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Today’s snippets cover a wide … and I do mean wide … range of topics, from making fun of Mike Pompeo to cursing Andrew Cuomo.  So, fasten your seatbelts and come along for the ride!

Thanks a lot, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers!

Worldwide, the number of new cases of COVID increased last week by 11% over the preceding week.  In the United States, cases increased by 41% … almost four times the worldwide average.  Need I tell you the reason?  Surely you understand that the refusal of some 30% of the people in this nation to be vaccinated plays a role, but perhaps even more importantly is the happy-go-lucky, not-a-care-in-the-world attitude of those who congregate on beaches, at music festivals, in theaters, shops, restaurants and bars, and refuse to wear a damned mask.  Oh yes, the U.S. claims to have a position as a world leader … we’re a world leader, alright … in spreading a lethal virus intentionally!

Canada and Turkey are the only other western nations with increase rates higher than our own … 59% and 71% respectively.

President Biden has done as much as any president could be expected to in encouraging sensible behaviour, encouraging mask-wearing by example, encouraging vaccination, but there is only so much the president can do … he cannot sign an executive order to eradicate stupidity.  I’ll report on the numbers again next week … I wonder how long it will be before we are back to 1,000 or more deaths a day?

I dunno where it {burp} went

Mike Pompeo was Secretary of State under the former guy.  I had many issues with Mike – his ‘diplomacy’, the fact that he was loyal to the madman, the useless trips he made on our dime, his slavish devotion to Benjamin Netanyahu, misuse by both he and his wifey of government resources, his bringing his religion into his job, and more.  So, I am taking this opportunity to have a laugh at his expense.

Turns out that on June 24th, 2019, the Japanese government gave Pompeo a bottle of whiskey valued at $5,800.  Now, I may be but a peon who knows nothing whatsoever about expensive wine & spirits, but I think there’s no bottle of whiskey worth nearly six thousand dollars.  None.  Sheesh, you drink it, it’s gone, and what do you have to show for it but a massive headache the next morning.

Now, allegedly the bottle was given to an aide, since Pompeo was actually in Saudi Arabia, not Japan on that day, and the aide was to give it to Pompeo.  Presumably he or she did just that.  First problem here is that diplomats and other oversees workers are only allowed to keep gifts that are valued at less than $390.  I’m an accountant, so I know that $5,800 is way more than $390!

The second problem is that now the booze has done a runner, it seems.  It’s gone.  Probably gone into Pompeo’s rather massive belly, but … who knows?  At any rate, the State Department is investigating the whereabouts of the missing booze.  Apparently, they have nothing better to do?  Pompeo’s lawyer, William A. Burck, says that “He has no idea what the disposition was of this bottle of whiskey.”  And most likely he doesn’t recall, for he may have been a bit too … um … inebriated … to remember drinking it.

Okay, I’ve had my fun … in the grand scheme of everything happening today, this is such a minor story that it has little relevance, however every major news outlet seems to have carried it, so I couldn’t resist jumping on that bandwagon.  Now, on to other things …

Mexico is suing us … rightly so

The Mexican government is suing several U.S.-based gun manufacturers including Smith & Wesson Brands, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Beretta USA, Glock and Colt’s Manufacturing Co.

The lawsuit maintains that the U.S. arms manufacturers “are conscious of the fact that their products are trafficked and used in illicit activities against the civilian population and authorities of Mexico,” according to a document from the Foreign Ministry. “Nonetheless, they continue to prioritize their economic benefit, and use marketing strategies to promote weapons that are ever more lethal, without mechanisms of security or traceability,” it continued.

In addition to financial damages sought — which Mexican officials estimated could run to $10 billion if the lawsuit is successful — it also seeks tighter controls on sales and better security features on weapons. It calls on the companies to undertake studies and media campaigns to prevent arms trafficking.

In the past, gun manufacturers have denied responsibility for crimes in which their weapons were used, claiming that they try to ensure that guns can be purchased only by those legally allowed to own them.  Bullshit!  As long as they’re making those huge profits from the sale of killing machines, they don’t give a royal hoot who uses them or for what purpose!

And they have profited greatly from the pandemic.  Smith & Wesson, for example, saw net profit of $243.6 million in 2020 as compared to only $27.7 million the prior year.  Profiting from other people’s death and pain.  The ‘American Dream’, eh?

I would like to see Mexico win this suit and the gun manufacturers have to pay until they are twisted in knots!  Unfortunately, a federal law that took effect in 2005 shields gun manufacturers from most civil liability claims, making it difficult for lawsuits like Mexico’s to succeed.  This case should be tried under international law, perhaps by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in order to be ruled on fairly.  Yeah, I know … not a snowball’s chance in hell.  Sigh.  I can dream, can’t I?

Resign, Andrew! 

I will only briefly touch on the report released on Tuesday saying that Governor Andrew Cuomo had sexually harassed at least 11 women.  Now, as a native New Yorker, I must admit I’ve always liked Cuomo, thought he did a good job and cared, truly cared, about the people of his state.  However, in light of the charges, I have no choice but to join the masses calling for his resignation, for contrary to what our friend Scott believes of me, I am no hypocrite.  Women’s rights … damn, why do we keep having to fight for them???  WHY the hell can’t men just understand that we don’t WANT their uninvited lecherous passes?  We are … listen to me … WE ARE every bit as deserving of respect as you guys are!  WE ARE NOT sex objects for you to toy with as you please, grabbing our boobs or other body parts.  WE ARE PEOPLE TOO!

Whew … I didn’t realize quite how angry I was about this until I started writing! 🤬  I’m a firm believer of that old adage, “Where there’s so much smoke, there’s bound to be a fire somewhere.”  Yes, I firmly believe that Governor Cuomo is an abuser of women and I join in the calls for his resignation.  That said, he’s a stubborn ass and unlikely to resign, thus impeachment is the next likely step.  My heart breaks for the people of New York that have stood behind Governor Cuomo, only to be slapped in the face by him.

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  1. Please don’t think I am in any way condoning, excusing, or making light of what Cuomo has done. It’s despicable and he should resign. But what pisses me off is how Democrats, as was the case with Al Frankenstein, and even Biden with respect to Cuomo, have called upon him to resign. But when it comes to likes of Matt Gaetz, a sex trafficker of underage girls and one who has had sex with underage girls, and even Donald Trump, who had sex with a hooker (and who knows how many other women) while his wife was pregnant with his youngest child, or Jim Jordan, who knew, stood by, and was silent about members of a college sports team were sexually abused by his coach, the Republicans give them all a pass. 😡

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    • No, my friend, you are 100% right. While what Cuomo has done is horrid and should be grounds for his ouster, so was what Trump did … and even admitted to … and he should have long since been made to pay the price. Matt Gaetz is under investigation, but I’m not holding my breath that he will ever be held accountable for his actions. There are many such among us these days … Cuomo just had the misfortune to get caught with his hands in the … er … whatever, and to be a Democrat. Jim (Gym) Jordan is as guilty as the rest, but got by because … because … I don’t really know what saved him … it sure as hell wasn’t his charm or his looks! Sigh. There is very much a double standard here … sigh.

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  2. oh aobut that covid sutiuation, why is it that hundred of illegal immigrants are tested for covid after the cross the border and yet they’re allowed to move freely? aren’t they a risk like those who haven’t taken the drugs of corrupt big pharma?

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  3. Jill i’ve been to several beaches this summer, up and down the eastern seaboard and can attest to fact that they are packed to the brim with ppl, esp in Florida!
    So yes, that may possibly increase the rate of transmission. But also consider that sunlight, or more specifically the ultraviolet spectrum of light destroys the virus, and makes Vit D to boot!
    So personally i think going to public beaches is perfectly safe.
    Concerts and large indoor gatherings are a different matter.
    Stay safe everyone and enjoy a lovely and fun filled summer ❤


    • Yes, sometimes when my mind bounces, the topics are widespread! As re Pompeo and the disgustingly expensive whiskey … I’m fairly sure that the State Department has already spent more than the value of the bottle of booze trying to figure out where it got off to! Who cares? It does seem that they might have more important things to worry about, but this evening I read that they are “still hot on the trail …”

      Thank you for that link … that was a fun (and very truthful) philosophy! We really should worry less. 😊


  4. 59% higher in Canada? Either we are not being told the truth, or the number seems high while actually starting from a much lower aase line. Our population is 1/10th of yours, so while the numbers sound staggering they are not representative of the actual number of cases. If we had 1000 cases, and that went up by 59%, that would give us 590 new cases. Based on population size 40% would be an increase from 10,000 to 14,000. But 14,000 cases doesn’t even cover Florida, from what I understand. What was the base line in America that increased by 40%?

    As for the Mexican lawsuit, it should have no problem winning in a fair court of law. But how the hell did the government ever pass a law to shield an industry from being made to be accountable? That seems rather stupid in itself! It”s like saying a chemical manufacturer can put all their waste in the water supply, but they aren’t responsible if people choose to drink the contaminated water. That”s insane!

    And what”s all the bullshit about Cuomo resigning? He should be in jail for sexual assault, and there is no way to govern a state from inside prison, is there?


  5. you’re right to be infuriated by the quomo situation and this is something we both agree on, oh, and that dumb bottle of whisky. almost 6 grand, how silly.

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    • Thanks, Scott! Yes, unfortunately all the good Cuomo has done is now overshadowed by his abuse of women. And I fully agree on the bottle of whiskey! Anybody that would pay that much for a single bottle of booze needs to have their head examined! Hugs.


  6. Jill, our country has tended to beat on its chest and say look at how great we are. At times slowly and at others more quickly, we have shown the reasons to beat on our chests are unfounded. We let the vaccine and mask wearing become political, when people in leadership should have been encouraging community health. We have turned our backs on agreements we made in good faith and pulled out of new ones retrenching from the world stage accelerating the predicted ascendency of China’s rise. We have become less trusted because we are not trustworthy. And, we have shown how democracy can be severely wounded with an uninformed and malleable public.

    It should be noted our strength per other diplomats has been both our military and our relationships abroad. The previous administration damaged our relationships with allies as he cozied up to autocrats and our military just lost a mock war with China as we are tooled for a war that won’t be fought like that again, while China is tooled for a newer fight. America is not exceptional, at least like some still believe.


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    • Agreed, and isn’t it a damn shame that the things in this nation that truly are good, are overshadowed by those that aren’t. Politics in this country seems to have overshadowed all else, to the detriment of our global reputation. No, we are not ‘exceptional’ … only a nation composed of humans who are flawed beings.

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  7. You’ve succeeded as usual in hitting nails on heads even with the humour. I too would like to see Mexico win it’s case as the gun manufacturers are well aware that their guns, too easily convertible, are being smuggled over the border. The number of candidates in elections shot over there is so bad I’m surprised anyone dare stand.
    I don’t mind the 30% who refuse to ever take the vaccines putting themselves at risk, but they should be made to isolate at home until this latest nasty offshoot of Covid is under control. They should not be allowed to put family and friends at risk, and through them the wider population. They can have their own way via no vaccinating, but health risks must be contained.
    Andrew Cuomo seemed a good leader. That is not enough though, he must lead by example and id he really has sexually harassed so many women he must either stand down or be made to do so and be investigated to confirm or deny the charges.

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    • Though I doubt that Mexico’s case against the gun manufacturers will go anywhere, IF it did, it would be precedent-setting and more might be inclined to follow suit. I think it’s ridiculous that we cannot sue them in wrongful death cases, but such is our way of life — profit ahead of people.

      I fully agree with you … if those “anti-vaxxers” don’t care enough about their own lives of those of their family and friends to be vaccinated, then why should I care about them, but keep them away from the rest of us. Remember ‘leper colonies’? Perhaps we could set up something similar for anti-vaxxers!

      Yes, in many ways Cuomo has been a good governor, but … we just cannot overlook the fact that he has sexually harassed women. Even if it were only one woman, that’s one too many. Trump had yet to pay for his decades-long abuse of women, and that gives others the idea that it’s no big deal, that they, too, can get by with it. Women were only put on earth for men’s pleasure in their minds. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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