Pride and Shame.

Our friend David has written a short piece that needs no introduction and that, if you are human, will bring a lump to your throat. Thank you, David.


Many times in my life I’ve been proud of my country. Proud to say I’m from the UK A few times I’ve felt great shame. Today is one of those days where if asked where I’m from, I shall say Wales and hope many people don’t know where that is. For the last few days amid the turmoil that is Kabul, following the departure of the President and the melting away of Afghanistan’s army, I have been watching scenes of Afghanis employed by the various occupying armies trying to get aboard aircraft and head for safety before the Taliban arrived.

President Trump agreed a handover to the Taliban though it’s fallen to Joe Biden to achieve it as peacefully as possible. It’s also been the responsibility of each of the occupying forces to evacuate their men and civilians who have been usdeful to them. The Taliban arrived early and panic…

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5 thoughts on “Pride and Shame.

  1. While I still think Canada is one of the better places to live, still it is far from the best. I have never been proud to be a Canadian, though my words may seem to point that way. Shame, I don’t like that word one little bit. Shame is an opinion caused by not being up to the expectations of others, or at times, even oneself. David”s post could be a powerful one, but, for me, it”s title detracts from its value. This whole situation is not about pride or shame, it is about arrogance and inhumanity.
    The leaders of the occupying countries were arrogant in thinking they could walk in and Afghanistan would suddenly become a democratic society. That was never going to happen, not by show of force. So then they tried to infiltrate the system of Afghanistan, not really by helping women, but by using them, and buying their participation with dreams of freedom and wqualuty. Hell, women in the white democratic nations still do not have fredom of equality except by a degree of comparison to a place like Afghanistan.
    Again, we have to get our own houses in order before we can demonstrate to others we can deliver what we say we want to deliver.
    And right now, we cannot!

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  2. Hello Jill. Heart breaking for sure. I have had to stop watching the coverage of the evacuation. I wish I was smart enough to have the answers needed and powerful enough to get those answers heard. I am neither, but I am safe for now while those people face torture and death. It seems so wrong for countries taht claim such power. Hugs

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