Black Face On White Supremacy

On September 14th, Californians will cast their vote to either keep current Governor Gavin Newsom or replace him with one of a number of other candidates vying for his job. The leading contender appears to be Larry Elder, who I have mentioned before here on Filosofa’s Word. Elder is NOT a man under whose governance I would wish to live! Clay Jones over at Claytoonz has done a fantastic job of showing us who Elder is … read on!



Over the weekend, a speaker at a rally for California governor Gavin Newsome said his Republican opponent, Larry Elder, is a “black face on white supremacy.” Larry Elder is a controversial right-wing Trump-supporting conspiracy-spreading whack job with a radio show who also happens to be black. But black people can be conservative lunatics too, right? Is it fair to accuse one of them, like Larry Elder, of being a “black face on white supremacy?” After all, Larry Elder is totally 100 percent in favor of reparations for slavery.

Of course, it’s not descendants of slaves Larry wants reparations for. No, Larry believe slave OWNERS should be rewarded reparations.

Ya’ see, Larry was talking to fellow black conservative lunatic, Candace Owens (which helps defend him from the charges of racism because she can be his prop for a black friend), and he argued since slavery was legal, slave owners were robbed…

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4 thoughts on “Black Face On White Supremacy

  1. It seems all countries should decrease the elections, to give the politicans more time for working. More and more all over the world, one only could read about preparing elections, or preparing for wars. Thanks for sharing the news, Jill! Sorry, had another delay. Enjoy a beautiful Friday! xx Michael

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  2. This man’s brain is wired differently. Seriously he’s not normal. How can any black man pursue a course that celebrates the course of White Supremacy over his own people. In fact, judging by some of his policies he doesn’t have respect for many people but especially women. If Californians allow this man to win the Governorship I will totally have lost any respect for them. And believe me, if any black person votes for him just because he’s black then you’re insane, Any man who thinks a group of people who beat, starved, and raped your family with impunity because they ‘Owned them’ and thinks the owners should be compensated when your family were freed, is no man at all. Any politician of any colour who claims he doesn’t know the true meaning of BLM is either stupid or a liar and to blame crime on BLM when the Proud Boys and their ilk are out there causing trouble also suffers the handicap of blindness. Do you want a Governor who can’t see the truth.

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