Jolly {HOT} Monday!!!

Good Monday  morning, my friends!  I know you’re all thankful to see the weekend gone and return to the routine of the work week, yes?  Not that it much matters these days, for with temps hovering at around 100° and air quality at an all-time low, I cannot leave the house anyway, so … Monday, Friday, Saturday … all about the same!  This is one year that I will be happy to see summer end and a return to breathable air, though we must all be aware that this is our new norm.  Anyway, did you guys do anything fun and exciting this weekend?

Jolly ‘n Joyful scouted out a new International Market this weekend, and I think you’ll find some interesting things on the treat table today.  So, grab a bite and a cuppa, and let’s find something to turn our lips upward and start the week with a smile.

Jolly and I took turns seeking this week’s ‘toons ‘n memes, so we hope they’ll bring a chuckle …

And the memes …

And finally, the moment you’ve all waited for … this adorable beaver loves kayaking!

We hope you’ve all found something to bring a smile to your faces this Monday morning, and that you’ll share those smiles with family, friends, and strangers!  If you run out, pop back in, for there’s a basket by the back door!  We hope you have a beautiful week ahead … love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

25 thoughts on “Jolly {HOT} Monday!!!

  1. OH MY! Some REALLY good ‘toons today. Snickered at several of them.

    Sorry about the HOT weather. I was raised in Central California and it was NOT unusual to experience 103-106 degree days during the summer –in a row!– so I can sympathize. Thank goodness where we live now the temps rarely get that high!

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    • I’m glad you liked the ‘toons today! Here, the average August temps range around 84°. We might get 2-3 days where they climb above 90°, so you can imagine how strange this is for us. I wouldn’t mind feeling hot — I can always put on a wet t-shirt to cool down — but I do rather mind not being able to breathe. Ah well … autumn can’t be too far behind now.

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  2. Good ‘toons today, Jill. Sounds like you are having the same weather we had in May and June. Please don’t melt (down.) À number of people in western Canada melted (fown) in the heat. It was not pretty.

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  3. Jill, I have a question. Is the picture taker a friend (soon to be former friend) of the sunbather whose day is about to be ruined? Why did said person not shoo the day ruining dog away? Keith

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  4. A grand bunch of funnies of every type today. Love the Mamas and Papas Joke and the adopted owl also.. How fantastic to be so well acquainted with a wild beaver, who knew they like their heads stroked.

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    • I’m glad you found a few chuckles here this morning! I immediately thought of you when I saw that Mamas & Papas ‘toon. And yeah … I think the only thing I knew about beavers was that they have very sharp teeth and are better at building dams than the Corps of Engineers!


    • I’m so glad you found a few laughs here! Yes, the temps are over 38° C!!! And every day we get air quality alerts … this morning when I went out to feed the squirrels and birds, though I was out only maybe 4 minutes, I was gasping for breath by the time I got back in. We have had some rain in the past few days … vicious storms that knocked electricity out for a brief time … but it hasn’t helped cool the air down. This is highly unusual for us, where our average temperature this time of year is around only 29° C. Have a great week ahead, my friend! xx


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