So Much Snark, So Little Time

Having had a very rare decent night’s sleep last night, I awoke full of vim and vigor (or piss and vinegar as my grandpa used to say) and ready to snark away …

The long arm of da Fox …

Most people reading this blog don’t watch Fox ‘News’, for it isn’t a news network, doesn’t report news truthfully, and the opinions of their ‘hosts’ are typically far right and stepping into the realm of conspiracy theories.  However, if you think Fox doesn’t have an influence on the people of this country, think again.

Fox hosts have historically denigrated the vaccine, pushed wild conspiracy theories such as that the vaccine contains some sort of microchips that will track your every movement, etc.  Recently, though, the Fox hosts have changed their tune … along with numerous Republicans … and the likes of Sean Hannity, Steve Doocy and others have encouraged their viewers to be vaccinated.  Fox even went as far to show a graphic that “vaccines work” alongside data in order to encourage viewers to get the jab.

The only explanation I have for the about-face is that they noted Republicans, largely comprising the anti-vax crowd, were dying of COVID, while vaccinated people were not so much.  Since Fox changed their tune, there has been a shift in the mindset of its viewers.  According to a Morning Consult poll …

Vaccine “reluctance fell to an all-time low this week among adults who watch Fox News,” wrote the polling company. The reported findings are as follows, “27 percent of viewers now say they probably or definitely won’t get vaccinated, down from 30 percent the week before and a high of 37 percent in mid-March.”

Whatever works, right?  Of course, ol’ Tucker Carlson, America’s #1 Idiot, is still promoting lies about the vaccine and still denigrating it, but perhaps someday Fox viewers will wake up and realize that Carlson is naught but a political plant … one sans intelligence or conscience.

School Boards are telling DeSantis where to put his ‘order’

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis recently issued an order barring schools from implementing mask requirements for kids.  In my book, this is the height of stupidity … and cruelty.  He is finding out, however, just how little weight his ‘order’ carries.  According to Politico …

“Late Tuesday night, school board members in Alachua County in north Florida voted to require all students to wear masks during the first two weeks of school. And Wednesday morning, Leon County, which includes Tallahassee, announced it’s seeking a mandatory mask rule for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Even the Broward County School District, which just days ago said it would comply with DeSantis’ order, announced Wednesday that it would keep its mask mandate in place for the foreseeable future.

The governor, who has consistently downplayed the threat of the virus, has banned cities and schools from putting in place Covid requirements like masks or vaccine passports.

District leaders are left to choose: Eliminate mask mandates or face the loss of state funding.

“As controversial as it may be, I absolutely believe this is the right thing to do temporarily until we have a better understanding of the Delta variant and the impact it has on school-aged children,” said Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna on Wednesday.”

It has long been rumoured that DeSantis is considering a bid for the presidency in 2024 … let’s hope this latest idiocy of his kills any notion he might have of throwing his hat in the ring.

Elaine Chao finally found a job!

In case you wondered what ol’ Elaine Chao, former Director of Transportation under the former guy, and wife of Senator Mitch McConnell, is doing now that she is out of government, wonder no longer!  This week, grocery giant Kroger named Ms. Chao to its Board of Directors.  Hmmm … looks like I might have to find someplace else to do my grocery shopping!  And I am not alone …

A slap on the wrist

The latest trend for those who participated in the attempted coup, the attack on Congress and the Capitol on January 6th, is to claim that they are ‘political prisoners’.  I say that is complete and total BULLSHIT, and it turns out that one of my favourite judges, Judge Amy Berman Jackson, agrees with me.

The case in which she so ruled was that of Karl Dresch of Michigan.  Dresch, or rather his lawyers, worked out one heck of a plea deal whereby Dresch pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of “parading, picketing or demonstrating in the Capitol”.  But what is more important are the other four charges against him that were dropped in exchange for this single ‘guilty’ plea, including a felony count of obstructing an official proceeding of Congress.  Dresch attempted to claim that he was a ‘political prisoner’, that he was being singled out because of his political beliefs.  Judge Jackson was having none of it …

“He was not a political prisoner. We are not here today because he supported former president Trump . . . He was arrested because he was an enthusiastic participant in an effort to subvert and undo the electoral process.”

Judge Jackson sentenced Dresch to six months, his time in jail since his arrest on January 19th will count as ‘time served’ and he will now be released.  It is beginning to appear that few, if any, of the thousands who attempted to overturn our election, our very foundation of government, will pay much of a price.  I may be considered a hard-liner, but I don’t think a single person who entered the Capitol without legitimate purpose that day should serve anything less than 5 years, and those who caused any damage to property should serve 10 years.  If they assaulted a police officer … 20 years.  Good thing I’m not a judge, eh?

41 thoughts on “So Much Snark, So Little Time

  1. I thought you said Judge ABJ made a statement, but she is as weak as any other. Her words may have sounded good, but a sentence of “time served”? That wasn’t even a slap on the wrist. It was a “Poor boy, I am so sorry you did naughty things. Go stand in the corner for five minutes and think about what you did! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

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    • I fear that it can only be in our dreams that all this is over. In reality, in our waking hours, I think political greed and corruption will be with us for as long as there is a human species. You too, Michael! xx


  2. It would be tragic if the folk involved did not influence the lives of lesser folk.
    The aura of nascent fear in the anti-vaccination groups, the conspiracy theorists and all fellow travellers is palpable. When you dig beneath the surface of their disillusions of outrage at what they term ‘Government Lies’ and concerns of ‘Big State’, or even the ridiculous claims about Bill Gates the actual motivation is obvious.
    Deep within, beneath the veneer of their day to day beliefs, they are scared. Slow, instinctive dread, born out of the perceptions of their animal instincts which whisper to them, the fact that Nature had come a’ calling, as it always has done, does and will do.
    This of course, they cannot accept, for they have been nurtured on the misconception that this planet is their planet to do with as they so wish. That as Human Beings, they are above any encompassing harm. Yes they can comprehend severe weather and geological events, although they would prefer not to think too long on the message there either.
    However when it comes to the less visible, equally remorseless, arguably more potent in the speed of travel, they would rather make up little tales to delude themselves that ‘they know better’. (No doubt there is a group which will claim that everyone who denied Covid and died of it was actually assassinated by ‘Big State’ agents).
    Fear of Reality is the poison they are welcomed into their veins.
    You dance your frantic jig little clowns, making yourself so heady with your caperings. Anything but accept the Reality.
    Our existence on this planet is conditional. And the wise accept this Covenant and thus make accommodations to extend our time here

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    • Wise words, my friend. You are right … they are driven by fear, but their reactions and responses put us all … every member of every species on the planet … in mortal danger. But … they do not care. “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die”. It seems they would like to hasten the end of our world as we know it … sigh. Thanks for your thoughts, Roger … I fully agree.

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        • They understood human nature quite well. They put many safeguards into the Constitution, but could not foresee the future and what depths the human mind could plunge to, given the tools to work with.

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          • There was a cartoon from one of the US papers I read way back in the late 1980s/ early 1990s as a comment on something going on in Congress in which the Constitution was being cited.
            The panel on the left had a group of contemporary men seated around a table, on standing up is saying:
            ‘Of course, we cannot really be certain what was in the minds of the Founding Fathers when they drafted this’
            The panel on the right has the same poses only these are the Founding Fathers, Ben Johnson is the one standing and he is saying:
            ‘Of course we cannot be certain what some yo-yo will make of this in a couple of centuries’.
            Looks like we are in that age of Yo-yos

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  3. Hello Jill. On the vaccine / Fox issue do you think any of the cult viewers will think to ask why the hosts went from saying it was a horrible loss of freedom that could cause your death to go get the vaccine right now? Will the cult followers ask what changed? Or just blindly follow the orders whatever they are no matter how different day to day they are.

    On the Elaine Chao / Kroger story it is common for large corporations to give no show no work positions to powerful former members of an administration. It is a way to bribe the existing members of the party still in power and to keep the wealthy gaining more money they don’t earn. I bet it is directed towards Moscow Mitch more than her.

    On DeSantis I am sad to say he wont ever relize he was wrong and will never back down. He is like his hero tRump in that regard. He also is a total authoritarian that likes to lash out at anyone he thinks is questioning him in anyway. He is a fascist asshole who is desperately seeking the presidency. He will be a very smart powerful tRump with out the shooting himself in the foot all the time problem. Ron DeSantis wants to be the US first dictator. However on the Governor and masks front did you see that Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he regrets signing a law that blocked mask mandates as the state faces a surge in COVID-19 cases. At least he is honest enough to admit it was a mistake and that masks do work. Hugs

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    • Hey, Scottie! Good to see you. No, of course they won’t ask. If they were the sort that asked questions, they would have asked some relevant questions long ago, particularly related to COVID and also the Big Lie, but no, they simply absorb what they hear on Fox and that’s all the proof they want. If they heard conflicting viewpoints, then they would have to … GASP … think for themselves!

      I’m inclined to agree with you that Kroger’s underlying reason was more to curry favour with Moscow Mitch, and Chao has no real power or authority, but it shows me where Kroger’s loyalties lie, and it’s not the same place my own lie. There are too many ties between corporate America and our members of Congress … entirely too many.

      I agree with all you say about DeSantis, but he isn’t winning any fans that I can tell, and before he can become our first dictator, he has to get enough votes … oh wait … by then the states will have in place a mechanism to throw out the election if they don’t like the results, just as Trump tried to get them to do last year. Maybe DeSantis CAN win the Oval Office without actually winning it. Sigh. Hugs

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    • Hey Scottie,
      Take your last paragraph and change the name deSantis to Jason Kenney, and you are describing Alberta”s premier to a T. He has no idea how to back down, even though he has said he “reversed” some policies publicly while still promoting them privately. Now he has “convinced” our lead medical authority to side with him about ending all Covid restrictions on Aug. 16. She says she has Science to prove Covid is less a threat than the flu or common cold.
      WAIT A MINUTE! Since the institution of masking there have been almost no cases of influenza or colds in Alberta, and probably everywhere else too. So they want to take away our masks so not only will we get Covid, but we will be back to getting flu, colds, and other air-borne viral diseases that masks help prevent. Where is the Science in that?
      School boards are up in arms here too! It was bad enough he is trying to institute a learning program K-6 that whitewashed Canadian history (We never mistreated indigenous people, or people of colour, we never had a policy to sterilize people with Downs Syndrome or other mental health issues, Residential schools were a boon to society!!!), but now he wants our children to spread the Delta variant! The lower his ratings fall, the stupider he becomes. New Covid cases are rising every day, despite the fact he is testing fewer and fewer people.
      Like most conservative thinkers, he want’s to go back to the way things were in the 50s or earlier. What was so good about those days? Oh yeah, we were polluting our rivers, streams, land, and air, and hardly anyone had heard of climate change, and those who did were kooks and mad scientists. Yup, great world! We should all want to go back there!
      Hugs to all.

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      • Hello Rawgod. I hope all is well with you. I never understood why politicians and governments cannot seem to just admit when they are wrong. It is not an unforgiveable sin to have been wrong if you are willing to admit it and learn from it. I have been wrong, and will be wrong again, all without any bad intent or trying, it will just happen. Some of the people I most admire admitted they screwed up sometimes. These groups that claim their country never did wrong and these politicians that double down in being wrong, they earn no points, respect, or thanks from me. Hugs


        • Hi Scottie.

          I too can’t understand why politicians feel that they are exempt from the moral imperative of admitting wrongdoing, after all, it is a vital part of the human experience for people to do wrong, admit it and subsequently, learn from the experience, even if the individual stumbles again and again in similar ways. Each step is a small gain in humility and empathy which makes one a better person.

          But then, we are talking about politicians who seem to lack those very qualities which such experiences are meant to facilitate improvements in but I suppose we can dream of a world where such people have empathy for their brothers and sisters in the human race.

          And speaking of wrongdoing and admitting when one is erroneous in his actions, Jill, I owe you an engraved apology over some commentary which I made regarding the issue of respect on another entry. You and I disagree on, well quite a lot, at least in terms of how goals of trying to better humanity can be implemented but those disagreements do not give me the right to say that I cannot respect you. It was a stupid cruel thing to say in a public forum and, once again, I allowed my emotions to dictate where my words lead and I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

          As good as my intentions are to do better, there are times when I surrender to the lesser parts of my humanity and this was clearly one of those times.

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          • Thank you, Scott, for that heartfelt apology. I was hurt by your comment about not respecting me, for I think of you as a friend, no matter how often we disagree. Thank you … and yes, your temper will get the better of you again and I will remind you to be nice, and at the end of the day we’ll still be friends, yes? Hugs.


  4. Hi Jill. I only ask this out of the desire to understand but if more people are getting vaccinated as a result of the messaging of fox, why are you still angry at them? Isn’t it more important to distribute the message, no matter who the messenger may be? Even a blind squirl finds an acorn occasionally so why not give them a thumbs up? Just a question, no argument or contrarianism is intended. Have a good day.

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    • Ahhhh … good question. Probably because in other areas they are still feeding their viewers a load of lies. I am pleased that Hannity and others finally started encouraging their viewers to get vaccinated, but they are still promoting other lies that are likely to pose a significant danger to this nation, for so many believe what they hear on Fox without bothering to check the facts. You have a good day too, my friend. Hugs.


      • You raise a credible point. Any big plans for the weekend? some friends will probably come over to swim in our pool and it’s bandcamp friday again which means that I’ve sold a good bit of my music today, including several copies of one of my more compelling releases,and, of course, laundry is going, that never ending cycle. hugs.

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        • Thanks, Scott. Nope, my only plans for the weekend are to get a bit of rest, and spend some time finishing the three books I am reading. Enjoy your pool time and company! Yes, laundry is never-ending … I often threaten the girls and tell them we’re all going naked for an entire day so I can, for once, get caught up on the laundry! Hugs!


    • Hello Scott. I have anger at Fox News for the reasons Jill mentioned but also because their new vaccine message is so mixed. When it comes to right wing talking points the hosts all stick lock step to the script. Now you have hosts openly arguing with each on Fox & Friends. I Brian Kilmeade was going to get up and slug Steve Doocy over Doocy telling parents they need to get their kids over 12 years old vaccinated. Then you have the big money hosts like Hannity giving a different vaccine message than Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham. I appreciate they want to lock the barn door long after they drove the live stock out, but half of them go back and keep unlocking it. Best wishes. Hugs

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      • Good points, Scottie! I didn’t hear about the near-mash-up between Kilmeade and Doocy, but they’re both a couple of jerks. And don’t even get me started on Carlson and Ingraham … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hugs

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  5. Political prisoners are usually the prisoners of a regime. The odd thing is there is no regime in the currently being a Democracy and yet if the Republicans get their way, they will be instituting a Regime probably as early as 2022 if by their attempt to deprive so many of their countrymen of the vote they make it appear that many more seats have gone Republican. Two years after that you could lave the first unvoted Dictator, tentatively called Trump who will hold the position for life. Then like Hungary’s ‘popular’ leader you will call yourself a Good Christian Country with no free press and no viable political opposition.

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    • You’re right that they misunderstand the definition of a political prisoner, but then they are not the brightest bulbs in the pack, else they wouldn’t have been storming the Capitol on January 6th. I’m not sure how much of ‘democracy’ is left in the U.S. today. The more I realize just how manipulative the politicians are, the more I see that we are already on a slippery slope that leads away from democratic principles. You’re quite right … if the Republicans carry the day next year, we will set aside any veneer of being a democratic republic, for they have no policies other than catering to the wealthy, discrimination, and voting against whatever helps the people of this nation. No, David, I shan’t be here calling this a “Good Christian Country”, for I will not live one day under such a rule. Not. One. Day. I would far rather be a jar of ashes or a wolf than to live under such a rule.

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  6. Jill, while there is reluctance in other demographic groups, the reluctance in conservative folks due to the influence of opinion hosts is a sad indictment on both the influencers and influenced. A Texas Republican legislator who criticized vaccines just five days ago, just died of COVID-19 and his wife has tested positive. Now two Republican governors are outspoken about getting the vaccine. Maybe, it is sinking in to more. But, how many have died because of the overt naysaying started and continued by the former president and his sycophants like Rand Paul, who has misplaced his Hippocratic oath of “do no harm.” Keith

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    • It is indeed a sad indictment on both influencers and the influenced, but more I think on those who allow themselves to be influenced by entertainers such as Tucker Carlson et al. It’s also a sad statement of our educational system that people have not been taught to think for themselves. I did see the story of that Texan who died of COVID and I’m ashamed to admit that my first thought was “serves you right, you stubborn old bastard”. Sigh. Far too many have died needlessly, but now what irks me most is that people in other countries are dying because they don’t even have access to the vaccine, while here in the U.S. we have plenty to go around, but some 30% of the country too stubborn to take it.

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      • Jill, I do not wish for anyone to die, but I sadly, I am not surprised when they do if they flaunt precautions. For their family’s sake, I want to shake them and ask is this a hill you want to die on? Keith

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        • No, I would never wish death on anyone, either, but let’s face it … these people are like the drunk driver who gets in his car knowing full well that he is taking a huge risk with not only his own life, but the lives of others as well.


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