♫ The Everly Brothers — A Brief Tribute ♫

In my current state, it would almost certainly have escaped my notice, but for my dear friend Ellen who sent me an email to let me know that Don Everly, the older of the two Everly Brothers, had just died on Saturday at the age of 84.  He was preceded in death by his brother and musical partner, Phil, who died in 2014, sixteen days before he would have turned 75.

I well remember listening to the Everly Brothers as a child and during my early teen years.  They began writing and recording their own music in 1956, and their first hit song came in 1957, with Bye Bye Love, written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. The song hit #2 in the spring of 1957, and additional hits would follow through 1958, many of them written by the Bryants, including Wake Up Little Susie, All I Have to Do Is Dream, and Problems.  In 1960, they signed with the major label Warner Bros. Records and recorded Cathy’s Clown, written by the brothers themselves, which was their biggest selling single.

The Everly Brothers charted 31 singles on the Hot 100, including three #1s: Wake Up Little Susie, All I Have to Do Is Dream, and Cathy’s Clown. The latter was the first single to top the US and UK charts simultaneously.  The Everly Brothers’ career slumped in their home country in the wake of the British Invasion in 1964. However they retained a faithful following in countries including Canada, Australia and the UK. They scored nine Top 40 hits in the UK between 1963 and 1965, including the self-penned The Price Of Love.

The Everly Brothers ended their partnership in 1973 after a gig on July 14, 1973, at Knotts Berry Farm in California, at which Phil smashed his guitar and stormed off the stage.  Embarking on a solo career, Phil charted three times as a solo artist with the #37 peaking Who’s Gonna Keep Me Warm being his biggest hit. He also had a Top Ten entry in 1983 on the UK singles chart with She Means Nothing To Me, a duet with Cliff Richard. The brothers reunited in 1983, when they appeared at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The concert spawned a well-received live LP and video.

The Everly Brothers were part of the first group of ten artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Rather than a single song and set of lyrics, I shall post a few of their most popular songs as a tribute to a fine duo whose music will live on.

All I Have to do is Dream (1958)  Charted at #1 in both the U.S. and UK

Cathy’s Clown (1960)  Charted at #1 in both the U.S. and UK

Wake Up Little Susie (1957)  Charted at #1 in the U.S. and #2 in the UK

Bye Bye Love (1957)  Charted at #2 in the U.S. and #6 in the UK

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  1. More change, more passing. Have a fondness for their music. Yes, a different era, part of an awakening, a shift. Then the shift left them. They reminded me of other bands and duos who so beautifully harmonized. I drifted to thoughts of the Bee Gees and remembered, only one of them remain now. Then I read today of Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones) and his demise, and learned that Brian Travers of UB40 lost his cancer battle.

    They shared their talents with us. I thank them. Technology and memories keep their sounds alive. Sad to lose these performers. Happy to have memories and technology.

    Hugs and cheers, Michael

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    • Yes, too many are gone and the ones replacing them today simply hold no appeal for me. I was aware of Charlie Watts, but not Brian Travers’ death. As you say, they left us a legacy.

      Hugs ‘n cheers, dear friend!

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  2. The Everlys come from a place in America that is almost disappeared: their simplicity, pureness of voice, country roots, transformation to rocknroll. Their pure musical purity lives on like a candle flame.

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  3. As you now know the first song has a very memorable connection to my “tween” years as do the last two, though to a slightly lesser degree, due to being on the 1959 “The Everly Brothers’ Best” album. I played “All I Have To Do Is Dream” for old times’ sake. The second song was after that album and though I do recall the song quite well, I was not going to listen. Then an unknown something prodded me to do so and I was pleasantly surprised as my mind instantly went back to another memory…though not about the song! The video is of the Everly Brothers on American Bandstand, surely before it went from Philadelphia to California in early 1964 (I think). Be that as it may, the memory is not about that either. The memory is about “America’s Oldest Teenager”, the late and ever great, Dick Clark. Back in early 1994 or thereabouts Dick Clark had given an interview in which one of the questions was what he felt about MTV. In his lengthy answer he said : “Popular music is the soundtrack of our individual lives.” I recall reading the interview that was brought to my attention by a very dear someone, though I no longer recall the original source. I was reminded of that quote by the same someone when Dick Clark died in 2012. It seems that either the quote was shortened or that Clark had said it another form at some unknown point in time : “Music is the soundtrack of your life” – attributed to Dick Clark and often repeated. Take whichever one pleases you most…both are so true! Thank-you for the tribute to the Everly Brothers. It was unexpected and quite possibly a first time for them on your music posts. Thank-you also for both of the lovely walks down memory lane!! WHAK!!

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    • I always love the background stories you bring to my music posts! Thank you! Dick Clark has been dead for almost a decade??? Where has time gone? I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the music, and thank YOU for nudging me in the right direction and for your delightful P for L!!!


  4. I loved them at the time, their music sounded happy even when the lyrics were sad. But now it”s just nostalgia, their records say little about the world of today. I don’t say this meanly, all life is valuable, but I would have traded Don and Phil to keep Jimi and Janis alive, any day of the week. You can castigate me now. I probably deserve it.

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        • You are NOT stupid … stubborn sometimes, but never stupid. And frankly, I’m just not up to castigating you and an ensuing battle of wills at the moment. It was a music post, for Pete’s sake, not a deeply philosophical post. We each like what we like.


      • Here most things are like in the past. So, these songs are perfectly meeting the situation. Lol With around 2700 citizens we only have one FastFoodShop, since some month the first vending machine, but a three majors and a perfectly organized municipal administration, with 12 office workers. These cost us 1 million euros in personnel costs per year, and another 1 million euros for consumables, heating, lighting, etc.

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        • Wow … I’m trying to picture this little town, but can’t really. It sounds that your municipal administration is costing an awful lot of money! Only one fast food shop, but you do have a regular grocery store, yes? xx


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