Trumpism Is Not Over

I don’t typically do a re-blog of a re-blog, for I do understand that it’s tedious to have to click once, read a small bit, then click again to read the rest, but in this case, I make an exception, for our friend Jerry (aka Grumpy) has written a post that I think is worth both your time and that extra ‘click’. Our other friend, Jeff, over at On the Fence Voters has re-blogged Jerry’s post and I am re-blogging Jeff’s reblog of Jerry’s … confused yet? Yeah, me too. So, just read it because Jerry offers remarkable insight that we all need to be aware of. Thanks Jerry! Thanks Jeff!!!

On The Fence Voters

Our friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings has another excellent post detailing the continued capitulation of the white evangelical community toward the disgraced former president. I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading. Thanks Jerry!

In my wildest dreams and worst nightmares, prior to November 2016 I never could have imagined Donald J. Trump being elected as President of the United States. The mere thought of it seemed like an outrageous joke. But it happened.

Then, I was sure that in only a matter of months, the American people—including those who voted for him—would see Donald Trump as the vicious, mean-spirited, self-serving dunce he really is. (Although, I was shocked that any person, much less millions of Americans, couldn’t see that right from the start.) But it didn’t happen.

I felt certain that at some point, most of the evangelicals who voted for the world’s greatest grifter would…

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12 thoughts on “Trumpism Is Not Over

  1. First, hilarious about the tediousness of clicking. Woo, clicking…oh my! Second, yeah. We knew Trumpisms wasn’t dead. It’s been a growing and festering sickness on our nation — on the world — for a long time. Trump is a symptom, not the cause. As noted by another commenter, the country isn’t ready to acknowledge it, leave off addressing it. Hugs and cheers, as always. M

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    • You’d be surprised how many people have complained about a single re-blog because they had to ‘click on the link’ to get there! Yeah, we knew it wasn’t dead, though I would be more than happy to drive a stake through its heart! You’re right … I’ve long said that Trump was but a symptom of a much greater, more global problem. And in a nutshell, much of it can be traced to the Arab Spring movement which led to the populist movement and the nationalism that some countries … not only our own … have taken to heart. But here, people have taken it to the nth degree … it seems they enjoy the excitement in their small, narrow little lives. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hugs ‘n cheers back at you, my friend!

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    • I think you are spot-on with that assessment, my friend. The politicos on the right have a vested interest in leaving it alone, and the people … well, they just don’t really care all that much. Sigh. I have a bad feeling about the 2024 election and what comes after.

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