted this exact result? To let the committee get to the bottom of the investigation, get Trump charged with treason and put away in jail forever? You may ask, why would he do such a thing? I did.
      And the answer I arrived at may have merit, or it may not.
      The Republican Party under Donald Trump has become the laughing stock of the world, not just of the USA. And Trump has such a wide base that no possible coup could ever oust him short of killing him and making him a martyr for the next 500 years, or however long America can remain as a nation. There is nothing any Republican can do.
      But the Democrats can do it for them. By keeping all Republicans off the committee, he is creating the coup he cannot himself accomplish. The committee will eventually have to charge and convict a lot of the big names in the Republican Party, not just Trump. Mitch McConnell will certainly fall too. You know the other names better than I. Heads are going to role, possibly including McCarthy’s. But in the end the Republican Party will be purged of the Cult of Trump, and maybe it can regain credibility with the regular American voters, not just the quacks and cranks.
      Is this a possibility? Probably not, I doubt McCarthy is that smart or that conniving. But if I were in his shoes, after the past 5 years, it is exactly what I would be doing. And it would be the most brilliant non-coup coup every to succeed against a totally clueless tyrant–a coup I could never take credit for.

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        • The funny thing, Neil, I gave up on being an optomist years ago. Every morning I wake up, and before I open my eyes, I check to see if I’m dead yet. If I don’t answer yes, then I get up anyway.

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      • I certainly don’t think that idea is without merit. The Repubs are united around Trump and the Big Lie. At the moment the GOP need that to cohere them. But if the Democrats can get rid of Trump, the GOP don’t look bad and they can choose someone on their ticket they can control instead and the voters will back them.

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      • While I can follow the logic behind your idea, I rather doubt it. For one thing, the leaders of the Republican Party are greedy bastards who seek to increase both their power and wealth. They may despise Trump, and I’m sure many do, but he is the means to an end. I think McCarthy knows a lot more than he tells about the events that led up to January 6th, though I don’t believe he was directly involved in the planning, as certain others were. But I don’t think that McCarthy, McConnell, or any of the others would deliberately let the Democrats bring the party down, for they have hitched their wagons to the GOP and if it sinks, so do they and their wagons. Still … I wouldn’t completely discount your theory.

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        • Not bring the Party down, in so many words, but an attempt to cleanse it. Get rid of the bullies, and the riff-raff cultists.
          I know virtually nothing about Kevin McCarthy, and what I hear makes him sound like a fool. But someone in the party has to have some intelligence, and the intelligent thing to do is to clean it up and rejoin bipartisan politics.
          Personally, I’d rather see the GOP crash and burn and drown the ashes in their own tears. They don’t deserve another chance, even if they were to change. There is no path to follow that leads to political redemption. So letting the Democrats do the work for them is just making too much sense.

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          • Hmmm … maybe, but at this point I think it is time for the party that puts party ahead of country, ahead of people, that places a greater emphasis on wealth than on life, just simply fade into oblivioun. Ride off into the sunset, to be replaced by one that … cares. About people. All people.


    • Yep … McCarthy et al had their chance to participate, but they threw it away. One publication said the House committee has crumbled, but no … it hasn’t crumbled, and in fact, as Sargent & Waldman say, it will now have even more integrity. I fear, though, that Republicans will do as many did during Mueller’s investigation of the Russian election interference, and simply refuse their subpoenas. Else turn the proceedings into a three-ring circus any time they have the opportunity. I wish the Justice Department would launch a full-scale investigation … I’m not sure why they haven’t. Sigh.


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  4. The Republicans are playing to one audience of White Supremacist Privilege (with a few tame emigrant groups who think loathing the governments of their nations of heritage will protect them in later years- that’s happened before). Their strategic problem is their have locked themselves into an all-or-nothing game.
    And are too stupid to hear the warning voices of the ghosts of Republicans of earlier decades as they walk the corridors of Capitol Hill lamenting these folk who would need training to be fourth-rate.

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    • Yep … the lessons of history seem to be lost on today’s lot, don’t they? Try as I might, I don’t see the two sides of the political spectrum — which really is no longer even a spectrum — coming together and bringing peace to this nation.

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      • It’s very hard to see envisage anything than a ‘hard’ solution, seeing as how the current grouping are ones which would have been laughed out back into 1970s/80s but now are in control.
        Aside of the separation of the USA as you know it the only other hope is a visceral struggle within The Republican Party between this crew and tough pragmatists who don’t care whose political lives they destroy.

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