Republicans Must Not Be Allowed to Retake the House

Mid-term elections are just fifteen months away … or, to phrase it another way, mid-term elections are fifteen months away, approximately 450 days, and a lot can happen in fifteen months.  In all my history as a political animal, I’ve never put a lot of importance on the “party”, but more on the individual.  Today, though, that has all changed as we are in the age of uber-partisanship and the values of the two parties are miles apart.  From where I stand, the Republican Party shoots itself in the foot a little more every day, but I also understand that not everyone shares my viewpoint.  However, I think that in the midterms in some 450 days, it will be the end of this nation as we know it if the Republican Party manages to capture a majority in both chambers of Congress.  And folks … it could happen.  Every day they lie through their teeth to voters who may not be inclined to seek the truth, but find it easier to believe what they are told by the likes of Kevin McCarthy, Louie Gohmert, Mitch McConnell and others who long ago sold their consciences.

Our friend TokyoSand over at Political Charge has written a post showing just one reason that the Republicans cannot be allowed to re-take majority roles in Congress.  I strongly urge you to read her post and give this some thought …

Republicans Must Not Be Allowed to Retake the House

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Republicans don’t deserve to govern.

Last night, reports surfaced that Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was at an event, raising money for the midterms, where he riled up the crowd by saying he wanted them to watch Nancy Pelosi hand him the Speaker’s gavel after they won the midterms. He followed up by saying, “It will be hard not to hit her with it.”

Read that again.

The top Republican in the House chose to casually suggest violence against the female Speaker of the House because he knew that’s what his supporters and voters want to hear. This, after Trump supporters specifically sought out Pelosi during the January 6th insurrection.

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    • Unfortunately, the majority of people here in the U.S. barely notice what happens in the rest of the world, for they think this nation is … self-sufficient, and they are arrogant enough to think that others, especially those across the pond, don’t much matter. I am aware of France’s April 10th election and will have my fingers perpetually crossed that Macron wins a 2nd term and that Marine Le Pen is run out of the country on a rail! But I am not as familiar with the events taking place in Germany. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Sigh. The whole damn world seems to have lost its marbles! xx


      • Yes, there is a lot going on around the world. Here we have a great loss of confidence in the established parties and Nazis in almost all areas of society. Undiscovered radicals in government areas are of particular concern. My personal opinion is that these Nazi things have been known for a very long time. One wants to use this contrary to re-create a feudalist Germany – possibly even Europe. Dont worry to much about the USA. You are multicultural. Thats not really given in Germany. xx Michael

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        • That’s disturbing to hear. I know that for quite some time after the war, Germany worked very hard to keep Naziism out, and I wasn’t aware it was creeping back in. I thought the leaders of your country would have learned their lesson 80 years ago, but perhaps with each new generation, the lessons of the Nazi regime fade a bit and are no longer personal, no longer as meaningful as they were to prior generations. Yes, the U.S. is multi-cultural, but there is a significant element that would like to change that and turn it into a white, Christian, male-dominated country. xx


  2. Jill, when a party vilifies its truth tellers and celebrates and protects its liars, it does not bode well for good governance. Democrats are not perfect and i can disagree on policy emphasis, but my former Republican party is a adrift and is untethered from truth and lawfulness. Right now, we need a viable GOP, but this batch running the show is certainly not it and should not be rewarded with running anything. Keith

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    • Agreed … disagreement on policy issues is to be expected and is what leads to the best decisions. But the lies? The lies, name-calling, vilification, denigration … no … just NO. That is not politics and it damn sure isn’t governance … that is corruption and schoolyard bullying tactics. I think that since the GOP has proven itself unworthy, some of the more conscionable among them such as Lisa Murkowski, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and yes, even Susan Collins, should consider forming a new branch of the GOP … not a new party, for that would take 10 years to get off the ground, but a new branch that promotes truth and integrity, that calls out the lies of the others.

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  3. Left this comment on Tokyo Sand’s blog:
    Of course McCarthy was joking, he would never hit an unarmed woman! But maybe Moscow Mitch would use a gavel to hit Chuck Schumer! Or even, maybe, McCarthy would strike Joe Biden!
    Last I looked, Republicans have no funny bone to joke with! They don’t know how to joke…

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