On Boot-Lickers, Pakistan, and Karen

The snark-o-meter is spinning madly tonight … partly, I think, from being treated to an hour or so of my daughter’s bagpipe practice 🧏 !  But there’s more than that … there is … life.  Reality.  News.  Politics.  People.

Why oh why are they still licking his boots???

I will never understand why the Republican Party has hitched its wagon to the former guy and won’t let go.  NEWS FLASH, Republicans … Donald Trump is NO LONGER the president of this nation, he has absolutely ZERO power, unless you give it to him.  He was, on the whole, the single worst, most corrupt president the United States has ever known, and we breathed a collective sigh of relief on January 20th of this year when the former guy went back to his estate at Mar-a-Lago and President Joe Biden took the oath of office.

The congressional Republicans are digging their own grave, shooting themselves in the foot … pick your analogy.  The former guy has threatened Republicans in Congress who sign on to the current and much overdue infrastructure bill … WTF???  He’s nothing … a nobody … why in hell are they cowering in their tracks at the slightest hint of displeasure from that asshole?  What, specifically, has set me off this time?  A statement by Ohio Senator Rob Portman …

“I have encouraged President Trump to take credit for this. President Trump’s effort to raise the level of awareness about the need for infrastructure improvement should help us get this done. You know, he proposed a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill.”

No, STUPID … NO NO NO NO NO … he is NOT the damned president and he deserves LESS THAN ZERO credit for a bill that has happened under President Joseph R. Biden!  How low, Rob Portman, are you willing to go.  You’ve licked his boots for years, are you now willing to kiss his posterior as well???  And why, one has to ask … Trump has no power and Portman is retiring from the Senate at the end of 2022.  The only thing I can come up with is that Portman is kissing Trump’s ass in hopes of currying favour and becoming his vice-presidential nominee in 2024.  Either way, I used to think that Rob was one of the better Republicans in Congress … I no longer think that.

Something to ponder …

I often criticize society and life in general here in the United States, and in truth there IS much that is wrong.  Racism, both systemic and societal.  Greed, arrogance, lack of attentiveness to climate change, corruption in our government, an education system that has been in decline in recent years, political chaos, the worst healthcare system in the western world and more.  But, something I read tonight made me thankful to live in a western nation, if not specifically the U.S.

In Pakistan, an 8-year-old boy was arrested and may face the death penalty when he comes to trial.  Yes, you heard me right … 8 years old.  What, you ask, did he do?  He peed in a library.  How many 8-year-old boys have taken a dare by friends, or just decided to show off, and peed in inappropriate places?  Likely most all of them.  Heck, some people on our street have a teenager who routinely pees in our birdseed!  I might yell at him when I catch him doing it, but I’m damn sure not going to call the cops!  And even if I did, he would not even face jail time, let alone the death penalty.

This boy, not named by The Guardian where I saw the story, is the youngest person ever to be charged with blasphemy in the country.  According to the story …

The boy’s family is in hiding and many of the Hindu community in the conservative district of Rahim Yar Khan, in Punjab, have fled their homes after a Muslim crowd attacked a Hindu temple after the boy’s release on bail last week. Troops were deployed to the area to quell any further unrest.

On Saturday, 20 people were arrested in connection with the temple attack.

The boy is accused of intentionally urinating on a carpet in the library of a madrassa, where religious books were kept, last month. Blasphemy charges can carry the death penalty.

Speaking from an undisclosed location, a member of the boy’s family told the Guardian: “He [the boy] is not even aware of such blasphemy issues and he has been falsely indulged in these matters. He still doesn’t understand what his crime was and why he was kept in jail for a week.

“We have left our shops and work, the entire community is scared and we fear backlash. We don’t want to return to this area. We don’t see any concrete and meaningful action will be taken against the culprits or to safeguard the minorities living here.”

Blasphemy laws have been disproportionately used in the past against religious minorities in Pakistan. Although no blasphemy executions have been carried out in the country since the death penalty was introduced for the crime in 1986, suspects are often attacked and sometimes killed by mobs.

I understand and respect that different cultures have different social norms, values and laws, but … pardon me, I think to hold a child such as this accountable for an act that harmed nobody, that is easily enough repaired, is a violation of human rights.  Yeah, sometimes it’s not so bad living in the U.S. … relatively speaking.

But then … are we really so far from similar atrocities?

On a recent Sunday …

“46-year-old real estate agent Eric Brown was showing off a Wyoming, Michigan, home to 45-year-old Roy Thorne and his 15-year-old son Samuel. Thorne, an army veteran, was in the market to buy a home and Eric Brown has worked in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan selling people homes for two decades. At some point during the 30-minute walk around the prospective homeowner was doing, six uniformed Wyoming police officers surrounded the property with their guns drawn. All three men were forced to exit the home with their hands up as officers pointed their guns at and then handcuffed them. The men were then placed in three separate police vehicles.

Eric Brown, Roy Thorne, and Samuel Thorne are all Black. According to the Wyoming Police Department, the officers were responding to a 911 call from a neighbor that claimed the home was being burglarized. It was only after spending around 20 minutes in handcuffs that the three were released. Brown told a reporter that he would be lying if he didn’t believe race played a large part in the 911 call and police response.”

Hell yes race played the entire part in the 911 call AND in the officer’s treatment of the men.  No doubt some Karen made the call, but the police might have bothered to assess the situation before arresting the men … and teen.  Perhaps we’re not as far off from Pakistan as we’d like to think.

29 thoughts on “On Boot-Lickers, Pakistan, and Karen

  1. It’s terrible to think there’ a possibility of an 8 year old possibly facing a death sentence for the crime of Boys will be Boys. As for the three black men arrested or at least handcuffed and removed when there were no weapons involved and it seems to me no crime being committed that could have been verified on the spot by a competent officer. The police could have interviewed the Karen at the site to see why her suspicions were aroused and possibly charged her with wasting police time if it was for nothing more than 3 black men being in the same place at the same time. Chances are she didn’t want a black neighbour.

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    • Exactly! I was horrified when I read that … as you say, it was only a matter of ‘boys being boys’! And you’re right about the neighbor, too … no doubt she doesn’t want Black neighbors. I would have liked to see the police charge her with false reporting of a crime!


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  2. Sounds incredulous, but many if not most Republicans still consider the former guy to be commander n’ chief. Why you ask? B/c Biden stole the election so he just an illegitimate imposter, and the “real” President is running the country behind the scenes, LMAO!
    See…. makes perfect sense when you use pretzel logic 🙂

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  3. Hey, Jill. I just found your comment on Lander”s site about a 6 year-old child going to jail for picking a flower. So you do know, America is not far from Pakistan on child crime. Maybe there was no death sentence possible, but a child in jail for something they do not have the capacity to understand is sheer ridiculousness.

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  4. what the hell is wrong with these damn cops? It would be nice, if for once, they decided to engage their tiny brains, double check a situation and actually act accordingly. Oh and speaking of karens, when we were living in San Antonio, the kids and i were in the back yard, they were misbehaving and I yelled at them, a natural thing for a parent to do sometimes, oh wait, you can’t yell at your damn kids these days, but anyway, the cops actually showed up at my door because some idiot called them because I was yelling at the kids.
    People piss me off, I wish I were a cat most of the time, humans suck.

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    • That last statement I agree with you on, Scott.
      As for yelling at kids, it depends on how it was being done. I can remember as a kid times when my sperm donor yelled at me I dirtied my shorts he was so angry and threatening violence, which he was not averse to using–daily. When a kid does not feel safe in their own home there is a huge problem. I’m not saying the cops needed to be called on you, but there were times I wish someone had called the cops on my sperm donor. Violence does not include only the physical manhandling of another person. There can be violence in a voice. I know that well.

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      • Hi Jill.

        The kids have never been afraid of me in any regard but from an outside perspective, I can understand how it could sound. In our society, most of us seem to lack empathy or the ability to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. a waitress messes up an order, go off on her, even if she just found out that she has a terminal disease. A child is screaming on an airplane, get annoyed at the parents, even if the child was rescued from a sex traffic ring, whatever, we just don’t bother to give anyone any slack anymore for anything.

        I was walking up to Leah’s school to pick up from orientation and I got turned around a little, I heard cars passing by but did anyone offer to ask what might be wrong if anything? Not a one, not that I needed the help because I was able to self-correct eventually and figure it out but what if I wasn’t so lucky?

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        • Imagine my boss”s embarrassment when I phoned to tell him I was in the hospital after a car accident on the way to work. He heard my voice and went off on a 5 minute tirade about responsibility and promptness and all other kinds of things. When he finally ran out of steam and I got a word in edgewise, he must have pooped his panties. He tried to apologize, but I told him I quit anyways. He cared more about his damned job than he did about the people working for him.

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          • that’s just sad. I hope you fully recovered form that ordeal both physically and emotionally.

            I was in an automobile accident back in 1988 where my right arm was broken in three places above the elbow and people asked if I was driving, they were obviously joking and I saw the humor in all that.

            I actually didn’t know that my arm was broken until the medics told me but I knew that something was wrong because, when I put my hand on the ground, it felt like it was moving in circles and the first thing I though was “this isn’t right.”

            The doctor said I broke my humerus and I said “that’s not very funny doc”.

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        • Oh, I know that, Scott! Those of us who were abused as children, however, tend to jump to the conclusion that when a parent yells, the next thing will be a fist upside the head, so I understand where rg was coming from, but I know you are a great dad and your kids love you. You’re right that sometimes we don’t have all the facts before we jump to conclusions … your example of a cranky kid on an airplane is a great example, for I myself have jumped to the conclusion that the parent wasn’t doing his part to keep the child from annoying us all.

          I’m glad you were able to find your way after getting turned around! And yes, it is shameful that nobody offered a hand, but … do you carry a white cane so that they know you are blind? You are self-sufficient, but as you say, what if you hadn’t been able to re-orient and find your way. Sigh. Hugs

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          • Hi Jill.

            Yes, I do use a white cane though people used to ask me why I didn’t have a guide dog. I’ve never liked dogs even when I was a small boy, I never had a traumatic experience, I just am not drawn to them. I’ve always been a cat person but a guide cat, that would present a multitude of problems. lol.

            hugs, have a good night my friend.

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            • You get along just fine without a guide dog, and probably don’t much need the cane, except to discern when an object is in front of you, but it does let people know that you’re blind. However, from your recent experience, it seems like people just don’t much care … or they’re too wrapped up in their own business to pay attention. I’m not sure which. Ha ha … as a person who is and most always has been owned by cats, I find it funny to try to envision a guide cat! Why, some of our cats would guide us right into traffic! Lol!

              Hugs to you too, my friend!

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              • My guess is that people are just too wrapped up in themselves. the cane actually provides me with a sense of security when I’m walking about outside as it does help me to tell what’s in front of me while I’m walking, except low hanging tree branches. they actually have sonic canes that give off different beeps depending on the location of an object but they’re quite expensive as I recall. I’m a hermit so don’t go out much anyway and part of that is, there’s nowhere to really walk around here.

                when I lived in the Akron area, I could walk to good will, take a stroll to the bar, go see my therapist, go to the bar, go visit friends, go to the bar, oops, well, you get the point. There were sidewalks all around.

                I hope you’re doing well my friend.

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                • Yes, I was telling my daughter about you getting a bit turned around and how nobody even asked if you needed help. Then, after a pause, I said I wondered if I would have noticed, either. For, like the rest of the world, I am often lost in my own little world, paying little attention to those around me.

                  Ha ha … yes, I get the point … you went to the bar quite often back in those days!

                  Yes, I’m doing okay … not sleeping much these days, so I’m tired and cranky, but otherwise fine. Take care, my friend. Hugs

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    • It would seem that they are taught to ‘shoot first and ask questions later’, so I suppose it’s lucky they didn’t shoot the Black men and a teen who were in the house! This is why there is such a hue and cry for police reform. They need to be trained to assess the situation and ask questions, rather than automatically going for the most extreme response to a situation. Oh, my! Your story of the Karen in San Antonio is so typical, and yet so utterly ridiculous! Do these people have nothing better to do than mind other people’s business??? More often than not, I am ashamed to be a member of the human species, but I think I’d prefer to be a wolf than a cat.

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        • Oh trust me, I will always be kind to cats … and every other critter I might run across! Heck, I don’t even kill spiders unless I just have to! I typically lure them onto a piece of paper and release them outside. Perhaps a wolf and a cat can even become friends … you think?

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  5. You know I am astounded by all the above, not in a good way. Trump is Trump and will be till he dies. The only thing that can be done about him is throw him in prison until he does. An 8 year-old boy should know better than to pee in inappropriate places, so somebody put him up to it. That person may have had ulterior motives in doing so. But religious fanatics are fanatics in many many ways, and they get pissed off over what they see as grievous slights against their sacred paraphernalia, especially ancient books. It is time for them to lighten up and just be people. What the hell is so special that they want to commit murder over a little boy being a little boy. Don’t they remember the fifth commandment of their sacred text, Thou shalt not kill? Oh, it”s okay if the killee is from a different religion, I guess.
    But, please, Jill, do not join in the stupid social practice of using people”s names to define certain types of assholes, victims, or other characteristic-based commonalities, or, at the very least, don’t put a capital letter on it. That is just so crude, not to mention totally cruel. That practice is abhorrent!

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  6. Jill, guilty of being black in America is too common a reason for a call to the police, it is too common a reason a police shooting occurs when it is unneeded, it is too common a reason to arrest someone or barge into their house. As a white man, I can empathize, but it is nigh impossible for me to be able to walk in a black male’s shoes and know what it is like. Keith

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