There are so many competitors for my anger these days that I am often simply overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.  This one, however, robbed me of a night’s sleep and nearly wrote itself in my head last night as I tried counting sheep, counting backward by 2s from 200, and played countless games of Sudoku on my phone.

The target of my acerbic tongue today?  Women’s rights … women’s rights that in the last two days have been set back by 100 years or more in the not-so-great state of Texas.  No, folks, this isn’t just about abortion as many would have you believe … this is about women’s rights.  Now that we are told we cannot decide for ourselves whether we are financially and emotionally ready to have a child, the rest of our rights will be as a house of cards.

The Texas legislature passed a draconian bill that was signed into law by the clown of a governor, Greg Abbott (the same man who is trying to kill the children of Texas by banning vaccine and mask mandates).  This bill prohibits abortion after 6 weeks … many, if not most women do not even know they are pregnant before six weeks!  And, long story short, if a woman has an abortion and a friend or neighbor report it, the reporter is eligible for a reward of up to $10,000 and the woman and the abortion provider can be sued by the state.

Worse yet … there are no exceptions in the cases of incest or rape.  Imagine this scenario …

16-year-old Chloe comes home late one night from a party dressed … well, rather scantily.  Her father, who has been tippling a few drinks, sees her, says he’s going to teach her a lesson, rips her clothes off of her and brutally rapes her on the living room sofa.  Chloe screams for her mother, but the mother claimed she heard nothing.  Chloe misses her next period but doesn’t think too much of it.  By the time she misses the second and seeks a medical consultation, it is too late for Chloe to seek an abortion.  With advice from her friends, she invests in a few packs of gauze and a pack of wire coat hangers, for she is not going to carry her half-brother or half-sister in her body for the next nine months.  Long story short, Chloe is now dead.

Variants of Chloe’s story will play throughout the state of Texas in the coming months/years.

The United States Supreme Court, our last bastion of hope for protecting our rights, has refused to block the Texas law.  Late last night, the Court announced it would not block the new Texas law while the legal challenge made its way through the federal courts. Amazing, even for this conservative court. It’s a sad day for women, but also for the rule of law.  I was pleased that Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the rights of women, even though he is not a fan of Roe v Wade.  But the other five – Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Amy Barrett, and Samuel Alito – took an axe to women’s rights, ultimately throughout the nation.

This is a dark day for women in the United States.  If you think other states, emboldened by Texas’ easy success, won’t follow suit, then think again.  What’s next on the chopping block?  Our right to equal pay for equal work?  Our right to vote?  Our right to own property in our own name?  Our right to divorce our husbands?  All of these rights have come as a result of long, hard fights, and even today … the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that was first proposed in 1923, has not passed!  This amendment would solidify women’s rights in many areas including healthcare, housing, and the workplace, but … it seems doomed to fail.  WHY???

In 1972 Congress passed the ERA and it was sent to the states for a vote.  Simple, right?  Of course … 1972 … the world is enlightened, women have contributed in every area imaginable … a no-brainer!  HAH!  What happened?  In a word, the dishonourable Phyllis Schlafly.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing, Schlafly mounted a campaign to stop states from passing the ERA.  She warned women that if equal rights were enshrined in the Constitution, the heterosexual world order would collapse. Morality would fall by the wayside and women would be at risk of losing their femininity and the opportunities presented by marriage.

If the amendment passed, she wrote, women would be forced to go to war, would lose their right to child support and alimony, and society would fall apart. “The women’s libbers are radicals who are waging a total assault on the family, on marriage, and on children,” she said.

Eventually, the now-expired ERA will come back into the limelight and someday it may even become a Constitutional amendment, but likely not in my lifetime or yours.  Meanwhile, there is Texas and other states will follow.  My response to the draconian law in Texas is this:  Okay, fine, but no longer can a male walk into a doctor’s office and walk out with a prescription for Viagra.  No longer will men be given penile implants to extend their pleasure at our expense.  In fact, women should be much more discriminating about letting a man within 15 feet of her body!  Keep your wee willy winkies to yourself … buy yourself an inflatable doll!

The Texas law and the Supreme Court’s refusal to block it are the first step in what I predict will be a major setback for women’s rights across the nation.  What is it that makes us inferior in the eyes of so many – both men and women?  Is it that we weren’t born with that all-important anatomical part?  Is it that we don’t have deep voices and chest hair?  Or is it just that all that testosterone makes the male of the species need to feel superior over someone?  Either way … look out, guys, ‘cause one of these days we’re gonna rise above all this.

68 thoughts on “Outraged!!!

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  2. Jill, have you ever watched the Hulu series Handmaid’s Tale? Much of it is an exaggerated look at what life might be like if whacko religious fundamentalist men took over most of the country. Women’s rights were taken away, back to those days your post talks about-but much worse. Exaggerated? These days, I think not.

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    • No, I haven’t. I read the book decades ago, probably in college, but was just thinking of reading it again. Chris has a HuLu account, so I told her tonight that I’d like to catch that series. I’ll let you know my thoughts as I watch it. Sorry I’ve been uncommunicative … dealing with some health issues that just won’t go away. You’re right … what was once dystopian is rapidly becoming our reality. Sigh. Hope you’re doing well, my friend.

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    • That has been a concern amongst many Women’s groups especially since the 2016 electoral disaster. You only have to see the proliferation of misogynists groups, such as the classic losers incel to know how close that could be.
      Incidentally in the book Handmaid’s Tale, there are, of course discreet brothels for male use. I’ve not seen the TV series because I get steaming angry at the system; the book makes very grim reading though.

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  3. These are the same people who blather on about ‘Rights’ and interference by Government in those ‘rights’.
    The misogynist hypocrisy of these racist white-Taliban is astounding. If Texas was an independent nation there would be an international outcry and many a petition.
    Forget the Alamo.

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  4. It’s sickening, to be sure. I have a lot of feelings about this. About the last thing anyone needs to hear right now is “I told you so,” but the moment I first laid eyes upon the first of the “heartbeat bills” being drafted in various craphole states (including here in GA) I knew this was going to take root.

    I don’t comment here much, but I feel I need to remind everyone that the Republican party has just taken two incredibly unpopular stands. This, of course, is monumentally awful. What they are telling everyone is that – and I cannot scream this loudly enough – EVERY PREGNANCY MUST BE CARRIED TO TERM AT GUNPOINT.

    Very, very few actual American citizens want that. It is politically indefensible. If we regroup and just pound away at that legal issue they will collapse and lose race after race and lose their grip on power. We need to wrest it from them, and we need to stop f*cking around and get organized and crush them.

    Oh, and the second thing, obviously, is “WE NEED TO BE FREE TO KILL OUR OWN KIDS BECAUSE IT’S GOD’S PLAN.” Meaning, no masks, no vax. Also tremendously unpopular.

    If we can lick our wounds over the weekend and get to work after Labor Day we will win. and win we must.

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    • I just wanna add, about the “heartbeat.”

      We all know what it means. If it’s a desired pregnancy, obviously, we all play along and say “ooh, awesome” – but it’s merely a medical confirmation, at this embryonic stage, that this clump of cells about the size of the tip of a pinky, with no functional nervous system of any kind, has blood flow. That’s it.

      Lots of things have actual hearts. I just massacred a bunch of invasive Joro spidies around my house. Stopped a beating heart, and about a billion times more sentient than a six-week-old freaking embryo.

      But, I will NOT go down that moral rabbit hole with any right wing asshole. I will simply point out, “YOU WANT TO FORCE EVERY PREGNANCY TO BE CARRIED TO TERM AT GUNPOINT” because THEY DO and they cannot defend that.

      (btw, I’ve known the personal heartbreak–pardon the expression–of bad news at the obstetrician’s, at around that time of embryonic development. So have dear friends of mine. I bet everyone READING this has. And nobody needs to lecture me, or anyone else, about desired pregnancies gone bad. Least of all antichoice right wing assholes.)

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  6. The Texas abortion law is the latest Republican abomination. For a party that insists that less government is more government, they’re sure pushing a helluva lot more government on people. Of rising concern, too, is the SCOTUS and its growing use of the shadow docket. Right wing cowards. Let’s not debate aloud; let’s do shit in secret, without signing anything. I would call them assholes but that would be demeaning to assholes.

    Hugs and cheers

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    • Good point you make. Apparently it is their goal to undo every good thing that has been done for the past 3 decades, then start over with their own puritan ideals. Bah humbug! You’re quite right … what they are defies description … assholes is far too mile. Hugs ‘n cheers, my friend.

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  7. Texas’ Abortion Ban placed a BOUNTY on the heads of all pregnant Texas Women and it paves the way for government monitoring of medical records. Where is this bounty money coming from? I’m an 8th generation Texan woman and I feel so betrayed. I’m VERY sure that if the govt tried to pass a law controlling Mens’ bodies, they would have fought ‘The Alamo, part 2’ already!

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  8. Hello Jill. At least 20 or 30 years ago, maybe more, the religious groups realized they couldn’t win the culture wars. They realized they couldn’t simply overturn the things they don’t like. So the major groups using project blitz came up with a plan to chip away at the rights they don’t like. The Republican party liked that approach also and used it for voting rights. As one of the religious hate groups said about same sex marriage their goal was to chip away at it until it was meaningless. They have been doing that with abortion for decades, chipping away at it until it is a right that means nothing. Hugs

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      • Hello Stands_for_Decibels. Do you mean the right wing / Republicans lose? Because right now they seem really well positioned for losers. I think they won far more than is good for the country and the public. I just read that 65% of the country claims to be Christian yet they represent 90% of the 2019-2020 congress. Scary I think because they are not intereested in live and let live. Hugs

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          • Hello Stands_for_Decibels. Now I understand. Yes regressive groups do tend to lose culture wars. That is because culture wars are over the expansion of rights or abilities vs the restriction and regression of rights or abilities. The majority of people in society want to see growth and acceptance of increased understanding, but during the time until the new ways are accepted the restrictive groups can cause a lot of trouble. Progressive futures vs regressive past. Sadly in some places they can win making life hell for the people for a period of time, such as in Afghanistan and Texas ( and other red states on voting rights and female body autonomy ) Eventually the loosening of the restrictions will happen such as now the Taliban claims they will allow females more freedoms than they did last time they were in charge. Best wishes. hugs

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  9. Texan women, no, American women have to go on full strike once more: No more cooking and baking! No more housework and child-rearing! No more shopping for the family. And no more nookie with their men, even if those men are with them. If the men fin’t standup and fight for women”s rights loud and clear! Stop being the woman of the house. .

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  10. I’m feeling sick…. this can’t be!!!!
    Every comment, every post makes me feel so sorry for you, friends. Atrocious ppl, blind ppl, stupid ppl, you good ones really should leave TX.
    And I fear for your health Jill. You have so much anger (more than fully justified) in you, this can’t be good for your well-being.

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    • Thank you for your concern, my friend. Fortunately, I do not live in Texas, but already six other states have similar legislation pending. And you’re right … I’ve had some significant health issues over the past three weeks, which is why I’m not posting much nor responding to many comments. Thanks for caring, dear friend.

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  12. Jill I am bereft at the hideous happenings in Texas. I have never had a love of the state after having lived there and seen first hand the testosterone driven force there, even at the school level. Coaches forcing 8 yr olds to come to 6 am soccer practice in 30 degree pouring rain weather for the town’s little league team and if someone gets hurt they are berated with, “What, you gonna cry now?”. Last time I checked it was Jr High, not the friggin Marines. That’s a psycho organization of a different level altogether. Needless to say, our sons gave up on sports at a young age. I mean, it’s a win-win for the Abbotts and Grahams, Boeberts and Greenes, McConnels and Cawthorns, not to mention the Handmade Amy Coney Barrett who, if they legally force every pregnancy to term, will turn out all the children they can in sacrifice to the hands of the pedophiles, sadists, misogynists, child abusers, sexists, no-neck gun toting money grubbing God fearing narcissistic black-hearted self serving soul less Covid pushing pieces of human garbage that walk the streets of this clinging-by-a thread Democratic Nation we call the United States.
    My apologies to any sane Texans, both in and out of government as well as the wonderful teachers I know are struggling there. Two words-GET OUT-while you can. Next thing up will be loyalty tattoos and hazing ceremonies in the Capitol. I am beyond angry or sad or afraid. I am horrified. More horrific yet is the fact that people I have called ‘friend’ and ‘family’ do not see the truth of what is happening and by their complicity are helping these deplorable humans in their efforts. And we wonder why Mother Earth is angry with humans?

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    • no-neck gun toting money grubbing God fearing narcissistic black-hearted self serving soul less Covid pushing pieces of human garbage that walk the streets .Don’t beat about the bush will you, just say what you mean LOL. I hope you managed to take a breath somewhere in that sentence, I agree with everything you say though. I abhor the thought that a whole State, where so many women live, could decide to let this bill pass without a fight. Apologies to the Democrats who tried to stop it.. Time for the progressives to get together and kick Abbot out nevt year.
      Huge Hugs

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      • Sorry for the rant but when you hold it in it spews when you are full! Democrats by nature are non confrontational but we must rise to the occasion and fight for the Democracy we have enjoyed until recent years. With our minds not our fists. With our power not our fear. With our intelligence which is our greatest weapon. 🤗

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  13. What happened to Roe v Wade? If necessary go across state lines to a blue state. This ruling is unconstitutional and violates separation of church and state. The US is devolving back to it’s ugly past. Those back alley surgeries were atrocious.

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    • Hello 1EarthUnited. And wealthy / upper income people will and those elected Republicans will send their mistresses out of state also. But the lower incomes cannot. Texas is a big state. Remember the restrictions already placed on abortions from other laws, multiple visits spread over days. Most lower incomes couldn’t even afford that because of travel, time off work, or hotel costs. Now add an even longer trip both ways. Plus nothing in the law says they cannot go after anyone in state that helped the woman get out of state, so even out of state abortions are going to be targeted. Again that doesn’t affect the wealthy, they just are on a jet set vacation, right? Hey look that upper income lady lost weight on her vacation, good for her? Hugs

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  14. And so you should rise above it. The ERA should go before Congress and be passed by the whole Senate, with appropriaate apologie for the delay.If Phyllis Schlafy was still alive I’d expect her to be drummed out of the female species. Strange that a woman who tried to keep other women in the home should have studied law at University. I realise she was at home much of the time inbetween causing havoc for the women’s movement but she was birthing 6 children. 6 more possible conservatives who won’t want to see you gain equality.. But it’s time to put this whole debacle to bedd and pass ERA.

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  15. Jill, in an effort to be the so-called pro-life party, the Republican party has long been only a pro-birth party. Once you are born, you are on your own. The Republican mantra is guns need not be governed better, civil rights are OK as long as I have mine, the environment need not be protected as what is the harm in a few extra chemicals in your system, healthcare insurance is a luxury not a need, climate change is all a hoax anyway, and why should we talk about water problems, as I can always buy Dasani. And, women do not need not special rights for their bodies. This is the Republican mantra. I left the GOP about thirteen years ago to become an independent and that was before the party became adrift and untethered to the truth and lawfulness. Keith

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    • PS – By the way, a law that permits Americans to turn on other Americans is Hand maid’s tale like. It is certainly not something I want to be a part of. This law is unconstitutional but was purposefully written narrowly to avoid SCOTUS standing. To me, it is poor legislation and subterfuge.

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