♫ Walking to New Orleans ♫ (Redux)

I really am trying not to rely on replaying music that I’ve already played, but tonight I am simply too exhausted to go in search of first off, a song, and secondly the associated trivia.  Tomorrow, I promise!  Meanwhile, the only time I played this was in December 2018 and it played well, so I’m hoping you’ll like it again today!

I’m taking you back a bit further than usual, to the year 1960. For some of you, this dates back before you were even born, and I suppose it says something that I remember the song quite well.  The song has a rather unique birth.  Written by Bobby Charles specifically for Fats Domino (Antoine Domino, Jr.) it came about thusly …

Domino was a hero of Charles. Domino had previously recorded the Charles tune Before I Grow Too Old. When Domino stopped on tour in Lafayette, Louisiana, he invited Charles into his dressing room, and regretted he did not have a copy of his new record to give to Charles, but invited Charles to come visit him in Domino’s home of New Orleans. Charles replied, “I don’t have a car. If I’d go, I’d have to walk.” Afterwards, the thought remained on Charles’s mind, and he said he wrote the song for Domino in some 15 minutes.

After he got to New Orleans to accept Domino’s invitation, Charles sang Walking to New Orleans for Domino. Domino was enthusiastic about the number and made a few modifications to it, including adding a quote from his earlier hit, Ain’t That A Shame.

This is the song that launched the music career of Ricky Nelson, who had 34 Top 40 hits in the US between 1957-1964. Nelson was starred with his real-life parents on the popular TV show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, which ran 1952-1966 on ABC. According to Nelson’s biographer Philip Bashe, Ricky got the urge to record when he was 16 years old and on a date with a girl who told him how much she loved Elvis, prompting Ricky to tell her Elvis wasn’t that special and that he was going to make his own record. After a few years pestering his dad, Ricky convinced Ozzie – who was a popular band leader in the ’30s – to let him record this Fats Domino song, which contained the only two chords he knew how to play. It became a surprise hit, equaling Domino’s #4 chart placing after he performed it on the family TV series, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.Ozzie-Harriet

Walking to New Orleans
Fats Domino

This time I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m gonna need two pair of shoes
When I get through walkin’ these blues
When I get back to New Orleans
I’ve got my suitcase in my hand
Now ain’t that a shame?
I’m leavin’ here today
Yes, I’m goin’ back home to stay
Yes, I’m walkin to New Orleans
You used to be my honey
Till you spent all my money
No use for you to cry
I’ll see you by and by
‘Cause I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’ve got no time for talkin’
I’ve go to keep a-walkin’
New Orleans is my home
That’s the reason why I’m goin’
Yes, I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m walkin’ to New Orleans

Songwriters: Antoine Domino / Dave Bartholomew / Robert Charles Guidry
Walking to New Orleans lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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  1. Enjoyed the song, Jill. The only Rick Nelson song I have heard with the word walk in it is “I’m Walking.” Fats did have a hit with I’m Walking and Ricky recorded it too. Maybe the two walks got mixed up.

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    • I’m glad you liked it! One of my old-time favourites! I shall have a beautiful Saturday night … daughter Chris is picking up dinner from our favourite Chinese restaurant! No fever, though! 😊 xx

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