The Week’s Best Cartoons: Texas’ Abortion Ban

I haven’t re-blogged TokyoSand’s Saturday cartoon post for the past two weeks, for there is so much deeply wrong in this country today that the cartoons seemed to somehow fall flat with me.  However, given my own malaise and the primary topic of this week’s cartoons — women’s rights, which is near and dear to my own heart — I’ve decided to re-blog this week’s post.  The main topic, of course, is the new Texas law, currently upheld by the white-male-dominant Supreme Court, that has set women’s rights back a hundred years or more.  And then, there’s climate change — no longer is it possible to reject the science of climate change when we’re had uncontrollable wildfires, floods, and mega-storms, not to mention killer heat all summer long.  So, sit back and enjoy the ‘toons … you’ll find the entire collection over at Tokyo’s place (link at end).

Note to readers:  I have been having health issues for some 3 weeks now and my energy levels are on a roller coaster ride, mostly at the bottom of the track.  Therefore, I have not posted much and have not responded to comments at all, nor am I likely to try to catch up at this point.  I have read all comments, and appreciate those of you who have helped out by keeping the conversations going.  I shall pick up here and try not to fall behind again.  I appreciate your patience and apologize for my laziness.

See The Rest Of The ‘Toons Here!

28 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons: Texas’ Abortion Ban

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  3. no longer is it possible to reject the science of climate change — And yet … the powers-that-be manage to do it every day and in every way.

    DO HOPE you soon get back to your percolatin’ self! ❤🤞

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    • It seems that some of those powers-that-be would reject that grass is green if anybody asked them. They are naysayers simply to be naysayers, not because they actually have any beliefs or values.

      Thanks, Nan! I hope so too … I hate this!

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  4. Laziness? Jill, you are not being lazy. Nor do you have to answer all the comments if you are not up to it. Self care comes before anything else. There is no underlying cause for my own lack of energy, and I am having a helluva hard time doing anything. It sounds like you have underlying issues, and that has to be horrible! Have you been to the doctor yet? I have, and I don’t feel at all sick. Tests are being run as we speak. Get help. You cannot do everything on your own.

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  5. Self-castigation is not necessary! Though these weekly cartoon posts are well worth seeing more than once, most of your readers could also follow TokyoSand via her blog and/or on several social media sites too. A note about the ‘Note to readers’ that is so beautifully written and ends with the equally unnecessary apology…give yourself a break too! Grant yourself the time to properly mend. There is no doubt that your ardent followers will patiently wait. During the recent stressful times I have come to appreciate more these oft shared words from Havelock Ellis : “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” WHAK! Thank-you!

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    • Thank you, dear Ellen. Yes, a number of my readers do follow TS, but I still enjoy posting these weekly cartoons. I have been giving myself a break and have posted little, answered few comments, visited almost no other blogs. But, I don’t wish to let my blog fall into disrepair … I have worked too hard on it for too many years to simply cast it aside … it means a lot to me. I’m fairly certain that my mental angst is playing a role in keeping me from feeling better, but … I am of the “Mind over Matter” school of thought, so that rests on my shoulders to work through. I never heard of Havelock Ellis, but he speaks words of wisdom! Thank you for caring, my dear friend. WHAK!!!


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