On Women’s Rights And The ERA

Women’s rights … it has taken us centuries to have the right to own property, to marry who we choose, to divorce him if it doesn’t work out, to VOTE, to earn equal pay for equal work, to have the right to make our own decisions in matters pertaining to our bodies.  What may have taken centuries to build, has taken very little time to destroy.  Two cases caught my eye in the news yesterday.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has ruled that Texas may prohibit a common second-trimester abortion procedure.  Isn’t it funny that people claim they have control over their body when it comes to getting vaccinated or wearing masks, but when it comes to we women having control over our body for something as life-changing as pregnancy, the Courts will decide what we can or cannot do?  I think, in order to avoid being seen as sexist, or a double standard, the Courts should immediately order every person over the age of 12 to be vaccinated!

Out in California, one of the most progressive states in the union, Larry Elder is one of the candidates hoping to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom next month.  Elder is, apparently, a misogynist, or as we used to call them, a male chauvinist pig.  It is illegal to ask a female employee when or if she plans to become pregnant.  Mr. Elder, however, sees no reason for that law.  He says …

“Are there legitimate business reasons for a venture capitalist to ask a female entrepreneur whether & when she intends to have children? Hell, yes. I’m not quite sure why it’s the govt’s business to intrude on it.”

What a guy, eh?  Now, seems to me that if he supports asking women that question, it would also be only fair to ask male employees and applicants when and if they plan to sire a child, and how many?

Why do we have to keep fighting the same old battles?  The U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1787, yet it would be 133 years later, in 1920, before the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, ensuring women the right to vote.  And it would be 1984 before the State of Mississippi finally ratified the 19th Amendment, granting women in that state the right to vote.

In 1973, the Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade makes abortion legal.  And ever since, religious groups have been trying to get it overturned.  This isn’t about, as they will try to tell you, “right to life”, for the proponents in favour of overturning Roe don’t care about life.  They largely support the death penalty, they hunt to kill, most own guns … no, it isn’t about the right to life, it is about controlling women, it is about taking back women’s rights.

In 1923 the first version of the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced. It says, “Men and women shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction.”  Today, nearly 100 years later, the Equal Rights Amendment still has not been passed by Congress!!!  Can anybody explain this one to me?

Phyllis Schlafly … you remember that witch, right … campaigned against the ERA saying that the measure would lead to gender-neutral bathrooms, same-sex marriage, and women in military combat, among other things.  😱  Oh horrors!  Every single one of those things came to pass anyway and our nation is a better place because of it!  Take that, Ms. Schlafly!!!

By 1977, only 35 states had ratified the ERA. Though Congress voted to extend the ratification deadline by an additional three years, no new states signed on. Complicating matters further, lawmakers in five states — Nebraska, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky, and South Dakota — voted to rescind their earlier support.

Tell me again that this isn’t very much a man’s world!  We women, in their minds, serve at their pleasure.  Period.

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  2. Too many men are scared to be seen as promoting female equality, because they think their male buddies will not approve. If you are a male, and believe in women”s right,, stand up and declare yourself publicly. (Truly this not even be debatable, human rights are supposed to extend to all human beings, not just the half with penses! )
    I declare myself openly A MALE IN FAVOUR OF WOMEN”S RIGHTS, 100%!


  3. The genders will never be equal, no matter how many rights we women fight for, and won, because, we are, always going to be, biologically, different compared to, men, and yeah, we came, pretty far from the days when women weren’t, allowed to vote, but, we are, still, too, far away, from having, equal rights as, men, I mean, you don’t hear about those business owners complain about how fathers are, taking their time away, from caring for their, sick babies, but when we needed the time off, to tend to our, ill, young children, we don’t, hear the end of it, so, we’re still, too far away, from achieving, complete, and total, gender equality.

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    • I fully agree! But, some cultures are based on male domination and are unlikely, I think, to ever change. However, in the western world, there is absolutely NO excuse for government-supported misogyny.

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  4. Next year I shall expect every female voter to ascertain in advance if their State has plans to ratify ERA , if they haven’t already, and to vote nobody in who doesn’t give a firm promise to fight for it. Whichever side of the divide you’re on you have rights whether you choose to exercise them or not, they’d be there if needed. Husbands support your wives and daughters. Cut loose all the naysayers and dead wood in Congress, especially those who take another man’s shilling to do tgheir bidding even though it might not be what you pay them for. Show them who are the masters.,

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    • Don’t hold your breath on that one. As Keith explained, the GOP base is the evangelicals and even evangelical women won’t stand up for their rights. Their menfolk have them convinced that they are somehow less worthy than men! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I think this is going to become one of my pet causes going forward. This and the anti-lynching bill.

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  5. Jill, the GOP is clinging to its evangelical base which limits the rights of women. I still am amazed by a minister who told a friend of mine that asked for counseling for her domestic violent husband that “if you were a better wife, your husband would not beat you,” She left that church shortly thereafter. Women should not have to put up with such BS. Keith

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    • That is horrible what that pastor said! So sorry for your friend! My Dad is a pastor and he would NEVER say something like that! In fact he helped a woman get away from her abusive husband. That “minister” has it all wrong! And sadly he is far from being the only minister that has it all wrong!

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      • Joy, the story is sadly true and you are right in your assertions. I am delighted to hear your father would never say that. In my reading and volunteer work, I have met many very fine ministers who walk the talk. They are examples by words and deeds. Unfortunately, I am aware pf a smaller handful who do not live up to ideals we need to be in evidence. I do not expect perfection from ministers, but I do wish for them and need for them to be among our better angels. Keith

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    • Yes, apparently the women in the evangelical movement are so subservient that they don’t realize they actually have rights. I have a friend — not even an evangelical — who let’s her husband tell her who to vote for! And I heard of a similar case to the one you mention not long ago where the woman had filed for divorce against an abusive, cheating husband and the minister told her to stop the divorce, go home and be a better wife. I just don’t get it!!!

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      • Jill, what I cannot figure out is women had an important role in keeping Christianity alive when the Romans were persecuting them after Jesus died. And, in today’s times, Christianity is kept alive more because of the mothers, not the fathers, at least it was in my house. And, yet too many accept being second class citizens.

        Very few people know the Christian bible like former president Jimmy Carter. He wrote a sequel to Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn’s book “Half the Sky” called “A Call to Action.” In it, Carter notes that passages are taken out of context to diminish women. The purpose of this book is to speak to the maltreatment of women in the US, where the prequel was on global maltreatment. Keith

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