Saturday Surprise!!!

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SURPRISE!!!!  It’s a Fred-in-the-Box!!!

Given an over-abundance of angst and exhaustion, both mental and physical, I am taking the very lazy way out tonight and reduxing one of my first Saturday Surprise posts.  Naturally, you won’t be surprised to learn it’s a critter post!  This was first posted in 2017 at a time when I apparently felt much as I do tonight!  Still, the cuteness factor never loses its charm.  I hope you enjoy these …

Well, folks, it’s been a long week … what?  You say it was actually a short week, since Monday was a holiday?  Sigh.  Then it’s been an even longer week — a long, short week, as it were.  I don’t know about you guys, but I am t-i-r-e-d.  So, I’ve decided to take a little break from doing much writing today and just show you some cute/funny animals.  I like animals.  They do not waste their days (and nights) arguing over politics, climate, sports, the opposite sex, or anything.  If they have an issue with a fellow critter, they duke it out, maybe eat their nemesis, then get on with whatever business they were doing.  A simple, straightforward approach to life.  Humans, however, think they were endowed with a ‘superior’ brain, thus they spend all their time proving just how inane they really are.  And on that note … let us view some furry dudes and have something cute to start the weekend with a smile.

Hugs ‘n kisses … now who wouldn’t love these?


These are ‘pygmy marmosets’, and they are actually the smallest species of monkey, found in the Amazon rain forests.. Don’t they just melt your heart?

SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BRING IT ON!!!


“Guys…guys….hey guys, i cant see you, are you home?? I’ve been trying to call all day but no one will answer.”

I posted the bear pic on my Facebook timeline yesterday, and people just started writing captions.  So, I decided I would use the best caption on this post.  Caption credit goes to my friend, James (Jimmy) Schrauder.  Thanks, Jimmy!  (Note … James (Jimmy) Schrauder died two years later in October 2019 at the age of only 30 😢)


This, folks, is a Bengal cat.  No, not a tiger, a domestic cat, developed to look like exotic jungle cats such as leopards, ocelots, margays and clouded leopards. They typically weigh between 8-15 pounds.


You know I couldn’t resist including a panda!


Or a couple of snuggly koalas …


Awwwwww …. say ‘hello’ to these adorable Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels.  They are native to Japan, where they are said to be relatively common.  They grow only to about 8 inches.

baby elephant

Brrrrrrr …. this baby elephant looks rather cold, don’t you think?

baby deer

And last, but not least, a sleeping baby deer.  BAMBI!!!!!

And now, we’ve had our share of cuteness to start out the weekend.  I hope you enjoyed the animals.  Now it’s time for Filosofa to do the thing that I have been putting off for the entire summer, and clean out the storage closet out back.  Sigh.  Fortunately I have a helper … Miss Goose will be doing the heavy lifting and carting off to the trash, while I supervise and determine what stays and what goes.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Hugs ‘n love from Filosofa!

36 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise!!!

  1. These are not only cute, they’re interesting. Your make good points about animals. I do not believe humans are inherently superior to animals. Animals know a lot more than most people realize. Their intelligence and awareness is different but also valuable. I recently saw an article about animal consciousness:


    • I don’t think you and I had been ‘introduced’ yet in 2017, for I met you through David’s blog, and I didn’t start reading that until sometime in 2017, and then only noticed your comments on occasion. I’m glad you enjoyed the cute critters!

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        • Did your jaw drop to the floor? I became a political animal early in life … age 5, I believe. My blog, though, actually started out, shortly after my retirement in 2008, to be a venue for my book reviews. It certainly wasn’t intended to become a political commentary in the beginning. But then … things began happening that I didn’t like, that I felt didn’t portend well for the future, and … well, bit by bit it turned into a whole different animal. It rather took on a life of its own, without asking what I thought. 🤷 I’m glad you stuck around in spite of my political views, for I consider you a friend.

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