Guns And COVID — Both Murder Weapons

If I owned a retail establishment (a ‘store’, for any Republicans who might be reading), I would be well within my rights to impose and enforce a ban on guns in my business.  I would have a sign on all entrances stating my ‘no gun’ policy and anyone caught bringing a gun into my place would be given a lifetime ban.  No exceptions.  Why?  Because guns kill, because guns are dangerous even in the most well-trained hands.  Because I don’t want to have to hire a crew to clean the blood stains off of my walls.

Murder, by the way, is against the law here in the U.S.  So, if you brought a gun into my establishment, lost your temper with, say somebody who accidentally jostled you, and you shot them … you would go to prison.

Now, the gun rights’ activists will tell me that I’m infringing on their 2nd Amendment rights, but frankly I don’t give a damn and that isn’t how I see it.

So now we have another lethal weapon in the public arsenal, this one less obvious at a glance than a bulky gun:  COVID.  Covid is a lethal killer … to date, 4.5 million people worldwide have died of this disease since its inception and there is no sign that it is slowing down in too many places, most notably parts of the U.S.  So, again, I would be well within my rights to refuse entry to my place of business to anyone not vaccinated and not wearing a mask – the only two tools in our toolbox to fight this killer.

If you wish to visit my store, you will show valid proof of vaccination AND you will wear a mask.  Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what Governor DeSantis or Governor Abbott have to say about it … I will ban those who cannot follow the rules of public safety.

Today, the vaccine has been widely available and free for a number of months, and this week received full FDA approval, so there is NO remaining excuse for anybody to continue to shun the vaccine.  But if you do, be advised that you, too, will be shunned by good people of conscience.

It seems to me that, Covid being every bit as lethal, though not as obvious, as a gun, then it should be restricted in the same way … that … oh wait, we don’t restrict guns, either do we?  But seriously, folks … the person who refuses to be vaccinated, who refuses to wear a mask in public, is every bit as much a murderer in my book as the person who pulls a gun in a crowded movie theater.  Consider the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally earlier this month.  According to NBC News …

Two weeks after the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, reported Covid infections in the state have risen nearly sixfold.

South Dakota counted 3,819 new cases in the past two weeks, including seven deaths, up from 644 cases in the 14 days preceding it. That makes it the state with the largest percent increase in Covid cases in the past two weeks.

Packed in like sardines and in all the pictures I’ve seen, I did not see a single masked face.

Y’know, my friends, if a person wants to commit suicide, that is his or her business and contrary to what I thought, it is not against the law.  But it does seem that there are more reliable and less traumatic ways to do it than to catch Covid intentionally.  But when we start talking about other people’s lives, then … WHOA!  Put the brakes on, stop sipping that Jack Daniels, stop being stubborn just for the sake of showing the world what an asshole you are, and think for a minute.  Murder, as it happens, IS illegal.  If you intentionally place your unvaccinated, unmasked self into a group of people, you are potentially committing murder.  You may be murdering a two-year-old child or an elderly woman like myself.  You may be murdering a schoolteacher or a nurse.  It’s a game of Russian roulette and I’M TIRED OF IT!

Tell me again, Scott Lawlor, how your right to shun the vaccine overrides my right to life!  Tell us all, you stupid bitches holding up signs reading “My body, my choice”, what you would do if your own child caught Covid and died as a result of your “choice”.

It seems to me that there should be a nation-wide mandate for both the vaccine and masks.  Anybody caught not obeying … there is plenty of jail space.  We could whip Covid in this country in a matter of weeks if EVERYONE did their part … a really simple part, actually.  But no, there are 30% – 40% of the people in this nation who aren’t particularly smart, aren’t at all compassionate, but rather are greedy, selfish bastards.  And governors who would rather see a reduction in the population of their state than make an unpopular decision.  Wow, real tough guys, eh?

Have a safe and happy weekend, my friends, and stay away from covidiots.

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  1. I didn’t write the article, but you haven’t actually addressed in any fundamental way as to why it’s unreasonable or inaccurate, so don’t presume to cast jibes at me regarding honesty (especially given your behaviour when you were commenting on my blog). By all means answer – in fact it would be a refreshing change from your own passive aggression.


        • What is not valid about the endemic of gun violence in the USA? What’s not valid about the anti-maskers and their rhetoric? Why don’t you explain why the article’s points are wrong?


          • Okay. I’ll share one last time. I don’t believe you’re honest. Just reading, the words indicate someone writing out of emotions, barbs, and finger pointing, but not really looking to understand. Part of that is due to blanket statements, and title attaching, which the propagandists and media have seemed to teach you well. They know how to manipulate, because it’s already in most people to want to be part of something, so as a herd, they can point fingers at others. That seems to be your motivation, from the words you use in your article. **I am 99% certain, from past experiences, that you don’t really want me to answer, but only so you can continue as you have. But that’s your choice, which is why I wrote the above comment. Keep writing. Blogs are a way to free speech. And let readers think for themselves and decide.

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    • They listen, Michael, but they claim it is all lies, all a big hoax by the government trying to somehow ‘control’ them. Funny, though, that they won’t take an approved vaccine that is being distributed world-wide and has tested safe, but they will ingest medicine made to de-worm horses that doctors are warning against … it wasn’t even made for or tested on humans! I think they have some major brain damage! Thank you, Michael! I am beginning to feel a bit better finally, so hopefully by next weekend I can actually enjoy it! Have a great week ahead! xx


  3. Jill, mixing guns, alcohol and testosterone is toxic. Mixing crowded areas with unvaccinated people is also toxic. Stores can choose to require vaccines and masks. As for guns, it may be harder, but I believe you can do the same in many, but not all places.

    What surprises me that he still gets a hall pass from his followers, but the last president invited his biggest supporters to several rallies during February, 2020 without forewarning them of the danger of COVID which he admitted in an interview he knew of on February 7. That is sociopathic, plain and simple. Plus, his COVID naysaying at those rallies endangered many more. Keith

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    • Yes, he gets a hall pass, even though he’s still doing it! He held a big rally last weekend in Alabama. He’s lied, he is single-handedly the reason we have more cases and more deaths than any other nation on the globe, but … not a whisper of blame from his base or his minions. Sigh. Teflon Don truly fits, doesn’t it?


    • Unfortunately it is one of the curses of Human nature to deny facts.
      Covid is one of the frightening world wide pandemics scientists in the relevant fields have been basically saying not ‘If’ but ‘When’. Whereas the logical response is to accept there is a threat and fight (vaccination) or flee (Difficult in these days) for too many folk inured to the notion that Humanity is above Nature that is very unsettling. In their nascent fear thus they hide in various alternative explanations, the favourite being it is a Conspiracy (Conspiracy Theories being another deadly disease as it tried to write out the ‘Stupid’ factor in Humanity-but that’s for another post).
      This in turn become political as you will note in the USA; amongst MAGA/Trump folk there is a greater likelihood to believe all manner of arguments against (1) The very existence of Covid (2) Vaccination in principal. Thus to not be vaccinated or not wear a mask is not an informed educated choice but a knee-jerk kick back.
      The the UK the majority are a hodge-podge of Conspiracy junkies
      Those are the regrettable circumstances and an insult to folk such as Nathaniel Tan a Malaysian activist on hunger strike over his government’s inadequate responses to Covid

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  5. Well, I hope you feel better for having got that off your chest. A winning double eh, Guns and Covid. For me, since I’ve heard so many times that the guns are for protection at home, that’s where they should stay. Considering the likelihood of someone reaching 0 to Temper in no seonds flat, no-one should be allowed to carry a gun in public much less into a shop, a restaurant or anywhere else. As for Covid, we disagree by a wide margin here, of course someone has the right to shun the vaccine if they choose to, but as long as that choice is in force they must isolate inside their house with their stockpile of guns.. As for the women with their My Body My Choice signs,won’t these be the same people wwho decided the States should overrids the My Body My Choicve signs displayed by those who are pro abortion?

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    • That’s just it, though … they don’t isolate at home, they go to work, go into crowded venues sans masks, and pretty much go wherever they damn well please, infecting … who knows how many others? Yes, I made that same connection about the “My Body My Choice” signs … those same people were horrified that women wanted the right to their own bodies on the issue of abortion, but not on the issue of killing humans.

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  6. Alberta has about 1500 new cases every two days lately, I think that beats South Dakota all to hell. Yeah! And Jason Kenny has not shown his face for two weeks. They say he is on vacation. He”s been “on vacation” since the pandemic started.

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