What I’m about to say may earn me no brownie points, but … I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em.  I have been criticized and called on the carpet by one reader for not addressing the 13 U.S. military men and women who were killed last week during a suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.  The attack was perpetrated by a branch of daesh, ISIS-K.

Yes, I am deeply saddened by the deaths of these 13 men and women, all of whom were loved and important to many people.  However, another 100+ (numbers are uncertain at this time) or more Afghanis were also killed in the same attack, some of them young children.  How can I write a tribute to the U.S. military dead without also memorializing those innocent Afghani civilians?  Can anyone reading this tell me that the military staff were somehow more important, more valuable people than those Afghanis?  If you can, I would very much like to hear your reasoning.

A life.  No, not all lives are equal in what they produce during their time here on earth.  You have people like Dr. Martin Luther King who did so much good in his short 39 years here on earth, then you have the average John Doe who makes many friends over a lifetime, but his contributions are mainly small, local ones.  Does that make John Doe’s life worth less than MLK’s?  Certainly not to his spouse, children, grandchildren, and the friends he made over the course of his life.  Yes, there is a day set aside every year to honour Dr. King but not John Doe.  But you know John’s family has a special day of remembrance for him.  He was important, too.

When the evacuation from Afghanistan is complete, when final tally is in, I will likely write about all those who died this month, including the 13 soldiers.  But folks, it ain’t over yet.  The Taliban, the U.S., and some 96 other nations have agreed to allow the evacuations to continue past the August 31st deadline.  At least twice in recent days, additional attacks, presumably by ISIS-K, have been thwarted by U.S. drone attacks, the most recent of which killed Afghan children.  As of today, we have no idea what the final tally will be.  The end of the story has yet to be written.

And while I’m on that topic, I will also not point fingers of blame at either President Biden, or any of the former presidents who made mistakes that cost lives in Afghanistan.  There will be a time to assess what we might have done better starting back in 2001, how we might have prevented the deaths of 2,400 U.S. military and countless Afghanis who have been killed over the past 20 years as a result of our occupation of Afghanistan. But first we must finish the task at hand.  There will be plenty of blame to go around, I’m sure, and it must be analyzed, and the entire story told.  In time.  But the blame is far less important that the lessons for the future we must learn from the mistakes of the past. Today, we get as many people out of Afghanistan as we possibly can, bring them to safety, then figure out how best to help them assimilate into our country, our culture.

I am not being heartless.  My heart aches for the families of the men and women who are coming home in body bags, but it also aches for the mother who just lost her child in Kabul, the father who lost his entire family.  A human life is important no matter what clothing covers it, no matter what skin colour, no matter what religious beliefs or lack thereof.

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  1. I mean I feel for the US men and women who have lost their lives due to the decisions of men in congress who simply sit on their butts and decide to send soldiers to fight their unnecessary battles for them, but I feel more for all the afghan people who have been affected by America’s pride and greed


  2. Us (us, us, us, us) and them (them, them, them, them)
    And after all we’re only ordinary men
    And you (you, you, you)
    God only knows
    It’s not what we would choose (choose, choose) to do (to do, to do)
    Forward he cried from the rear
    And the front rank died
    And the general sat
    And the lines on the map
    Moved from side to side

    Mr Waters knew a thing or two I reckon.

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  3. You aren’t being heartless in the least. You are correct about any human life being important…even an unborn baby. People who say a fetus is not a human being are deceiving themselves and others. I enjoy your topics.

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  4. “How can I write a tribute to the U.S. military dead without also memorializing those innocent Afghani civilians?”

    Particularly since the US invasion soldiers and their litspickles were obviously the target of the attack. The Soviets tried it before you, and failed. They offered their experience, they warned you, told you this country can’t be occupied. But did anyone listen? No. They didn’t care about failing. Because there were profits to be made, all paid for by the brainwashed American taxpayer. 😦

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  5. Aren’t people impatient these days! I’ve been having trouble writing posts about it, because as you say “it’s not even over yet” lol. I don’t know how to write this properly, so I’m going to write it. The Military, you kind of expect, but hope, that you don’t die. Those Afghanistan locals didn’t sign up to the military, they didn’t think they would die. That’s why they were at the airport, they wanted to live (and their families).
    I hate too say it as well, but the US can be a very violent country. I get WHY America wanted to go to War, but why does it seem to be America’s first response, is violence? Biden’s second drone apparently (maybe) has killed some children, and for what? It wont bring back those soldiers, it wont bring back the local people. And whatever Biden said about “God” I was screaming at the tv “NO”…Too ISIS, this is a religious war. WE, the allies, need to be smarter and better than ISIS.
    I like Biden, but that was really dumb on his part.

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    • It does seem that in the U.S., both in government and in society, the first reaction to any problem is to use violence. That’s why there are more guns in this country than there are people! It seems we have learned nothing from all our past failures. Sigh. As re the 2nd drone strike … it was not retaliatory, but was aimed at a group of suicide bombers who were preparing to strike in or near the Kabul airport. That there were children involved was tragic indeed … I wonder if the bombers were using them as a sort of cover?

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  6. I agree Jill. So many people are simply hand wringers without looking directly at the brutal truth of war and political/religious conflict. I believe war to be a waste of so many things, not the least being lives lost over religious ideals or money and lands. For anyone to subscribe to the notion that only military lives lost is a tragedy is as misguided as thinking all police officers work to protect the innocent and any one of them who is killed in the line of duty must be avenged. Because the human race continually struggles with its value system, there has been a need for rules, for order and consequences; but this system is far from simple right and wrong when there are so many people with rigid and often dogmatic beliefs. I always understood that anyone accepting a position to protect and defend also knows the possibilities that come with it. Yes, anyone losing their life to protect the innocent should be recognized and appreciated, yet even more tragic is the loss of life for the civilian families that didn’t get to choose putting their lives on the line. No one wins in war. No one. 😔

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    • Well said, my friend! I couldn’t have said it better. The ‘herd mentality’ in this nation keeps people from actually thinking for themselves, but instead they follow the loudest voices without bothering to read, research, of think. They will bring about the downfall of this nation yet.

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  7. I agree with all the above. Of course some are kicking at the ‘Let’s impeach Biden’ bug. We owe them two’ but hopefully that will stop when they realise just who negotiated this ceasefire, and on American soil. In the meantime you do need to concentrate on the latest deaths of Military Personnel and of Civilians. and of getting as many people out of there as is humanly possible.

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    • That “Let’s impeach Biden” movement is likely to be short-lived and is a political stunt by the QAnon bunch and their lackeys. If they put half as much effort into doing their jobs, we might actually have a functional Congress who could get some things done. Yes, we have our work cut out for us, but now we face the tide of resistance at home … those who want a pristine, white, nation with no Muslims, no brown-skinned people, none who don’t fit into their bigoted mould. Sigh.

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      • Whaat are they gonna do? Ship all the blacks back to Africa, the browns to Asia and or Mexico and then ship the whites in? From where? Do they think there are that many ready to come? You’ll probably end up with Europe’s version of your trailer trash.There won’t be enough people to do all the jobs and there would be skills missing. On the other hand you’d get rid of The Black Republicans who support Trump and vmore than half the populations of your prisons. Then nI hope the indigenous people go n to the Hague and get a ruling that all White’s can be evicted and they can choose who to share the Country with after that. Good luck finding a home Trump except in Guantanamo.

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        • I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to do that … else keep them around and return them to a state of servitude, continually reminding them that they are “second-class” humans. How any Black person could support Trump … or the GOP in general … is beyond my comprehension! More and more I think I don’t belong in the human species.

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          • More and more I think I don’t want to belong in the human species. Suppoosedly my own kind and I’m scared to death of what they might do next. All the constant Jingoism of who’s best and most powerful as though the two are the same. Do the Buddhists have room for two more people who believe in peace?


  8. those of us from Military families are well prepared to say goodbye to our spouces, sons, daughters before they deploy knowing we may never hold them again. They are no more important than the people and countries they are trying to help. Frankly it annoys a LOT of us to see people whinging on or complaining about the Military who give their lives and ignore the civilians that do. I am sick to death of the politicization of the Military and their missions.

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    • Thank you, Suze! You are quite right, and at the end of the day, higher powers are sending our loved ones to fight because they lacked the agility to negotiate, to find common ground, and … because there is money to be made by fighting a war. And we lost our sons, spouses, daughters, etc for their profit and perfidy.

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    • “people and countries they are trying to help.”

      Since when was the US military ever deployed to help people and countries? They are sent to a) steal the oil, b) send a warning to Russia/China/all independent nations and c) destroy/abandon as much military hardware as possible. Coz profit!

      “I am sick to death of the politicization of the Military and their missions.”
      When politics fail, we send the army. It’s the white house’s long arm, they need to conceal their failures. Often very obviously manifactured failures, so they have a reason to invade the next country. In Korea and Vietnam they failed, in Iraq they failed, in Afghanistan they failed, in Syria they are failing … we can only hope they won’t try their shit with the Iran.

      Did you hear how Wang Yi just ripped Blinken a new one? The world has enough of American power games.

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    • The sacrifices made by your loved ones and the military around the world is greatly valued Suze.The sacrifice you make by having your loved ones out there is also appreciated. Mny of us agree with you that the lives lost of civilains wherever they are is also of importance and we know that the military do their best to protect them whether they work for them or not.. I know that military do not like to lav civilians behind wwho may well suffer because they helped the military so it defiew belief that at home people should complainj that more foreigners are wanting to return with th military. Those people helped us and some lost their lives doing so. We owe them a debt of gratitude along with our boys they fought beside.
      Huge Hugs

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  9. War (even “fake” ones) is hell.

    No matter whether you look at it forwards, backwards, right-side-up (or down), there simply are no redeeming qualities to conflict between countries.

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    • I agree completely! There are no redeeming qualities to a war, many wars are fought for economic gains, and to engage in war just proves that the key players lack diplomatic bargaining skills. And we, the ‘little people’, pay the price.

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  10. Well said. The really sad thing is that some are trying to use this to make so-called political points, rather than see the tragic humanitarian aspects of the situation. But I guess that’s easy to do when you’re totally devoid of decency, goodness and empathy.

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    • Yes, people’s lives are being turned into a political football and it isn’t right. But then, the pandemic that has killed over 4.5 million people ’round the globe is also a matter of political gaming, at least here in the U.S. I think it’s time to draw some lines, to put human life ahead of election brownie points. Your last sentence says it all. Sigh.

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