Let There Be Consequences

Y’know … some mornings I wake up and wonder what alternative world I have stumbled into.  Nothing is as it once seemed, norms that I’ve known for some 7 decades have been shattered, replaced by utter stupidity and conspiracy theories, and I am not sure how to cope with this not-so-brave new world.  It’s tempting to simply stay in bed surrounded by books, disconnect from the rest of the world, and never come out of my cocoon.  In the past, I have mocked people for doing just that, but now … I understand.  When it seems we have absolutely zero control over what is happening in the world, when the minority are paving the way to chaos while the majority sit quietly on the sidelines wringing their hands, I wonder just how much longer this nation can survive.

I did manage to find one sign that there is still a bit of sanity left in this country …

Remember in the days and weeks immediately following last year’s election when the former guy refused to acknowledge that he could possibly have lost?  He had countless lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits attempting to get courts to overturn the election results without so much as a single shred of evidence that the results, by which President Biden won by more than 7 million votes, were anything but legitimate.  The court cases dragged on, costing more and more money, each one thrown out for lack of credible evidence.

I wondered at the time why any self-respecting attorney who had worked hard to get to this point in his/her career would associate with the likes of the former guy, a known con artist and liar.  I think the key word there is ‘self-respecting’ … the attorneys who filed these cases were not serious about their career in law, but rather wanted to make a name for themselves, sought to trail in the spotlight that seemed to be constantly on the former guy.  Fame & fortune?

And now, those same attorneys who will never again be trusted by honest people are being sent back to school!  Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker imposed sanctions on Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and seven other pro-Trump lawyers in a strongly worded denouncement of what the court called a frivolous election fraud lawsuit, saying they “filed this lawsuit in bad faith and for improper purpose.” That’s an understatement if ever I’ve heard one, but okay.

As part of the sanctions, the attorneys must take legal education classes and also reimburse attorneys’ fees that the city of Detroit and Michigan state officials paid in seeking the sanctions.  I hope the next step is disbarment, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.  This ruling was over one case in Michigan … dozens of frivolous suits were filed late last year … if every single one comes before a conscionable judge and more sanctions are heaped on, then perhaps we can rid the public of yet another clump of human trash.

31 thoughts on “Let There Be Consequences

  1. Whereas the MAGA grouping will squeal Konspire-ree-seee and rush away from their on-line porn sites to rattle off another long and generally incomprehensible diatribe for followers whose comments are limited to one line tropes and obscenities. Another set of forces move on in an effort to bring this fanatical civil version of fundamentalism under control.
    To see in your reply to Keith that a voting machine company is bringing a civil action gladdens my heart that one facet of the American system is alive and well…..’We’ll see you in court a-hole’

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  2. This new, quickly changing American society is one you wish you could walk away from. We are not done with trump and his lackeys. The congressional Jan 6 investigation will be like another impeachment trial. Accountability is another word bandied about. Certainly these are interesting times, but they are not easy ones.

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  4. Jill, this sanction 0n the nine Trump attorneys is well-justified. Paying court costs for Detroit and Michigan is appropriate for the frivolous nature of the former president’s claims. It is also good to see Giuliani’s law license be suspended in DC as well as New York along with his other court troubles. When people fly to close to the Trump sun, they usually get burned. Keith

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    • Agreed, but I’d still like to see them all disbarred. Of course at least two that I’m aware of are facing a huge lawsuit by Dominion Voting Machines, so perhaps that will take a bit more of the wind out of their sails. Yes, Giuliani is apparently ‘persona-non-grata’ in most circles now, including the Trump inner circle. You make your bed, you lie in it, as my grandma used to say.

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  5. I very much regret you’re unlikely to start ridding yourself of these clumps oof human trash as long as they have the current political Supreme Court to appeal to. Good Heavens, if you were to have your way in this it could even lead to Judges being sent back to law school to learn what bipartisan means and maybe while they’re at bit, what equal sentencing for ther same offence regardless of the colour of the accused is. One little extra, when the Attorney General of South Dakota runs over and kills a pedestrian and the pedestrians glasses end up inside the Attorney Generals car, wouldn’t you expect the Attorney Gedneral to be given a blood test for alcohol sometime before 15 hours has passed? How can you mow someone down, claim you thought you hit a glasses wearing deer and end up with 3 misdemeanor charges which result in pathetic fines? Small change for a life?

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    • You make a good point. Everything I’ve heard come out of the Supreme Court for the past week or two tells me they are somehow bound to Trump. Forget justice, forget honesty & integrity, forget the human equation … just lick Trump’s boots. WHY???? Yes, I read about the AG of SD in the piece you sent me earlier, then saw it again in the WaPo. Second time for something similar … remember the guy who drove some 20 miles with a motorcycle on his grill and said he didn’t think he had hit a motorcycle? A lot of immunity if you’re a big shot, apparently. Our lives mean less than nothing.

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  6. It”s something, but no one, especially the head orange cheese, has yet to be charged with a crime. Sending lawyers back to law school, if they even go, is less than a drop in the ocean. Will there be a second drop somewhere, and a third? We can hope, but unless grass roots people voice their concerns, as loudly as possible, the courts and justice system are going to continue to do nothing. The only winners will be the lawyers. (I am references only the lawsuits here, but I am waiting for big names to fall, no matter the reason!)

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