Goodbye Indians-Hello Guardians

Change happens, we as humans evolve as the world changes around us … it is how we survive, by adapting. One of those changes is the removal of racist symbols like Confederate statues, and renaming some sports teams. Our friend Jeff shares with us his feelings when his favourite team changed its name, and I found that I could understand his feelings, even though I don’t care a whit about sports and they could call themselves the Ding-a-Lings for all I care! Thanks, Jeff, for your insights!

On The Fence Voters

My favorite Major League baseball team abruptly announced its name change on Friday. While we all knew the change was coming in 2022, the statement nevertheless came as a bit of a shock, to be honest. The team of my youth, the team I’ve lived and died with, will now be called: The Cleveland Guardians.

Bye-bye, Cleveland Indians.

After the NFL’s Washington Redskins announced in July of 2020 that the racist and divisive team name was going to change, Cleveland baseball team officials announced they were strongly considering doing the same. I wrote a post in this space supportive of both endeavors. I spoke of how hard it would be to let the name go but knew that the times we’re now living in made the action necessary.

More than anything else, money and corporate sponsorships are what ultimately made the decision a must-do for the organization. While the team…

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    • It’s the same, even worse, here where lawmakers are trying to make it illegal to teach our true history, complete with dark periods like slavery, Jim Crow, our treatment of the Native Americans, Japanese internment camps, and more. If we don’t teach future generations these things, then they are doomed to happen again! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

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