A Little Bit Rant-y

I’m in rather a rant-y mood this evening, so tell you what … I’ll share my angst with you, just in case your life was feeling a bit too peaceful at the moment.  No need to thank me.

Punish the truth-seekers

Jim Banks is a representative in the U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana.  Jim Banks is apparently not a very conscionable person, apparently has forgotten that Oath of Office he last took on January 3rd of this year.  He has served in the House since 2017, though for the life of me I cannot imagine why.

That’s congressman Banks above … looks like a real sharp one, yes?

Naturally Mr. Banks was one of many Republicans to contest the results of the 2020 election, even knowing that President Biden had won fairly and honestly, but it seems to be some sort of rite of initiation for those in the GOP to perpetuate the Big Lie and even put their integrity on the line to do so.  But it’s his latest transgression that has Filosofa growling.  Mr. Banks is urging his party to punish every lawmaker investigating the attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.  Punish them?  For doing their jobs?  For trying to find out how and why and by whom our democratic foundations were damn near overthrown???  What the hell planet spawned this dude?

“When we win back the majority next year, we have a duty as Republicans to hold every member of this committee accountable for this abuse of power, for stepping over the line, by preventing them from being in positions of authority. Take them off any committee, get them as far away from positions of power as you can because they’ve shown us that by threatening to do this that they abuse their power, wherever they are.”

I voted in November.  I voted for President Biden.  Many of you reading this voted for him also.  And this jackass is saying that our votes, our voices, our only representation in the government we fund should have been erased and that nobody should even try to figure out how, why, and by whom?  Indianans … you all really need to recall this clown before somebody does it for you!

Oh, and if you want the icing on the cake … the ignominious Tucker Carlson’s son works for Mr. Banks! Birds of a feather …

I have a right to kill my people!

Good ol’ Florida governor Ron DeSantis is back in the news.  On Friday, Florida Judge John Cooper ruled on a lawsuit brought by parents who say DeSantis overstepped his authority when his administration said school districts couldn’t order students to wear masks. DeSantis had warned that “there will be consequences” for districts that defied the ban.

Score one for sanity.  But wait … DeSantis is already threatening (“promising”) to appeal immediately, for he seems to believe that he is God, not the governor, and that as such, he has a right to condemn a large swath of his state to death.

Meanwhile, it looks as if Floridians are finally starting to see the light.  A Quinnipiac University poll released this month had DeSantis’ approval rating dipping below 50 percent, with 47 percent approving of his job performance, and 45 percent disapproving. Those numbers dropped to 44-51 when asked about his handling of public schools. The Quinnipiac poll follows other public polling that shows a similar erosion to DeSantis’ approval rating. A St. Pete Polls survey earlier this month showed 43 percent approved of the job he was doing while 48 percent did not.  And this is the man who was considering a run for president in 2024?  🤣 🤣 🤣

And then in other Florida news, with hospitals nearly full to capacity and 17,000 hospitalized with Covid, turns out the morgues are also filling up.

“The Central Florida Division of AdventHealth has reached capacity of our hospital morgues due to an influx of COVID-19 patients. We have begun utilizing rented, refrigerated coolers at 10 of our campuses throughout Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, & Volusia counties. These coolers are quickly becoming filled also.”

All because one man has a god-complex and thinks that “he alone can fix this”.  Wonder where he got that ego?

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  1. I wasn’t sure if your last sentence referred to Trump or DeSantis but I decided the same answer wou’d do for both. The God Complex comes from their earlier years when nthey weren’t very bright, anything pre 2020, when many people would have said to them, You’re not much of a man.

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    • Well, I was referring to DeSantis, but taking a line from the former guy … they seem as two peas in a pod … a very ugly, rotten pod. Neither are a man in my book, and as you may recall, anytime I had to refer to the former guy as one, I put it in quotes to indicate I was using the term very loosely!

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  2. Thank you for introducing, Jill! I hope you are now a little bit more calmed down. Its sad, whats happening ever day, and there seems no end. I just have heard, the Taliban got data about biometric analysis of Afghan people. Lets hope this is fake news, because so they could investigate the people which had cooperated with the Western troups. ;-( Enjoy a beautiful rest of the Sunday! xx Michael

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  3. A sad heartbreaking story:

    “We do the best we can, in face of conflicting information, misinformation, poor communication.
    Sharing human stories work… that would get ppl to vaccinate, not shaming or threats from experts and authority figures. Getting vaccinated offers the lowest risk for the highest reward. Please share this message with ppl you love.”
    — Dr Zubin D

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  4. Jill, a former Republican spokesman for Kevin McCarthy called him on the carpet for purposefully trying to destabilize our democracy to win the mid-terms. He noted that Republicans are forgetting the greatest hits of embarrassment and incompetence of the previous president – hurricane sharpie incident, drinking bleach to cure Covid and the incompetent handling of Covid that has led to 500,000 deaths. Note this was not a Democrat or Independent who said this. Keith

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    • Good for him!!! It does the heart good to see at least a few in the Republican camp willing to stand for what is right rather than to pander to the “leaders” such as McCarthy.


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  6. These Republicans have no other choice but to stand behind their candidate in support, because otherwise, they would be, slapping themselves across the faces, it’s like that everywhere, when the current president doesn’t do right by the people, all of her/his supporters still go to the polls and vote for the same party, blindly!

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    • That, then, is simply foolish. I know you’re right … there are maybe 30% who swear a blind loyalty to their ‘guy’ no matter what, but I wish these people would open their brains just for one day a week!


  7. I am amazed his numbers are anywhere near 50%. They should be in the 20s or less, the way he is handling, or MIShandling, Covid. Not that that would help, he will still be an asshole, no matter what. But with those numbers he could still get re-elected his next election. If he runs for President, does he jot have to give up his governorship? I’m allfir him running if he does.

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    • Well, I agree that they should be in the teens or 20 percentile range, but … remember that even at the worst periods of his tenure, Trump’s were usually in the 40% range, though they did dip into the 30s more than once.


        • True … not all polls are created equal. However some contain significantly less bias than others. I have never answered a call from a pollster. While yes, I might like my opinion to be included, I don’t have time to waste answering unidentified phone calls.


          • You’ré too nice of a person. I answer all calls, and those I don’t like get a righteous description of my feelings for being bothered by a**hole f**kheads who think they have the right to play God with my telephone number. Seems a lot of them hang up on me before I can hang up on them…

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              • Actually, I find it a release. These people inject themselves into our luvs fir money, whether money from a scam they are playing, or a scam someone else is oaying them to commit. By giving them a “piece of mind” maybe I can make them regret what they are doing, or make them so pissed off they stumble all over their words on their next call.
                At least, that is what I tell myself. AndI wish others would treat them the same way. If they want to give up their humanity, they should have that fact shoved in their faces!

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