A Damn Shame

Margie Greene is among the dumbest people in Congress and, in the grand scheme of things, is largely irrelevant since she sits on no congressional committees and doesn’t even show up for work most days, now that she and sex trafficker Matt Gaetz are taking their two-person show on the road.

Approximately 732,000 people live in Margie’s district in Georgia, most of whom are not vaccinated against COVID.  In fact, her district ranks the 8th lowest vaccination rate in the nation, out of 435 districts nationwide.  And sadly, Margie is largely responsible for this.  She with her wild QAnon theories and denial of mask mandates, social distancing, and vaccines, has convinced the people in her district that the only thing they need to do to stay safe is … wait for it … lose weight.  Yep, folks, Margie used to run a gym, so she knows these things. 🙄

I wonder if the people in her district are starting to doubt Margie … now that a five-year-old child there has died of the coronavirus?  Yes, you heard me right … a little boy just five years old.  His father’s Facebook page is heartbreaking …

“My little buddy. My best friend. My helper.”

A few days ago, Greene’s Twitter account was temporarily locked after she tweeted two claims about coronavirus vaccines that weren’t true. In one, she said that vaccines and masks shouldn’t be mandated but, instead, that the government should “help people protect their health by defeating obesity, which will protect them from covid complications & death, and many other health problems.” In the other, she said that “vaccines should not be forced on our military for a virus that is not dangerous for non-obese people and those under 65,” then claimed that there were thousands of “vax related deaths.”  I wonder where Margie got her medical degree???

Earlier this week at a news conference, Greene was asked by a reporter …

“Do you feel any responsibility for keeping people in Georgia safe? There are children, skinny people who have died of the coronavirus. Do you feel any responsibility to the people of Georgia?”

Her response?  She laughed.  I wonder how the parents of that five-year-old feel, hearing their elected representative laughing about the death of their son?  She replied to the reporter …

“You crack me up. You know what? I think people’s responsibility is their own.”

Reminds me of a time when the former guy was asked about his bungling of the pandemic and he said, “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.”  More than 625,000 people have died of the virus in the U.S., including one little boy only five years old, and nobody takes responsibility at all.  Isn’t that a damn shame?

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  3. Jill, when people who espouse the rhetoric that your subject espouses started getting elected in North Carolina after the extreme gerrymandering (which was later ruled unconstitutional), even Republicans started to worry about the problem they created. More rational candidates and incumbents were getting beaten by folks who are less so inclined. Your subject is not alone in Congress, sadly. Keith

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    • No, she is not alone and it is happening all over the country, even in the most progressive states. Look, for example, at Kevin McCarthy who is from California, one of the most progressive states in the country! It’s almost as if this lunacy were a virus in and of itself, spreading rapidly.


  4. As with Greatness, maybe Margie Green won’t accept responsibility but should have it thrust upon her by her own constituents. And the best way to do that of course is to vote her out on 2022. She gave people all the wrong information about the virus, about the vaccines and eve the mask mandates while ignoring the advice of the professionals which was the complete opposite of hers. I lay the blame for many of the deaths directly at her door.

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    • Agreed. The entire Republican Party from the former guy on down to freshmen members of Congress like Margie are to blame for at least half the deaths in this country. And their followers continue to wear blinders and will follow them off the edge of that cliff we’ve talked about, taking even the youngest of their children with them. Sigh.

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  5. She is a con artist who would normally only be able to fool really ignorant people visiting the circus. When the circus moved to Washington with trump, she is now a ring leader, of about 40% of the electorate. Maybe 60 years or so ago, we should have invested much more money in trying to provide education to these hard to educate 40%. Maybe hopeless. But we should have tried, because this is the end result of not doing it.

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    • I agree with you … we should definitely have been spending more on education and making sure that people are being taught to think for themselves. Therein lies a large part of the problem … willful ignorance … it’s easier to believe the loudest voices on Fox ‘News’ than to do a bit of research, apply a bit of logic.


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