The Dark Road Ahead: The Future of U.S.-Iranian Relations

A few days ago, I re-blogged a post by new blogging friend Quentin over at WeTheCommoners.  The post detailed the history of U.S.-Iranian relations and provided a timeline of how we got where we are today.  At time, I asked Quentin if he might consider a follow-up giving his assessment of where we go from here, where he sees the relationship heading over the coming years/decades.  This post is a result of that conversation, and I think you’ll find that Quentin has a good understanding of the relationship between the two countries and has provided a thought-provoking assessment.  Thank you, Quentin, both for this post and your permission to share it!

The Dark Road Ahead: The Future of U.S.-Iranian Relations

By Quentin Choy

July 30, 2021

One of my most popular posts “How We Got Here: An Illustrated Timeline of U.S.-Iranian Relations” went over the last couple of decades of U.S.-Iranian relations. The illustrated timeline showed the events that deteriorated relations to the poor point at which they now stand.

In this post, I’ll discuss what I believe the future will look like for U.S.-Iranian relations based off of current political and diplomatic trends.

Continued U.S. Escalation Through Rhetoric and Sanctions

The U.S. and Iran have engaged with one another in a tit-for-tat fashion over the last few decades, with the C.I.A. coup in 1953 and subsequent Iranian Revolution in 1979 serving as catalysts toward disaster. The kidnapping of American hostages in the Tehran embassy will always serve as a hot point between the two nations as well.

The return of American hostages from Iran.

Following attempts to restrict Iranian access to nuclear weapons through the Iran nuclear deal, the United States withdrew from the deal in 2018 with then-president Donald Trump citing that the deal wouldn’t sufficiently ensure that Iran would not gain access to nuclear weapons.

The United States has placed sanctions on Iran for decades, and those sanctions continue on to the present day.

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16 thoughts on “The Dark Road Ahead: The Future of U.S.-Iranian Relations

  1. Thank you for sharing!!… here are my thoughts on the subject… 🙂

    Maybe No More Children Will Die

    I set here looking at the news
    The powers wanted peace they say,
    And while they spoke, bombs were dropped
    20 children died that day!

    What’s wrong with this idea?
    Why not give PEACE a try,
    Let’s give it a go, everyone
    Maybe no more children will die

    Smiles on their faces, while shaking hands
    Arms deals for defense would come into play,
    A bomb went off in a crowded market
    10 children died that day.

    What’s wrong with this idea?
    Why not give a world with LOVE a try,
    Let’s give it a go, everyone
    Maybe no more children will die

    A war to end all wars, they said
    Yet to war they always return,
    Death, destruction, suffering and pain
    Won’t they every learn?

    What’s wrong with this idea?
    Let’s give UNDERSTANDING a try,
    Let’s give it a go, everyone
    Maybe no more children will die.

    Anger versus anger, hate versus hate
    Seeds sown by war at home and away,
    Starvation , sickness, a mother in tears
    More and more children die every day.

    What’s wrong with this idea?
    Why not give PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING a try,
    Let’s give it a go, everyone
    Maybe no more children will die.
    ( Larry “Dutch” Woller)

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    • A beautiful, heartfelt poem, my friend. If only … if only everyone’s heart was as big as yours, if only everyone cared more about people and less about wealth, if only … everyone was willing to give peace, love, and understanding a try.


    • I’ve been reading about that today, and … it’s obvious proof, as if we needed more, that he broke the law, that he attempted to overturn the election to stay in power. However … given his history, his reputation as “Teflon Don”, I will save my ‘happy dance’ for the day we see him in an orange jumpsuit being led to the penitentiary.


    • The United States has a superiority complex, believing that their way is the only or ‘best’ way, believing that they have some right by a divine power to rule the world. The U.S. has been on a downward spiral for years, but most especially from 2017-2021, under the reign of the former guy, one of the biggest crooks in the nation. Today, he is gone but not really gone, for an entire political party still bows to his wishes, even though that is literally killing this nation. R.I.P. United States. We have lost any right to be considered a world leader and had best focus on fixing what is broken within the nation before we try to fix other country’s problems. Sigh. xx

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