Voting Is A RIGHT, Not A Privilege!!!

In 1965, Congress passed, and President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Please note and remember that this bill was NOT titled the Voting Privilege Act of 1965, but the Voting RIGHTS Act … rights, not privileges.

Several constitutional amendments, the 15th, the 19th, and the 26th, require that voting rights of U.S. citizens cannot be abridged on account of race, color, previous condition of servitude, sex, or age (18 and older).  Are we all in agreement here that every person over the age of 18 has the right to vote?

However, according to a recent PEW Research study, white people don’t think that voting is a right, but rather a privilege that one must earn!  It’s no damn wonder, then, that 42 states are in the process of drafting or passing legislation that would make it far more difficult for people of colour, for the elderly, for college students, and for working women to cast a vote.

More than once I have ranted about those who don’t vote, or who vote for an inviable third-party candidate.  In my view it is irresponsible — we all have a DUTY to vote, even if we aren’t enamoured of any of the candidates.  I have also proposed that we have mandatory voting.  I have proposed switching election dates to Sunday so that all will have time and access to the vote.  I have also proposed that every state should go to an all-postal voting system in order to make voting as painless as possible for everyone. So, you can imagine that I am LIVID to find out that white people think voting is a privilege to be earned.

Why???  We all have to live under the laws that are determined by the president and members of Congress, so WHY THE HELL shouldn’t we ALL have a voice in choosing those people???  Why should some be forced to follow laws made by people that they didn’t even have a chance to vote for or against?  I have long ranted against restrictions in some states that disenfranchise former prisoners who are on parole.  They paid their dues, served their time … now they are out of prison, most are gainfully employed and paying taxes … WHY THE HELL shouldn’t they be allowed to vote???

And this is a partisan issue.  Among Democrats, only 21% see the right to vote as a ‘privilege’, while among Republicans, 67% believe that the ‘privilege’ of voting must be earned.

Quite frankly, I cannot imagine anything short of actually being in prison during election day that should prevent a person from voting.  Qualified?  Well, if they are a citizen, then in my mind they are qualified.  If John Doe is a Black citizen, an employed taxpayer, then why do the tighty whiteys want to take away his right … yes, RIGHT … to vote?  Do they think they are better than he is?  Do they think their opinion has more value than his?  Or … do they just figure he isn’t as smart or as ‘entitled’ as they are? Or … are they afraid?  Afraid that if enough Black people have a say in who makes the laws that govern us all, they might lose their privileged status?  Are they afraid that someday our Congress won’t be 90% white, but will instead be 40% white?  What, exactly, are you afraid of, Karen?

Black Americans are more likely than those in other racial and ethnic groups to see voting as a fundamental right, while White Americans are the least likely to say this. About three-quarters of Black Americans (77%) say voting is a right for every U.S. citizen and should not be restricted, as do 63% of Hispanic Americans and 66% of Asian Americans. White Americans are about evenly divided: 51% say voting is a right, while 48% say it is a privilege.

That 48% … they make me ashamed to be Caucasian … make me wish my olive-toned skin were much darker, for I am NOT white … not at heart … not if this is the way white people think!  Stick your Ango-Saxon heritage where the sun doesn’t shine … I am not as one with you!

Never before in my 70 years here on earth, as a citizen of the United States, have I been so ashamed of this country and its people.  Were it just me, I would leave this country tomorrow, by whatever means I could, including death, and never have a regret – that is how much I despise what is happening in this country.  But I feel an obligation, a responsibility, in part to my daughter and granddaughter, and in part to the people of this nation, to fight the good fight, to fight against the white supremacist forces of evil.

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  1. Jill, I know we will never agree on this, so let me put it a different way. Forcing a person to vote is undemocratic. Democracy is about choice, therefore each person must have the right to vote or not according to their own conscience.

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    • You’re right … we will just have to agree to disagree on this one. I see it as a right, but also a responsibility. Everyone voting in 2024 may make the difference between this nation remaining a democratic republic or becoming a dictatorship.


      • See, that is your inner bias. I’m sure as many Republican-leaning people choose not to vote as do Democrat-leaning people. But you want to make sure the Democrats win (which I agree with you on) so you think making everyone vote will accomplish that. What if everyone did vote, and the Dems lost? That would destroy your pretty little fantasy. (I’m not trying to be rude, just realistic. You want America to be Democrat, but the odds are, in a two-horse race, either horse can win on any given day.)

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        • Sigh. No, rg, I don’t just want to make sure Democrats win. I want to make sure that EVERYBODY votes so that we have a true picture of what the nation wants, what it stands for. I know of people who don’t vote for whatever reason, then whine for the next four years about the government, the prez, whatever. Bullshit. You had a chance, you blew it, so sit down and shut up. I have no pretty little fantasies, as you say, but I accept that as a citizen of this nation it is both my right AND my responsibility to cast a vote, to express my opinion. Period. By the way … speaking of horses … I got the pics of Ginny! She is beautiful and wow … she has grown!


          • She has. And she is beautiful. To see her lope around the track is poetry in motion, but not the Johnny Tillotson kind. She just kind of flows about six inches above the track. How fast she will flow is still an unknown quantity.

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    • You are so right … there are many examples in the history of the world where this has happened. People think it can’t happen here, but it can. And it might, if this nation doesn’t open its eyes. xx


  3. It’s sad that stuff like voting rights are still being discussed and surveys being made. It’s a shame that the voting rights law was only made in 1965, worse that some bad Americans are still fighting against it. Dunno what there is to discuss … IT’S THE LAW FFS!!!!
    And what I will probably never understand: Why can’t you have elections like every other democratic country, on a Sunday? Only day of the week when everybody has a chance to cast their vote.

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    • You’re right … it is sad … and infuriating! For every one step forward we take, we seem to take two steps backward. It’s really so simple … every person over the age of 18 has a right to vote. We’ve done this over and over … and still the “privileged” class argue that Black people or Hispanics shouldn’t get to vote because … … … why??? Who knows their reason, for they have no reason. Much of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 has been scrapped in recent years, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, and more of it is on its way to the chopping block if the fools in the Republican Party have their way. You’re right … IT’S THE LAW FFS!!! … but the law is only as good as those who uphold it, and the Supreme Court isn’t upholding it, neither is our legislative branch. Neither are our state and local politicians.

      I have long argued that our elections should be held on a Sunday to give far more people the opportunity to vote, but that is precisely what the Republicans DON’T want … more people voting.

      This nation is at a crossroads today … we are either a democratic republic or we are not. If half the adult population is denied the right to participate in government via their vote, then we’ve already lost the battle. Sigh.

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    • People do work on Sunday. Are you going to disenfranchise them because their job requires them to work? Instead of Election Day that causes big line-ups and allows Republican assholes to threaten people of colour to keep them from getting to the polls, why not have Election Week, and make it possible for everyone who wants to vote have a chance to vote. Have people at every poll to help illiterate or non-English readers be able to exercise their rights. These are just two ideas. Surely Americans can come up with a lot more.

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      • Yes, some people do work on Sundays, but far fewer than on other days in the week. Your idea of election week has some merit, though it could be costly. Personally, I would like to see all voting done by postal vote or ballot box drop off, eliminate the need for polling places altogether, cut down on confusion, save money, and nobody can be disenfranchised by the timing or location of the pools.


        • But via mail it is so impersonal. Still, a good idea. Give everyone a ballot, and let them choose to mail it in or take it to a polling station. Maybe they can meet some new friends there.

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          • No, via mail is safer, less time-consuming, easier, and more efficient, ie cost-effective. I’ve voted by mail for several years now and hope I NEVER have to go back to standing in line at the polls.


              • At the moment, I don’t fully trust ours, but I do know that our (mine and the girls) ballots arrived and were counted because I checked online. If mailed early enough, they will get there. Otherwise, ballot drop boxes are a good method.


  4. Maybe we’re the ones looking at it the wrong way. Perhaps the vote should be a privilege rather than a right so the right to vote could be withdrawn from all politicians straight away. Maybe in every election year 500 people aged from 18-50,- the engaged age- should be drawn and sent a list of the candidates, no pictures, no names just details of their policies. they can vote in a president without knowing the party but based purely on his promises to the electorate.. They can elect representatives from each state based on what they want to achieve for their state and those who live there. It will be revealed only on election day which party prevailed as President and whether his party also has he most Representatives From the time of election The President will be scored on how many popular promises he/she has ben able to keep which will decide whether he/she can go for a second Term..
    Maybe another 500 people can be given lists of people from which they can elect the Governors and the bodies who are the State lawmakers.
    Governors, State Representatives and State lawmakers will also be scored on promises kept or at least tried to keep and either thrown out or allowed to stand again. Only these 1000 people get to vote but only people nominated by their fellows are chosen, they will have eared the right by dint of character.

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    • Oh, but that opens so many cans of worms … so much potential for corruption and bribery. No, I think I’d rather see every person over the age of 18 sent a postal ballot, and penalties of, say, $500 for not voting. If every person over 18 in this nation voted, the Republicans would lose every congressional seat and ultimately be forced, if they wish to remain a viable party, to start being legislators instead of circus clowns. They would be forced to consider the needs of the people, to develop viable and sound policies for meeting those needs, and stop with the “us vs them” mentality. However, this is the United States where the few rule the many, where human rights are secondary, and where the wealthy rule the land. Sigh.

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