Da Snarky Snippets Keep On Rolling

Snarky?  Moi?  Surely you jest!  Okay, yeah, I admit that I am just a bit on the snarky side these days.  Perhaps it is just a product of my old age, or lack of sleep.  Or, perhaps it is … PEOPLE!  Just when I think I’ve heard it all, somebody flits across my radar to show me I haven’t.  And just when we think humans can go no lower, somebody comes along to prove to us that there are new lows being dug every day.

Say WHAT???

Charlie Gerow is a Republican running for governor of Pennsylvania in next year’s election.  Sadly, the incumbent, Tom Wolfe, is term limited and cannot run again, for he has been, from everything I know, a good governor.  But back to Charlie Gerow …

Gerow is under investigation in connection with an accident between a car and a motorcycle accident on July 21st on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The motorcyclist, Logan Carl Abbott, died.  Now, Gerow claims he wasn’t involved in the accident and didn’t hit Abbott, but … a funny thing happened just a few miles down the highway from the scene of the accident.  Construction workers were working on the highway when they saw Gerow’s car go by ‘at a high rate of speed’, making a horrible racket with sparks flying everywhere … because … there was a motorcycle stuck to the front grill of Gerow’s car!

A few miles further up the highway, State Police were watching for speeders and pulled Gerow over.  Gerow claims he is innocent, and his lawyer has decided … with no evidence, mind you … that the disabled motorcycle must have been lying on the highway and Gerow hit it with his car, without realizing it.  Now … I have a problem with this scenario, and I seriously hope the Pennsylvania State Police have the sense to see the problem.  First … if you hit a motorcycle, especially at a high rate of speed, you know it.  It will make a horrible noise.  It will jerk your vehicle and throw you forward and rattle your brains a bit.  And the construction workers said that it was making a horrible noise, dragging the ground and causing sparks to fly … and this was several miles from where the accident happened, so ol’ Charlie must have been deaf and blind, in which case he shouldn’t be driving anyway.

Charlie’s lawyer must have been grasping at straws … I’m surprised any honest lawyer would even take this case!  Oh wait … ‘honest lawyer’ — what an oxymoron!  The most logical answer is that Charlie was under the influence of something … alcohol or drugs.  One person who attended the fundraiser from which Charlie had just come claims she never saw him drink a drop, and one of his associates claims he doesn’t drink alcohol.  Sorry, folks, it isn’t adding up for me.  And there is no way in hell … no matter what the circumstances … that this guy should become the governor of Pennsylvania.  NO WAY!!!

Oops, Marco!

Republicans don’t miss too many opportunities to mock or denigrate members of the Biden administration, and Marco Rubio, Republican senator from Florida, grabbed for the golden ring … and missed … last Thursday.

Responding to a video of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arriving in the Philippines – masked and wearing a face shield – Rubio tweeted …

“Our @SecDef is vaccinated. But he arrives in the Philippines wearing a mask AND a face shield. Embarrassing COVID theatre.”

But guess what, Marco?  As Politico editor Dave Brown posted in response:

From the embassy: “The Philippine government has mandated that everyone must wear full-coverage face shields together with face masks while in public places.  Local governments continue to implement additional requirements to slow the virus’ spread”

Hmmmm … is that egg I see on Marco’s face?

Uh-oh … the rent is due

Congress failed to pass legislation that would have extended the moratorium on housing evictions yesterday … actually, it didn’t seem that they even tried all that hard.  Even congressional Democrats didn’t go the extra mile to get this done, and now Congress is on summer break for the month of August. More than seven million households owe back rent and could face eviction this month.

One Democratic Senator, Cori Bush, tried on Friday night to convince her colleagues to get off their collective arses.  She actually slept on the steps of the Capitol on Friday night, saying …

“How are we on vacation when we have millions of people who could start to be evicted tonight? I am dirty, sticky, sweaty. I still have on what I had on last night. This is how people will have to live if we don’t do something. Seven million, 6 million, 11 million, however many it is, they deserve human dignity and deserve for people that represent them to show up, do the work, to make sure basic needs are met today.”

A noble gesture, and I do applaud her efforts, but they were all for naught.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blames the president for not giving them more notice, but the truth is they were all aware of the Supreme Court ruling a month ago that said the moratorium would only be allowed to be extended by an act of Congress.  It isn’t rocket science, folks!

The New York Times has published an interactive map   that enables you to see how many people in a given county are likely to be subject to eviction. In my own neighborhood, it is only about 14%, but in some areas, especially South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi, it can be as high as nearly 30%!  A few states and cities, like California, New York and New Jersey, have enacted their own temporary eviction bans that last a bit longer, but they are too few.

Today, with the surge in the Delta variant of the coronavirus, experts are predicting that there will yet again be closings and layoffs, and many people still have not been able to return to work.  One of my readers argued the other day that they are too lazy to return, but that is not the case at all.  Some companies closed their doors for good last year, as the pandemic drove them into bankruptcy, and other companies have brought only a portion of their workers back at this point.

Remember, my friends, the pandemic is NOT over, nor is it likely to be anytime soon, given the resistance of far too many to being vaccinated.  Some have been unable to return to work due to their health or their childcare providers being closed due to the pandemic.  There are many reasons, but the sad fact is that the majority of those who are vulnerable to eviction are families with children.  Landlords, for the most part, are only concerned with their profit, not humanity.

Bumbling Boris … or … Brollygate!

Last but not least, I thought you might enjoy a bit of humour from ‘cross the big pond!  Boris is often a bumbling figure, and learning to use an umbrella, or a ‘brolly’, is worthy of at least a few chuckles.

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  1. 12.5 % of our renters are behind. That doesn’t sound so awful until one plugs in the total population of our county…at 27K. 12.5% of 27K is 3,300…..FAMILIES. Not individuals. That is the head of household. Now if each hea
    d of household has just ONE dependant, the number goes to 6600…and if there are more dependants? it become horrifying.

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    • Exactly! Your 12.5%, my 13%-14% may not sound bad, but if you think about it, that means I can look down my street and four of the families on my street might be gone by the end of August! Four of the 32 townhouses on my street. Yes, families … families with children … young children who come talk to me, bring me flowers, play ball in my backyard … Sigh. 😥

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      • Just last night we “lost” one family on our block. They were served by the sheriff’s office (the officer was struggling to hold back tears) and all their belongings were taken out of the house and the house locked behind them. They were just two months behind. We have a truck so we helped them pack the big stuff and got them a storage unit. Another neighbor (her kids are all grown now) took them in until they can find another place to go. It horrifies me to think this is what is happening across the country! It didn’t have to be this way of our congress had a damned heart! They seem more concerned with political theater than the well-being of the people they are supposed to represent.

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        • Oh how awful!!! I thought that a family being evicted had to be given 30 days’ notice, and then they could contest it in court? I had no idea they could just knock on the door and throw them out lock, stock, and barrel!!! That’s grossly unfair! Your neighbor was lucky to have you and the other neighbor to help them, but how many people will find themselves in the street with nothing, nowhere to go? This is a tragedy! And yes, Congress, the Supreme Court, and President Biden all share responsibility for letting this fall through the cracks. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  2. it’s not the government’s job to make sure that people can rent a house or an apartment for free and I’ll inform you of something. some people, like us for instance, had or will have rental properties as a revenue generating source of income and for some landlords, they are banking on that money to survive themselves and we don’t screw people over because we have a rental property. you have this delusional ignorant belief that anyone who is doing anything to make a living that doesn’t involve screwing people over to give them something for free, is somehow “only in it for the money.
    You need to understand something. the renters don’t own that property. Someone else does. They may be banking on that monthly payment. Yes, it was hard on everyone, even those landlords who just want to “make a profit” such a vile and evil concept, making money to sustain yourself, the nerve of some people.
    It’s not the landlords fault that government screwed people over with their draconian business closures and forced people to lose their jobs so they couldn’t pay rent. This shit is all on them. As usual, you’re misplacing your grievances over a capitalist system against the wrong people, using a computer that was, oh wait, invented because of capitalism. direct your anger towards the governors, the mayors, the politicians, the damn communist leaders of China where this virus originated, and no, I’m not one of those nuts who thinks it came from a lab but isn’t it interesting that they didn’t allow travel from woohan for a while to different parts of the country but allowed people from that province to travel to the rest of the world.
    As usual, I’m just wasting my time responding because nothing I say will encourage you to consider that there are other viewpoints outside of what you read in the media, a reprehensible organization that gets it’s clicks and profit from demonizing capitalists and encouraging people to view each other with disdain and contempt.
    You can thank your own government for creating a situation where people will be out on the streets, show them some of your gratitude for once.


  3. “Charlie must have been deaf and blind, in which case he shouldn’t be driving anyway.”

    As punishment we’ll take his drivers licence away and have him chauffeured home … by Stevie Wonder.

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    • Ooooohhhh … I LIKE the way you think! A while back, I played “We Are The World” (for the third time in as many years) and my friend John commented “I loved the Michael Jackson comment to all the stars that were in studio for the “We are the World” recording session. He said that egos were to be left at the door and that anyone who had a problem with that would be driven home…by Stevie Wonder.”

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  4. Jill, Rubio has been a disappointment to me, ever since he ran away from his biggest legislative accomplishment in a bipartisan Senate Immigration bill that passed, but Speaker Boehner refused to take up as he thought it was more politically beneficial to actually NOT solve the problem. When he ran for president, he waylaid that effort. He could have been the leader of a newer, younger Republican party, but chose to run as a much older Republican. He moved away from more open positions on climate change and civil rights for the LGBTQ+ community than the rest of his party to run right of where he was. This latest statement is just more indication that he is catering to the MAGA crowd, not an enviable tactic from point of view. Keith

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  5. Surely there will be a Democrat running for Governor in Pennsylvania?
    Marco Rubio, Florida, says it all.
    I live in deepest, darkest Wales and yet even I heard over a month ago that the moratorium was due to end. Someone in the Government must have heard it too and acted on it? Is it all too much for Joe?
    Boris is never going to stand for Brain of Britain, but at least he can join with us at laughing at him. Unfortunately ours is in derision.

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    • So far, no Democrats have declared their candidacy for the Pennsylvania governorship, but there are two who have expressed interest and are expected to declare at some point. Both seem like viable candidates … one is current State Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and the other is Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. With over a year until the election, much can change yet.

      Marco is an asshole … always has been.

      Oh, they knew. Congress was well aware that they needed to start on this late in June when the Court ruled as it did. Yes, President Biden should have asked them that very day to get busy on it, but that’s still no excuse for why they let it go until two days before it lapsed, and it’s unconscionable that they just left for their breaks without at least making every effort to get this done.

      We’ve had more than our share of bumbling oafs recently … you guys can be thankful that you only have Boris. Well … and Nigel.


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    • Oh no! I am so very sorry. But yes, you are right … everyone involved knows it. This ‘man’ is lying through his teeth, his lawyer is helping him lie, and I just hope the police aren’t so dumb as to rule that he didn’t cause the accident.

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      • Well, I wish I had more faith in the “right thing”. The guy pulled out in front of my son in a giant truck after having a cocktail with his attorney. But…my son was going above the speed limit so the guy only got a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. I hear stories and hope people have better outcomes.

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