Oh Da Snark … Try Watching Grass Grow!

It seems I keep finding things to snark about.  I have tried to clear my mind of the detritus, tried lying in the yard watching the grass grow to find some peace of mind, but some of the blades of grass began looking like politicians after a while.  I threw myself into housework … for all of ten minutes … and then I was tired, so I went back to reading the news.  So, letting loose the snark here on ye olde blog seems to be the only way to evict it from my head!

Punished for doing the right thing

Okay, my friends … I’m going there again … ‘there’ being the place I try very hard to stay away from:  religion.  Well, not religion per se, but rather certain religious ‘leaders’ who have flown repeatedly onto my radar, almost as if they are begging me to swat them down.  Sigh.  I really don’t like delving into the realm, for I understand that in this area, I am a minority and my views have little or no value to the majority.  However …

Greg Locke, pastor of the Global Vision Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee, is not a nice man.  He has floated across my radar numerous times, but until recently I swished him away, pooh-poohed him as just another foolish evangelical.  Until recently, that is, when he actually had the unmitigated gall to tell his congregation that if they wore a mask, they would be thrown out of church!

“If you start showing up [with] all these masks and all this nonsense, I will ask you to leave. I am not playing these Democrat games up in this church.”

‘Democrat games???’  Who’s playing games now, Greg?  What’s next for Mr. Locke?  Will he throw out parishioners who have been vaccinated?  What about those who eat healthy and exercise regularly … are they to be given the boot?  Folks, this is not about whether one chooses to believe in a higher being or not … this is about life and death, about personal choices, about our health.  Mr. Locke has just mandated that his congregation must engage in dangerous, life-threatening behaviour in order to have the dubious ‘privilege’ of hearing him opine on that of which he is proven ignorant.

This isn’t Locke’s first foray into the unconscionable.  Previously he insisted President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected and claimed only “crack-smoking” leftists would think he beat Donald Trump to the White House.  He has falsely accused the State of Tennessee of building ‘quarantine camps’ to house the unvaccinated, and last September he published a book titled, This Means War: We Will Not Surrender Through Silence (Pastor Greg Locke: Spiritual Warfare Series).

What a joke he is … I wonder how many people will die because they listened to him?

And on the subject of masks …

Do you ever look around, read the news, and just wonder if the whole damn world has lost its collective marbles???

On Tuesday night, a meeting of the school board was held in Williamson County, Tennessee, the wealthiest in the state and one of the 20 wealthiest counties in the country.  The purpose of the meeting was to decided whether or not there would be a mask mandate in place when children return to school next week.  Unlike some other states, there is no ban on mask mandates in Tennessee and the decision is left up to each school district.

The meeting was so chaotic that it ended up taking four hours to decide that yes, they would mandate masks for teachers and students at the elementary school level.  Masks will be optional at the junior high and high school levels where most students are over 12 years of age and thus eligible for vaccination.  Angry parents showed up, almost none wearing a mask, and frequently disrupted the meeting, expressing their fury that their child might be ordered to wear a mask.  One person became so violent that he had to be escorted out by county deputies.

But it was what came afterward that makes me think our nation is devolving into something cruel and inhumane.  As the meeting broke up, hundreds of protestors were waiting outside.  The meeting had included health care professionals who attested to the value of wearing a mask during this time when the Delta variant of the coronavirus is running rampant.  Upon leaving the building, the health care professionals were surrounded by protestors chanting and issuing threats such as “We know who you are,” and “We will find you.”

If this is what it means to be an American, then I want no part of it!  These people are loons!  Doctors and nurses, trying to keep the children of these loons safe and alive, are threatened for doing so.  PEOPLE!  WAKE UP!  This is not how rational human beings behave!!!  Or is it?  Are people completely losing the ability to disagree in a civilized manner?

Something to ponder

Our friend Jerry, aka Grumpy1180, left a comment on my post about Andrew Cuomo’s resignation that I found very astute …

I’ve had several epiphanies since leaving the Republican Party. Here’s one of them: When a Republican “leader” gets caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar–or his or her pants down, or choose your cliche–Republican followers turn on the accusers, the law enforcers, the court system, the media, and anyone else who would dare to question the integrity of their hero. They side with the person over the principle. When a Democrat leader gets caught violating a law or an important social norm, Democrat voters say, essentially, “Sorry, _____. I liked you, but principles come first. Time for you to move on and be replaced by someone who understands the importance of upholding crucial, society-sustaining principles.”

Think about that for a minute … he’s right!  Did you hear a single Republican call for Trump’s resignation in light of his many proven sexual harassment accusations, his lies, his corruption?  He even admitted to some of them, yet not a whisper was heard from Republicans in or out of Congress.  When confirmation hearings were being held for Brett Kavanaugh to occupy a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, and a highly credible woman accused him of sexual assault, who did Republicans turn on?  The woman, not Kavanaugh.  And more recently … have you heard a single Republican call for Representative Matt Gaetz, who is being investigated on sex trafficking charges, to step down?

Think about it … which party has shown integrity?  Jerry is right … it damn sure ain’t the Republican Party!

39 thoughts on “Oh Da Snark … Try Watching Grass Grow!

  1. Since when have Americans become so contentious over such a non-issue. I’m all for freedom of choice. For those who want to wear masks… wear them, those who don’t… don’t. But don’t dictate what everyone should do just b/c one has the power to do so… hear that DeSantis?
    Wear 10 masks or put a plastic bag over ur head if you think that helps. Roll the dice if you feel lucky and forego masks, the choice is yours. What’s so controversial here?
    Ppl are making a damn mountain over a molehill as my granny use to say.

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    • If the choice affected only themselves, I might agree with you. In this case, the spreading of a disease, No. People have to give up self-interest and wear a mask, or stay home and not venture out into public. Once you leave your home, you are a risk, both to yourself (your choice) and to others (not by their choice!) If you do not understand this, I hope you live alone on an island.

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    • Well, for one thing, those who refuse to wear masks are putting others at risk, as well as themselves. If they have a death wish, I won’t mind if they want to jump off a cliff, but they cannot take us with them. With freedom of choice comes a responsibility to choose wisely, to protect others. No, my friend, it’s not a ‘mountain over a molehill’ … to date, 4,348,272 have died worldwide of Covid. To me, that number IS a mountain, not a molehill.

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      • I understand your position and I respect your choice. I’m not anti-mask or anti-vaxx, but I am pro-choice when it comes to sovereignty of citizens making their own informed decisions.
        Think about it, it’s basic human nature. The more the gov’t pressures a certain portion of society to conform, the more resistance and protests ensue going forward.
        All the cajoling and threats will amount to greater stubborn opposition. IMHO, the way to prevail is to educate using unbiased peer-reviewed facts and reason. Sadly all gov’ts are in the pocket of Big Pharma so there’s an inherent conflict of interest, hence the infowar.
        So called facts and statistics amount to little more than propaganda, the real agenda is obscene corporate profits and kickbacks for the politicians. There are dozens of reasons why ppl don’t trust gov’t mandates… money is certainly one of them.
        Also what you call a “mountain” of deaths amount to less than 1/2% of those infected. Over 99.5% of the covid population actually recover fully with natural innate immunity. A large percentage of deaths were attributed to the elderly with comorbidities. We should all dig deeper for the truth and not rely solely on sensationalized news soundbites.

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        • Good discussion. The best example I can think of is smoking indoors. Smoking was eventually restricted which was not enough, then it was banned indoors. Some employers even ban it on their premises. When a choice impacts the health of others, it is a public safety issue. Smokers were perturbed, but they knew the risks they put on others and went along with it begrudgingly. Keith

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        • Well, as someone commented on another post, does this mean people should be able to forego seatbelts, or perhaps better yet, drive on the wrong side of the road because … “it’s my right”? And as for that death toll … I think nearly 650,000 in just over a year is a lot. I think perhaps you would look at it differently if you lost a loved one to Covid. I’m an elderly person with a heart condition, Type I diabetes, and other issues, so are you saying that if I had caught Covid and died, “Oh well … she was old anyway”? As I said, perhaps it has to hit someone you love before it hits home.

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          • Sorry Jill, I didn’t mean to imply that lives of the elderly don’t matter, every life is precious. What bothers me is the disingenuous manipulation of gov’t data & statistics to create a misleading narrative. If you dig deeper, most elderly did NOT die from the virus, they died from pre-existing conditions that had nothing to do with Covid, yet statisticians lumped them all together so the news seem more tragic. This way the gov’t along with Big Pharma can push for vaccines.
            Yes it’s true, I’m fortunate that nobody I know has succumb to Covid, yet I personally know of 6 close friends, a family member who suffer from vaccine injury and had to be hospitalized. Sadly the news & social media are suppressing real data, and covering up the real story. Research A.D.E (antibody dependent enhancement), viral shedding and thrombosis. Scary stuff, try to keep an open mind.
            Here’s an update today on vaccine damage:


    • The most certainly have politicized it. It’s no longer about people … it’s about presumptive rights of people to be stupid, it’s about money and the economy, it’s about almost everything except what matters most … lives. The economy isn’t going to matter one damn bit if people aren’t alive to benefit from it. I really believe that our society has its priorities seriously skewed. Profit over people. Sigh.

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  2. I am genuinely worried for those children. If you get that angry over your child wearing a mask to protect themselves AND yourselves. That you threaten health professional trying to PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES. Those children need to be taken off of those parent, quickly.

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  3. Y’see here is the problem.
    If you are concerned about Covid and taken action to stop its spread then you are either a socialist, a paid shill, or someone who had succumbed to propaganda.
    If you are concerned out the Environment…..ditto, ditto, ditto.
    In short Covid and Environment have become politicised. To belong to MAGA, Puerile Boys. Nazis, KKK or the maverick independent Evangelicals is to embrace denial of these global events.
    Here in the UK their apologists tend to take torn apart on social media.
    Sorry they’ve got traction in the USA; some folk just could not accept that they could not impeach Bill Clinton or that an African-American was voted President not just once but twice by a majority.
    Don’t be surprised by their antics; just worried. The whole thing is painfully predictable.

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  4. Jill, I recognize that ministers do not have the same Hippocratic oath that doctors have, but “do no harm” keeps ringing in my ear. To err on the side of caution in a huge community health issue is being lampooned by a minister, truly is beyond poor stewardship. And, sadly members of the congregation believe this BS. As

    As you know, I detest bigotry from the pulpit, as I think it is a gross violation of a minster’s role as a leader. This is is right up there as it is placing people in danger. There is a rule that is being flouted here that churches are not supposed to be political to preserve their tax break. Now, that may have changed in the last few years, but the original point is well taken.

    Churches are in a bad way in the US with membership decline. This is part of the reason. Keith

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    • PS – As for Jerry’s comment, there was one notable exception to his assertion about politicians with sexual misconduct. At the time, Bill Clinton got too much of a hall pass from Democrats. He was impeached for lying under oath, but his serial infidelity avoided scrutiny. What did amaze me is his wife stood by her man and got vilified by the right for doing what they would advocate in church settings. Setting this aside, Jerry’s assertion is more right than wrong. The previous president was accused by two dozen women of sexual assault and a story of one if his most serious infidelity was buried by the National Enquirer. Keith

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      • Ahhhhh … that’s a good point, and frankly I was one who felt Clinton should not be removed from office. In part, my feeling was that Ms. Lewinski was a willing partner, hoped to use her sex as leverage to step up in the political world. Still, you are right, the Democratic Party did not ostracize or call for his resignation. Thanks for the reminder!

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    • Perhaps it’s time that church pastors should have to take an oath to “Do no harm” as doctors do! They, too, sometimes hold the very lives of their congregations in their hands. Should not those hands at least be clean? My feelings are that we should always err on the side of caution. I’ve always like that saying, “Out of an abundance of caution …” And yet, today there are those like Mr. Locke who not only are failing to be cautious, but are pushing their flock in front of a speeding train!

      I think that if churches are going to make political statements, they MUST lose their tax-exempt status. And churches that use the donations of their congregation to support a political candidate, regardless of party, should have to pay back taxes for at least the past five years, for that is simply unconscionable. So many poor people in the world needing help, but they would waste their donations on a politician who likely already has millions.

      Yes, Mr. Locke and his ilk are a big part of the reason churches are losing their appeal for many.

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      • Jill, the first sign of someone saying the “other” is making something political is to accuse them of making it political. Take it to the bank. This all circles back to the former president’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, he did do a couple of good things, but his naysaying, hoax calling, endangering people and controlling the messaging all point to his failure to lead. It is part of the great white washing effort to paint over all the Trump graffiti. Keith

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  5. The world keeps getting crazier and crazier. In most cases in a normal world, I will defend individuals against systems, but in the cases you snark about today, the systems are in the right and the individuals need to realize that. When people would rather they and their loved ones (Do they really love anyone at all? Not if they are willing to sacrifice them for stupidity, IMO!) die rather than protecting as many people as they can, mobthink has taken over. And mobs do not think, they just act, stupidly.
    The Republicans! They are above the law. They do not have to obey even the laws they make for everyone else. Wealth doth have its privileges, after all. The Old Boy”s Club is alive and well and dominating the Republican Party. How do they even get to be a political Party? They no longer know how to govern “for the people!” They only know how to protect their own asse(t)s. Surely there is a way to impeach the Republican Party as a whole? It does not deserve it’s existence in the political arena!

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    • Sometimes the individual is right and the system is wrong, but not always. The system, you must remember, is created by and staffed by individuals. I think they likely get more right than they get wrong. But yes, these are cases where individuals are carrying their “rights” way too far and forgetting that with rights come responsibilities. Forget the responsibility, lose the right … it’s that simple.

      Sorry, but nope … there is no way to impeach an entire party! Would that there were!

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  6. Yes, reading stuff like this after that uplifting post about GOOD KIDS puts a damper on any optimism for How Great American People Are…
    But what I meant to say (on that other post) was that in our country we don’t ‘influence/form’ our children in such ways that they form opinions, suggestions, advice in SUCH a strong and convinced fashion. To me as an outsider it looks a bit like a maybe too strong influence, which of course, can go either way, as we see in this and your other ‘snarky’ post. If just leaves me rather confused instead of inspired. It really must be a country/continental rather than just human perception.
    We also say: Gegen Dummheit ist kein Kraut gewachsen. (There is no cure to stupidity). I too would despair over these people. Are they trying to eradicate their own states?

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    • Sadly, the world is a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and to view only one side would not give us the whole picture. But, keep in mind that those kids from Wednesday’s post are the hope for our future … they ARE our future. But first, we must get through our present.

      Hmmmmm … I’m not so sure about that … I think it likely that there are some parents in all countries, even in the Middle East, even in very poor countries, who try to raise their children to be compassionate people.

      You’re so right that there is no cure for stupidity, but … there is a prevention for it. It’s called early childhood education. Children are far more likely to think for themselves if they are exposed to a multitude of ideas and thoughts … the earlier the better!

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  7. It no longer strikes me as strange that a Pastor takes a political stance and in doing so puts the health of his congregation at risk. There were plenty when the virus first started who called for full church services to be resumed flying in the face of medical advice that this was a perfect way for the virus to be passed on. It would be difficult to count how many lives have been lost that way. They appoint themselves G*d instead of just the keeper of his/her house/
    The people who would threated teachers with implied threats of harm are not loons, they are criminals. Not just for the threats they make but also by putting their children in danger. The CDC offers guidelines that teachers use to make decisions as to the care of their charges. They are trying to ensure the children come to no harm. If the parents object to their child being kept safe at school they should arrange for home schooling until the crisis is over. That is their option but they have no right to risk the lives of other children by ignoring safety protocols put in place for safety’s sake.
    Given the evidence against Trump and the fact he seems proud of his actions with sexual harassment, for him still to have the support of so many people says very little about their morals. That same lack of morals is visible in the case of Matt Gaetz who transports a minor across State lines for sex. Given that accusations of sexual misconduct brings calls for a Democratic Governor to resign, which he does and some of those calls come from Republicans where were the same calls for Republican leaders to resign? In the case of Brett Cavanaugh, it seems he was never adequately investigated by the FBI prior to being seated as a Supreme Court judge. It almost seems he wasn’t investigated at all despite a credible accusation against him. It’s not too late to correct that error and impeach him, .and maybe remove the head of the FBI for failing to ensure someone who is placed in a job which affects the People of the US is worthy of the position.

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    • As Keith points out, churches are losing members of their congregations, and pastors like Locke are a large part of the reason. Yes, the churches demanded that they be considered “essential” in the early days when only essential businesses were to be open, and that led to … who knows how many cases of Covid, how many deaths? It becomes obvious that the pastors of some of these churches are more concerned with profit than their ‘flock’.

      I fully agree with you … parents who don’t want their children to follow safety guidelines and protocols in school should homeschool their children. Only problem with that is that … well, do we really want such ignorant parents educating the next generation?

      It is one of life’s great mysteries that ANYONE, let alone any woman, can still follow Trump. As a woman, I despise this man for the way he views and treats women, not to mention everything else I despise him for! As for Matt Gaetz … stay tuned! It seems he may be about to get his just rewards, for his partner/friend has turned over much evidence of his criminal activities, from what I read earlier today. I will watch his political demise with great joy! And Kavanaugh … you’re right … he was never fully investigated, thanks to Trump’s meddling into the affairs of the FBI, and what data was found was swept under the carpet. His day may yet come, but I’m not holding my breath. Sigh.


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