Lies, Lies, Lies — Is McCarthy’s Nose Growing Yet?

I have to wonder if Kevin McCarthy’s parents read the story of Pinocchio to him as a child.  You remember … Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who became an actual boy, but his nose grew with every lie he told.  If Kevin heard that story as a child, you’d think it might have made a lasting impression and he’d be less inclined to lie glibly on a near-continual basis.  I remember as a child, each time I told a lie, going into the bathroom and actually measuring my nose with my finger!

But Kevin does have a fairly longish nose, come to think of it.

In the past two weeks, he has told at least six blatant lies that I’m aware of, likely many more.  The question becomes, why?  Does he realize that his constituents are largely uncaring and ignorant of facts and only want to hear those things that can give them renewed purpose in hating any who don’t follow the Republican playbook?  But what about the rest of us?  Does it not matter to him that we see the smoke coming out of his mouth, that we DO know the facts, or at least are willing to spend 2 minutes looking them up?  Somehow, this ‘man’ has risen through the GOP ranks to become his party’s leader in the U.S. House of Representatives – a position that commands respect, but that respect must be earned, and he damn sure is not earning it.

Lie #1:  McCarthy claimed that oil prices are now “the highest that we have seen.”  Fact:  Crude prices peaked in 2008 under Republican President George W. Bush – more than double their level at the time McCarthy made this claim.  Crude prices were also higher at various points under Republican President Donald Trump than they were two weeks ago when McCarthy made his false claim or than they are today.

Lie #2:  McCarthy claimed that there is now “inflation at a number we have not seen.”  Fact:  While inflation was at a 13-year high in June and July, at a seasonally adjusted 5.3% on a year-over-year basis, it is not even close to the highest we have ever seen and not even close to the level of the late Carter era. Inflation was more than twice as high in every month of 1980 than it was in June and July of this year; its 1980 peak was 14.6%.

Lie #3:  Speaking about congressional Democrats, McCarthy asked, “Why aren’t they protecting the border from those 5,000 prisoners who have just left Afghanistan and — have the hope of coming across our borders?”  Fact:  There is no basis for McCarthy’s claim that 5,000 former prisoners have “just left Afghanistan” with the hope of coming to the US. And McCarthy neglected to mention that it was President Donald Trump’s own 2020 deal with the Taliban — a deal McCarthy had positive words about at the time — in which the US agreed to let up to 5,000 Afghan prisoners go free.

Lie #4:  McCarthy said, “We have watched state after state where Democrats have left the state.”  Fact:  Texas is the only state whose Democratic legislators left the state under Biden or Trump to deny Republicans the minimum attendance needed to pass elections legislation.

Lie #5:  McCarthy said Democrats’ new elections bill “would ban voter ID in every state.”  Fact:  The Democratic bill would not prohibit states from having voter identification laws and would not prohibit states from checking the IDs of in-person voters. Rather, it would require states to give voters an alternative to showing the ID the states normally demand — specifically, to allow voters who do not show that ID to instead submit signed statements under penalty of perjury attesting to their identity and eligibility to vote.

Lie #6:  McCarthy claimed, based on an anonymous report, that the Department of Justice has concluded that Donald Trump did not cause, incite, or provoke the violence on January 6th.”  Fact:  The report is anonymous, not an official FBI report, but is suspected to be a report published by Reuters news agency that said merely the FBI has found “scant evidence” that the January 6 riots were coordinated.  No idea where they got their misinformation.

I’m sure there are more lies, but these are enough to spread disinformation far and wide among Republican voters who are already heavily influenced by the conspiracy theories put forth by QAnon and others who seem to have members spread throughout the GOP.

Anybody have a tape measure?  We really ought to measure ol’ Kevin’s nose!!!  Or wait … maybe we should measure the noses of every Republican in Congress, for the GOP motto seems to be “Why tell the truth when a lie will work just as well?”

11 thoughts on “Lies, Lies, Lies — Is McCarthy’s Nose Growing Yet?

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  2. This guy is no different than dozens of other politicians. They will say whatever they think will appeal to their constituents (or the party, as Keith says). It doesn’t matter one iota if it’s true of not because they know the ones who will “believe” them do so because they want to believe — and they will rarely, if ever, take the time and/or effort to research.

    And, unfortunately, this is true on both sides of the aisle.

    ‘Tis the way of politics, m’dear.

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  3. Jill, even though I often reach out to Messer. McCarthy in his role pleading for him to use his incumbency for better leadership of the adrift GOP, I know it is a lesson in futility. Ironically, when he does slip up and tell the truth, he usually gets in trouble in his own party. That is when he does the backstroke. As an independent and former Republican, when the party vilifies its truth tellers and naysays truth, only to aggrandize liars and elevate lies, that speaks volumes about the lack of veracity. For Republicans who may read this post and comment, both parties lie, but the degree and pervasiveness in lying is heavily weighted to the right. I can disagree in policy with some Democrats, but I do not see the blatant level of untruthfulness that I see in leaders in the GOP, not just some of the more extreme folks like Trump, Taylor-Greene, Broetbart, Gosar, Brooks, Cawthorne, etc. who would not know the truth even if they tripped over it.


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  4. We are only, misled, because we want to, stay in that, ignorant bliss of ours, where, everything gets, painted over, with the dusts, swept, underneath that big rug, because, we want to be fooled into thinking, that if we don’t acknowledge it, then, it doesn’t, exist, which is why, there are, all these, politicians, of the, many of the world’s, natuons now, leading us, blind…

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  5. Isn’t it annoying to have a politician make positive statements that have no basis in fact. It’s almost like they feel obliged to tell lies in the hope that it’s only their party who is listening and can see they’re doing a sterling job. It’s unfortunate that very often the other party listens in and decided just to fact check that.
    The Republicans are playing a long game just now and they’re preparing their party for the feedback that’s sure to come. Pushing through unpopular legislation with the help of the Supreme Court, who should be judged not judging they show women that they have fewer rights than they thought, especially in regards to their own body. But now the push is on to change the voting rules for a lot of minority groups which is not popular with even some of their own voters but which could easily change the majorities and make sure it will be many years before the Democrats get to see their policies come into play again .Will Pinocchio be preparing himself for the Presidency?

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