When Conservative became Noservative

Our friend Brosephus shares his thoughts on today’s Republican conservatives, or ‘noservatives’ as he so aptly dubs them. What, he asks, has happened to the Republican Party in the past decade or two? Where is the party that actually DID something instead of simply trying to put roadblocks up for the other party? Brosephus’ post is one well worth reading and pondering. Thank you, Brosephus!

The Mind of Brosephus

Cover of Time Magazine from March 21, 2016

There’s been several topics that have popped up that I haven’t had the time to write about. Most times, these topics usually get discussed in the comment section. I appreciate that because I don’t always have the time to post a new topic to address recent events to allow “on topic” commenting.

That said, I happened to come across the above Time Magazine cover, and I think it asks a very important question that we don’t discuss enough. What happened to the Republican Party? I’m talking beyond the personality cult it’s become with the sole intent on pissing off liberals. What happened to the ideas and guiding principles of conservatism?

For example, let’s discuss immigration for a minute. Conservatives will whine and bitch to no end about how immigration is a problem and there’s a border crisis going on. We’ve been hearing…

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17 thoughts on “When Conservative became Noservative

  1. The title was interesting because it took me back to the days of the Neo-Cons. Do you remember the Neo-Cons Jill. George Bush jnr; Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld, helped by Condoleezza Rice (Security) and Colin Powell (Secretary of State)?
    ‘Them good old days’ When everyone was American and the parties kinda worked for consensus?
    Now we have Neoconservatives (Urgh, them not white, me throw rocks).
    What’s next…Just The Neos? (urgh! Me throw more rocks)

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    • I well remember the term ‘neo-cons’ and still hear it today quite often, but I never really understood what it meant. I rather thought it was something to do with manga and video games! I guess I never really cared enough to look into it. But yes, I remember all those you mention, and with the exception of Dick Cheney and sometimes ‘W’, I had great admiration for them all. And I well remember when right vs left sometimes bickered and disagreed, primarily on financial issues, but yes, they managed to work together for the good of the nation, of the people. Those days are gone … perhaps forever. Don’t worry … no, I won’t throw you more rocks, you’ve had your daily quota! But don’t worry … look at the wildfires here, the floods there, and the pandemic everywhere … humans are extincting themselves, so we won’t have much longer to worry about neocons or neolibs or … well, anything! Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die! (You can see that I’ve joined you in the tower)

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  2. Jill, thanks for reposting this. I posted as a comment the letter to the letter to the editor from the lifelong Republican that you reblogged for me the other day. He concurs with what Brosephus wrote. Keith

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  4. I’m grateful to Brosephus for helping ne get some of the facts straight. How easily these people can rail against their own guiding principles though of course they’re no longer who they were and this proves it.

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  5. In the UK I keep hearing that the new Conservatism is a through back to Thatcher. I didn’t agree with Thatcher but she didn’t habitually lie. She played within the rules. She had principles. She would have smashed down on the corruption endemic in Johnson’s Conservative variant.

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    • A throwback to Thatcher??? Really? That doesn’t even make much sense, at least from what I know. I guess it’s not much different than the Republicans here calling themselves the “Party of Reagan” when Reagan, for all his flaws, played by the rules and was basically an honest man, like your Thatcher. Sigh.

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      • Jill, Reagan is nothing like the current Republican party and probably could not get elected, we should not overlook three very poor decisions, one of which was an impeachable offense. That would be the Iran-Contra affair where he lied about selling weapons to Iran and had to apologize later. The other two was vetoing sanctions on South Africa for Apartheid, which was overturned. What he is not remembered as well for his reticence to do anything to fight AIDs. Keith

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        • True. I was/am no fan of Reagan, but compared to the former guy and some of the 2024 hopefuls, Reagan and Nixon both begin to look a lot better than they did back in the day. It gives new meaning to that expression: It’s all relative.


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