Being Awful a Prerequisite for GOP

I have not been up to reading blogs for several weeks now, but lying awake at 4:00 a.m., I decided to read this one of Jeff’s, for the title intrigued me. What Jeff says here is spot on and echoes my own thoughts exactly, only he says it far better than I could. Thank you, Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

Growing up in Northeast Ohio in the 1960s and 70s, one thing my mother always taught me was to be polite. Yes, the golden rule is what many call the practice: Treat others as you wish to be treated. I’ve tried my level best to adhere to that mindset my entire life. Maybe I’ve fallen short here and there, but when I depart this earth at some point, I’ll have no regrets that I fulfilled my mom’s hope for her youngest son.

I’m beginning to wonder if the golden rule is slowly slipping away from us as a society. We don’t seem to care for our fellow human beings as we should. When you think about it, we’re not on this earth for a very long time. Why wouldn’t we at least make an honest effort to make it a more hospitable and friendly place?

When it comes to the…

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17 thoughts on “Being Awful a Prerequisite for GOP

  1. Thank you for sharing!!… glad you are on the mend… take your time healing.. there are elements of today’s societies that are closed minded, have found their comfort zone and will deny any change, etc that may threaten that comfort zone… in history’s past one would not hear much about these issues but today’s technology exposes the truth and reality, one can run but one cannot hide… one will just have to continue to work with people using that technology and hopefully have a compromise… 🙂

    Do take care, get well soon and until we meet again…
    May your spirit only know peace
    May your heart only know love
    May all your dreams come true
    May your life’s journey be filled with happiness
    And life is all that you wish for it to be….
    (Larry “Dutch” Woller)


  2. Blxxxy heck – I could LIKE the post and got that done with my happy-paddlesteamer-Swiss-flag-shot but cannot comment under my own name. Strange world this.
    It says ‘You are following this blog’ and it also says: Join 4559 other followers. I’m done here for today. I need my bed.

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  3. A read of great value, so thank you for ‘promoting’ it. But hey, at 4am you should sleep (says the insomniac to another)…. I left my bed at 4am last/this morning in order to check out a few things I couldn’t since Monday when I had my 2nd C-shot… so no good tips for spending the night ‘sleepfully’ from me. And not a long comment either because the ‘shot’ arm is still swollen like a grapefruit, hard like a good grapefruit and hot like my tea/espresso I need to survive…. Just: PLEASE GET WELL SOON and PERMANENTLY. And maybe do what an English friend told me about a betrayal happening to her and me stating that I couldn’t understand how she reacted so cool about it: I don’t get angry, I get even….

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    • That last comment by Anonymus was from me, Kiki. I don’t know and care even less why i’m once again persona non grata on WP…..


  4. Hey there Jill. Funny I had this feeling I must check ‘reader’ I am sure Jill is there…and first post up…’filosofa’ !
    So hi to you and very best wishes.
    Jeff is spot on.
    I am wishing everyday there is going to be a sign all my gloomy stuff is going to be proven wrong.
    You take care now.

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  5. Welcome back. I hope we will see more of you.
    I left this as the start of a comment on Jeff’s blog. There is more to it, but maybe this bit will pique somebody’s interest:

    Many years ago (circa 1970) I felt the need to revise the Golden Rule to bring it home more completely and responsibly. It is a bit more wordy than Ellen’s Amish statement, but I will give it up to your consideration anyway:
    Do willingly unto others only those things you would willingly allow others to do unto you.

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  6. Well, give me red shoes and call me Dorothy because discovering this post amidst my inbox must mean I am in Oz!! If worry were an art form, I would definitely have recently reached the peak of perfection! Be that as it may, you have chosen an excellent post to re-blog and even prompted a comment there from myself. Feel free to re-blog old posts of your own as well…at times even old news can be good news. Remember this : “A bend in the road is not the end of the road…unless you fail to make the turn.” – Helen Keller. Thank-you!

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