The U.S. Has Lost Its Collective Conscience

Today, I am deeply disappointed in a large portion of this nation.  Oh, there are many reasons, but my current angst is fueled by some responses I have read and heard to the testimony of the four police officers before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection on Tuesday.

First, I would like to ask that you watch this 8-minute interview Don Lemon did with Officer Michael Fanone yesterday.  Lemon plays a clip of a voicemail that Officer Fanone received during the time he was testifying and … it is so vile, so disgusting, so cruel … but I think it’s important to understand how a certain segment of our society thinks.  My apologies, but I cannot embed this video, however here is the link:

Don Lemon interview with Officer Michael Fanone

Tragic and disgusting.  Officer Fanone and every other officer who defended the Capitol and protected our lawmakers on that day are heroes, and yet this is how we treat them???

And then there were a multitude of comments from a variety of sources.  I won’t give the people who uttered these comments the attention they seek by mentioning their names, only their words …

  • Corrections officers around the country get the shit kicked out of them and their faces slashed many times yearly by violent inmates, yet you never see any of them crying like a little bitches at congressional hearings.
  • I am shocked at the cowardice. They should be fired – not fit for duty.
  • Cowards all.
  • Did they not even practice their fake crying before this hearing?
  • Let’s hear the testimonies of the cops from Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Portland and all the other cities who had to deal with BLM/ANTIFA riots last summer.
  • What a pussy. “You guys won, you held.” Um, people weren’t there to do anything, they got bored and left. That’s because it wasn’t an insurrection and more than half the people there walked in open doors with the permission of the police.

Some of the people uttering this filth are our elected officials, others are media ‘personalities’.  But the comment that disturbed me the most, I think, came from one of my own readers, a man I consider a friend, Scott Lawlor …

“this was not an insurrection, it was mostly peaceful people going to make their voices heard on results they didn’t agree with. now, for the record, anyone who broke the law, which was a minority by the way, should absolutely be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

they took their grievances to the seat of power, which is a better thing to do than, oh, I don’t know, burn buildings, attack people and steal, like blm and antifa did last summer causing around 2 billion dollars in property damage. The democrats in this hearing are just a bunch of crybabies, you can tell the emotionalism is all fake and for show. We weren’t an hour away from marshal law, AOC wasn’t fearing for her life since she wasn’t even there, this is just all lies and propaganda by the democrat elites and the media to paint every single republican and conservative as a brainless white supremacist and I am sick and tired of the intollerence from these elitists who believe the narrative and continue to give voice to their obvious disdain for anyone who may thing differently from them.

It’s a free country and just as a progressive can say, write, and think anything they want, I have the freedom to disagree with those thoughts but it seems to me that it’s the democrats who are more intollerant than any conservatives I know.”

He then included a video put out by The Rubin Report titled “Shameful Theatrics” whereby Dave Rubin basically echoes what Scott said, only took far longer to say it.  I must admit that it seems to me people in this country no longer care about truth, about facts, about fairness and I despair for the future of this country.  People hear someone like Tucker Carlson or Dave Rubin giving their own distorted view of the facts, whether about the COVID vaccine or Black Lives Matter or voting rights or the January 6th insurrection (and yes, it WAS an insurrection!) and they become as parrots, chirping that opinion to others, mindless of the facts.

It is a pitiful reflection on a nation when facts are thrown in the trash and sensationalism becomes the norm, when heroes who save lives are denigrated, and when truth is mocked.

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    • Yes, it is tragic and it’s so important that we hold every single person who played even a small role in the events of that day accountable, else I’m pretty sure it will happen again. xx

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    • Ah yes … and there are many other cases we could point to, going all the way back to when Europeans first landed here. Excellent point, perhaps we never did have a collective conscience.

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  1. Those people were not there that day to “share their grievances.” As far as I could see from the footage, they didn’t bring petitions or notes with them to discuss with their legislators, the way you do when you go to the legislature to lobby. They were threatening to harm and kill the legislators who were there. They were chanting “kill Mike Pence,” saying “we’re coming for you,” and they erected a gallows outside of the Capitol.

    Threatening to kill our legislators is a far more serious issue than broken store windows at a protest. I did not like some of the rioting that happened this summer, but it does not even compare to an attempt to overthrow our government.

    Scott — You have the right to think and write and vote in whichever way you like. I will respect that even if I disagree with you. You do not have the right to threaten to kill the people we elected to govern us just because you don’t like the outcome of an election. Telling other Americans that you have the right to overthrow the government just because you don’t like the way they voted is the height of that intolerance you so complain about.

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    • It’s weird too me to see people not really care about Jan 6th. People literally died. People didn’t like Trump, from the get go. They didn’t go to the Capitol during Obama handing over the Trump. Like you CAN’T do that, lol. If you want to storm and threaten to kill official members of Government. If you want to do that, go to Russia and North Korea, they love doing that.

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    • Well said, my friend. No, they were not there to peacefully protest or to air their grievances … they were there to disrupt the final step in the election proceedings, to overturn the vote of We the People. And the hangman’s noose outside the Capitol speaks volumes to the fact that they were also there to destroy both property and lives, which they did. Two Capitol Police officers committed suicide as a result of what they were put through, another died as a result of his injuries. Over 140 officers were wounded. That is NOT a peaceful gathering! I think that if Scott were able to see the video footage from that day, he might think differently, but he is blind, so he cannot see it for himself. We must pursue those who were behind the attempted coup and bring them to justice, otherwise there is little doubt that this WILL happen again.

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  2. There can be no doubt that Jan 6th was an attempted insurrection. There was far too much evidence on camera for anything else. People talk about BLM (and they do, as do all others) and ANTIFA as though they were the same. Yes, marchers caused damage from the great frustrations that had built up, but they were never overthrowing a Government and there was plenty of official presence at all those marches. With I suspect any number of agent provocateurs. But those events happened on Trump’s watch and President Biden had no responsibility for those. He was almost in power on Jan 6th but still it was Trump. This was an desperate to retain power and not be a one term president. Unfortunately for him the people thought otherwise. So create a big lie. Stir up the Republican voters, get some friends out of jail with a pardon. Tell the people let’s all march down to Congress, only Trump didn’t.
    Last year when the Pandemic started it was badly managed by a man who said it was little more than a cold, it will be over in a week. Let’s give him credit for spending money on a vaccine for a virus he say didn’t exist. As usual the GOP who have decided to sick to Trump in case his supporters ditch them. They ignored mask mandates, ignored medical updates and ignored the vaccine. This year along with their foolish friends from Fox they’ve had to backtrack and make adverts asking people*(Republicans) to take the vaccine. They’ve lied about it for 18 months but so far I haven’t heard one apology for those lies that cost voters family and friend’s lives .I don’t expect most of them to think about apologies now about Jan 6th as they don’t accept their own mistakes and they’re invested in lying as a way of life.

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    • David, very well said. Your ability to state the obvious truths from across the pond are greatly appreciated. I would like to add one more. Some of the zealous fans of the former president are calling the police who risked their lives “crybabies.” Yet, would it be reasonable to refer to a grown man who does not accept that he lost an election after exhausting a lot of time and money only to lose about 65 out of 66 court cases and every recount, who still says the election was stolen, as acting like a crybaby. Call me crazy, but that would seem to be a reasonable assertion. Keith

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      • that’s an excellent point. I think people who called the cops crybabies is a bit much but these senators crying on television, I still stand by the assertion that this is just emotional theatrical drama but that’s just my unpopular opinion and I am okay with being unpopular.

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      • That sounds exactly the description of one Keith and he did it without having to endure any of the violence the police did.. No doubt some of those officers would normally vote Republican and yet they still held their ground. Remarkable bravery. I wonder how they feel knowing they were set up and were never going to get riot gear or reinforcements while they did their job. It would be medals all round from me.

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    • You’re right … it continually amazes me how some can deny it after seeing the video clips! I wish Scott could see them, and perhaps he would view it differently. The comparison to Black Lives Matter protests is ludicrous, for BLM protestors were 95% non-violent, following in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, until outside agitators, some of whom I believe were paid by our elected officials, showed up and the violence began. As for Antifa … they are negligible … the GOP make them out to be far more than what they are. As always, David, you see things far more clearly, even from across the pond, than many in this country who are wearing blinders do. Thank you for your clear and concise assessment … you are spot on.

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  3. Thank you for sharing!.. generations ago a great deal of “reality” was not known to most of society… people were shielded from reality because technology was not that available.. leaders, folks like Rubin,, Carlson, Trump and others too numerous to mention were able to create an illusion to hide reality. and create an image.. technology has come a long way and one can no longer “hide” reality, although there are many who still try… 🙂
    In spite of their attempts, the world knows what happen on that day, and every day, and there is no hiding the truth.. and for the Rubin’s of this world, to quote a line from a movie; “they can’t handle the truth”… 🙂
    The only advice I can give them is from Mark Twain; “Sometimes it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and appear stupid, rather than open it and remove all doubt” (Mark Twain)… 🙂

    Until we meet again..

    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    (Irish Saying)

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    • You are so right about technology and how it has made it nearly impossible for politicos to hide their doings, and yes, they still try. On the flip side, it has also made it easier for them to peddle their lies, for even when confronted with facts, some people will still believe the rhetoric of their favourite politicians, the ones who’ve been feeding them the Kool Aid. I have always loved that Mark Twain quote, and it is so apt. Thank you, my friend, for the Irish Saying, for wishing flowers and rainbows in my life!


  4. Jill, I did take some solace in Geraldo Rivera accusing Sean Hannity of gaslighting viewers with his whitewashing of the insurrection. These officers are to be commended for the service to our country. Their testimony was heartfelt and pertinent. It was also accented by their body cam footage.

    I also applaud Rep. Cheney and Kinzinger for their political courage. Cheney’s opening remarks were dead on accurate.

    We must get to the bottom of this. We cannot let this happen again. To be brutally frank, not voting to seat a nonpartisan committee to look into the insurrection is beyond poor stewardship. It is malfeasance, in my view.

    We should not ignore those who use threats, labels and name calling to vilify those who are doing their job. That is not argument, that is playground banter. To me, my former party can no longer call themselves the party of law and order as they cover for the unlawful actions of the former president and his more zealous followers. By the way, if this was just a tourist foray, why have so many “tourists” been charged with crimes? Keith

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    • PS – I did call and Cheney and Kinzinger to thank them for their service and political courage. I also called my Republican Congressman and encouraged him to follow suit, as well as McCarthy asking him to be the leader we need him to be and support this effort to get to the bottom of this. We can never let an insurrection like this happen again and people need to be held to account. Keith

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      • That was a great thing to do — calling Cheney and Kinzinger! Perhaps I’ll drop them an email (more and more I find phone conversations impossible, as my hearing is nearly gone) and thank them. I already sent email to Warren Davidson, as well as leaving him a comment on a Twitter post he made.

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    • I quite agree, Keith. The refusal of Republicans to even consider such an investigation, to try to whitewash the events of that day, and to lie about the seriousness of it is, in my book, criminal negligence. We absolutely can NOT allow this to happen again, but the analysts and political scientists are saying that if we are not firm in our commitment to investigate and punish, it almost certainly WILL happen again, and next time the insurgents will come better prepared, having learned lessons from January 6th.

      And I agree that we should ignore those who are trying their best to either sweep the attempted coup under the rug, or turn the investigation into a three-ring circus. Yes, over 500 so far have been charged, with no doubt more to come. I just hope that this investigation uncovers the people who plotted and planned, who incited and encouraged the whole thing, otherrwise it WILL happen again.

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      • Jill, when the person who holds the position of president is deceitful it matters. When he is a bully it matters. When he has corrupt dealings to move forward his personal business it matters. When he extorts another country or runs shadow diplomacy with an unvetted (and now under criminal charges) person it matters. When his ego cannot handle losing and he executes a staged claim of election fraud that cannot be proven it matters. But, when said person invites people to Washington, revs them up and sics them on the Capitol it is seditious. People like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger (who is a veteran), are the conscience of the bereft Republican party. And, the reason it is bereft, is they are getting vilified for telling the truth. Cheney has far more courage and character than the former president. Keith

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        • After reading this morning of some of the former guy’s attempts to convince then acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to throw the election, I firmly believe that what he did was criminal, seditious for sure. Now the $64 million question becomes, will he ever be indicted, tried, and convicted? He should be if there is any justice in this world. Yes, I applaud both Cheney and Kinzinger, but the Republican Party has banded together to shut them out, to attempt to ensure that they are voted out next year. That is the epitome of corruption, in my book … so few consciences to be found in the GOP.

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    • Scott, people died! They did not need to die! More people were injured. Are you tolerating all those injuries?
      I know you are a better person than you are demonstrating yourself to be. We have had great conversations in the past. But now, all I hear is Republican bullshit coming out of your mouth. That saddens me. And it makes me barf!

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