Good People Doing Good Things — Super Kids!

Just two ‘good people’ today, but they are small fry with huge hearts!

Let’s start today’s good people with a small, very cool young person. His name is Rowyn Montgomery, he is all of seven years old, and lives in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Young Rowyn … this kid is gonna knock your socks off … he’s smart, he’s compassionate, he’s got more sense than a great number of adults I know.  And he’s even got his own YouTube channel, “Rollin’ with Rowyn“.

Rowyn first came up with the idea of making inspirational videos after being bullied himself.  Says Rowyn …

“When I make videos, it makes me feel happy that other people can watch them and feel happy. If they’re getting picked on or if they’re shy or something, they can watch the videos.”

Take a look at this one …

Rowyn’s mother, Michelle, helps him post videos to his YouTube channel …

“He’s so funny. He’s an old soul. You can talk to him about such deep things.”

Just watching his videos, I have no trouble believing that!  This kid is going places, and he’s going to do it with kindness and by helping others.  Check out just one more short one …

I laughed at the part where he threw his hands up and said, “God knows how many grades there’s gonna be …”

Rowyn will start second grade this fall, and hopes to follow in his mom’s footsteps when he grows up. She currently works in the behavioral health field as a case manager and helps people with mental illness.

Orion Jean is just ten years old, lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and last year, when he was a fifth-grader, he was the winner of the National Kindness Speech Contest.  Orion wrote, practiced, and gave this 90-second speech all within 24 hours, for that was all the notice he had.  Take a look at his 90-second speech …

Orion received over 2,800 votes in the contest, and the prize was $500 … a lot of money for a then-nine-year-old kid!  But, Orion didn’t buy himself a new bicycle or anything else with his prize money.  Instead, he put his money where his mouth was, for Orion didn’t just write and speak about kindness, he IS a kind young man who wanted to do something for others.

He decided to start by donating toys to sick kids at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. “These kids are my age, and they’re just kids like me,” he recalls thinking before he launched a drive for five hundred toys in August 2020. Jean’s parents had helped him set up social media pages, and he filmed videos about the toy drive for them to post on his behalf. Donations began streaming in, and he collected and donated 619 toys to the hospital in only a month.

An avid reader, Jean says he saw a statistic stating that two out of three kids living in poverty have no books of their own. He decided to collect 500,000 books for disadvantaged children. So far, he has gathered some 120,000 books and hopes to have the rest by the end of August.

“Kindness is a virtue we can all possess. If we are willing to. So why not start today. Because right now, it’s what we need more than ever.”

Ain’t it the truth!

Orion Jean has done even more, and you can read more about him and learn how you can help, in an article from last month in Texas Monthly.

These two young men are inspiring to all, I think.  If these guys are our future, then perhaps there is hope for humanity after all!

20 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — Super Kids!

  1. Enter your comment here…Gosh, those two kids, cute, intelligent, great talking skills, I just wonder How can they be real? It must be an American thing, we would never ‘produce’ something like that. Nor would we a Greta Thunberg

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    • I know … I was just amazed by both of these little guys! My hope is that there are thousands more out there just like these two and we can actually have hope for the future of our world. No, my friend, I’m pretty sure it’s not “an American thing” for we seem to be breeding idiots over here! I just think these two kids had parents who took their jobs seriously and began teaching them from day #1.

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  2. Superb examples of and to a new generation. Putting someone else first is a virtue we should all share yet for some it seems an impossible task. These children show a maturity beyond their years.

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    • I just fell in love with both of these little guys and wanted to give them a big hug! I hope there are thousands more like them out there! They, then, are the hope for the future of the world, along with people like Greta Thunberg.

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    • Impressive, aren’t they? I suspect that for kids to be this way, they likely had some pretty great parents, too. They are our future … we must nourish and protect them! xx


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