Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets Once Again

I’m still struggling to get back above the weather, but I’m determined to get this blog back on track!  Therefore tonight I have only 2 snippets – one short one and one slightly longer one.  And then, I tell you what … I’ll throw in a cartoon or two to leave you with a bit of political humour, if there can be said to still be such a thing.

Thumbs up to …

U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason who threw out the permits for a controversial oil project planned for Alaska’s North Slope.  The project was approved under the former administration, but was never popular with environmentalists or the Indigenous community.  Nonetheless, President Biden had allowed the project to continue despite objections from Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland.

Turns out that the environmental impact studies had been sub-par and incomplete, with one report saying that drilling for 160,000 barrels of oil per day, “probably won’t hurt the polar bears.”  Sorry guys, ‘probably’ just isn’t good enough.  Known as the Willow Project, it was owned by ConocoPhillips.  The federal agencies impact statements failed the meet the requirements laid out in two landmark laws, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Environmental Protection Act.

Should ConocoPhillips decide to further pursue their options, they will need to have far more in-depth and conclusive environmental impact studies done, and even then there are no guarantees.  I’m pleased … “Leave it in the ground” is my motto!

Say WHAT???

During the 20 years US forces were in Afghanistan, scores of Afghanis helped them, serving as guides, interpreters, and more. In return, the Biden administration has offered asylum in America to avoid the almost-certain retaliation by the Taliban.  It is only the right thing to do … the humanitarian thing.  We owe them at least this.  He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.  However, as you might guess, the right-wing talk jocks are having a field day proudly parading their racism, their xenophobia.

Tucker, the face pucker, had this to say …

“So, we’re getting it and if history is any guide — and it’s always a guide — we will see many refugees from Afghanistan resettle in our country in coming months, probably in your neighborhood. And over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. So, first we invade, and then we’re invaded. It is always the same.”

Laura Ingraham …

“Is it really our responsibility to welcome thousands of potentially unvetted refugees from Afghanistan?”

And comments by others from Fox, OAN, Infowars, Breitbart and more …

  • “The collapse of Afghanistan will now send, it’s estimated, 5 million Afghan refugees into Europe and the traitorous Pentagon leadership has already sent out an order to prepare for hundreds of thousand of Afghan refugees to be brought to Texas.”
  • “Biden Accepts 30,000 Afghan Refugees, Exacerbating Open Border Policies.”
  • “The US has allies and bases throughout the Middle East. There is no need to airlift tens of thousands of unvetted refugees all the way to the homeland. It would be a national security disaster waiting to happen.”
  • “No, the United States should not welcome an unchecked flood of young fighting age Afghan men into our country. This should not even need to be said. It would be a grotesque and suicidal policy. Which is why I’m sure it will be put in place.”

And good ol’ Nazi Steven Miller, a prior advisor to the former guy on such things as immigration …

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Biden & his radical deputies will use their catastrophic debacle in Afghanistan as a pretext for doing to America what Angela Merkel did to Germany & Europe.”

But somewhere in my reading I saw one comment from a ‘news’ commentator that really set my teeth on edge.  I cannot quote is, for I haven’t yet been able to find it again, but he or she said that Afghani refugees should not be allowed to enter this country because, “They don’t even look like us.”

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  What a big heart these jerks have, yes?

Now, I get that many in the media, particularly the right wing, faux ‘news’ networks, are not the brightest bulbs in the pack, not the most educated or understanding of world affairs.  But … BUT … I do expect better of our members of Congress.  I was appalled at the ruthlessness, the heartlessness of sixteen Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted against a bill to make it easier for Afghans who assisted the U.S. military to relocate to the U.S. The Averting Loss of Life and Injury by Expediting SIVs Act (ALLIES) Act was approved in the House by a 407-16 vote on July 22. I expect better of our elected officials.  Here are the sixteen — remember their names:

  • Andy Biggs of Arizona
  • Lauren Boebert of Colorado
  • Mo Brooks of Alabama
  • Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee
  • Jeff Duncan of South Carolina
  • Bob Good of Virginia
  • Paul Gosar of Arizona
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  • Kevin Hern of Oklahoma
  • Jody Hice of Georgia
  • Thomas Massie of Kentucky
  • Barry Moore of Alabama
  • Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
  • Bill Posey of Florida
  • Matt Rosendale of Montana
  • Chip Roy of Texas

Way to go you 16 … way to show that there is not a shred of humanity in you, that you care not one whit what happens to people who have helped keep our military alive, and I damn sure don’t trust you in a position making decisions that potentially affect MY life, either!

And the promised cartoons …

29 thoughts on “Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets Once Again

  1. If that asshole Tucker thinks the formula is first invade than be invaded then plesase stop invading. Do all tghese freaks think tghatg the military can move in without some kind of support from guides, translators and other people. Perfectly natural given that you weren’t at war with them, but, knowing the taint of cooperation could cost them their lives surely you’d want them safe?
    I could have named half those happy toio deny a place to the ASfghanis. Future allies may well remember this.

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    • Tucker (and the rest of the freaks) live in an insular world, wearing blinders, where they understand virtually nothing of how the world works beyond their own backyard. And yes, future allies would do well to remember this … the U.S. is not a very trustworthy ally in my view.

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  2. The White House Covid-19 Response Team earlier announced they are preparing to offer booster shots for all Americans beginning the week of September 20 and starting 8 months after an individual’s second dose.

    Those who were fully vaccinated earliest, including many health care providers, nursing home residents and other seniors, will likely be eligible for a booster shot first.


      • If you watched the clip, Biden mentioned the US donated 600 million doses to poorer nations in an effort to contain the pandemic. He’s recommending boosters to all medical personnel, first responders, front line workers and elderly first, then everyone else who had the 2nd shot from Pfizer or Moderna at least 8 months ago. This program to be administered in an orderly fashion. Younger children under 12 are not eligible until December. Sounds reasonable to me.


        • Money doesn’t matter if there’s a shortage of supply. Even relatively wealthy countries such as mine are only in the early stages of vaccine rollout as the the wealthiest and largest nations are able to negotiate priority supply contracts with manufacturers. Smaller and poorer nations have little option other than wait their turn. I’d rather ensure everyone who wants to be vaccinated get at least one shot before third shots are handed out.

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          • Sir, you are a true humanitarian, and i concur. Personally i’ll donate my 1st, 2nd and subsequent booster shots to whomever wants them, anywhere in the world.
            Reminds me of when i was a kid and my mum would lecture: finish your food young lady, do you know how many ppl are starving in the world?
            OK great, why don’t you FedEx my leftovers, i’m more than happy to help out! 😉


  3. Jill, drilling in Alaska heightens the risk of error of an already risky process. But, starting with faulty research does not help. This decision may help more than just the concerns of environmentalists.

    As for the Laura Tucker IngraCarlson consolidated voice of misinformation, I don’t place much creedence in what they have to say. In fact, as with the most recent former president, if they say it, my first inclination is to believe the opposite. Keith

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    • Agreed. I hope that project never sees the light of day!

      No, I place zero credence in what they have to say, but unfortunately there are far too many who hang on their every word and believe the garbage they spew. Therein lies the danger. It’s why we still have some 40% of this country unvaccinated, why people are suing over mask mandates and beating up teachers. What a mess.


      • Jill, I was in my doctor’s office this week. Everyone was masked, including me. The signs on the wall spoke of the need to be masked (they are part of a large hospital system) and they even showed how. We have spoken about the Hippocratic oath of “do no harm.” People who are so sure that not being vaccinated and not wearing masks are doing harm, because they are endangering other people. My answer is to check with your doctor and not listen to a politician, a talk show host, or social media influencer. That is the best advice we can give anyone. Keith


  4. Nasty ‘toons. Made me smile.
    I’m surprised there were only 16 nay-sayers. A bill like this would normally (of late) garner only a few Republucan “Yays.” What”s happening to the Republican Wall? Are they scared of looking inhumane?
    And scratch one up for the polar bears, and other inhabitants of Alaska. But I wish that judge had not given them a second kick at the oil wells! They won’t do another study, they’ll “probably” just delete the word “probably” from the first report and re-submit it.
    What exactly is it that has you down in the dumps, Jill? Nothing too serious, I hope.

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    • No, they likely only knew they would lose if they bucked it, for they do not have a majority, and they thought it was an easy way to look like a good guy for a change.

      No, they won’t get by with making cosmetic changes … I don’t think that project will ever see the light of day. They will have to have a full environmental impact study, and most environmentalists say any such study will doom the project.

      Nothing to worry about … not feeling well, plus the partisan games. I’ll bounce back.


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