Monster Mish-Mash

Since I was not able to do a music post this morning, I am instead sharing our friend David’s Saturday music treats! He’s done a great mix today, one that will brighten your day and give you something to sing about! Thanks, David!


Or, where my mind takes me. And for a start it takes me back to an old favourite straight away. Let’s slip back to 1973.

Dobie Grey- Drift Away.

Back to 1968 now and a truly unusual record.

Sly and the family Stone – Everyday People

1985 next finds one of my favourite groups outside Motown in action.

Commodores- Nightshift

I’m getting almost modern now with a single from 1978. Bob Segar is a World Class writer and performer. Here he is with his Silver Bullet Band.

Bob Segar- Hollywood Nights

Finally, from 1985 I bring you a man whom some say the word conceited was written. Well, judging by some of his partners I’d say he has every right. But, and this is the important bit. He’s hugely talented and this single was what blew me away when I first heard it. Simply Red with Holding Back the Years…

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