Do You Know What’s in the Infrastructure Bill?

These days it seems we are bombarded with ‘misinformation’ … I call them lies … but call it what you will, it has left us in the dark on many issues.  One topic that has been subjected to so many lies and so much confusion is the recently passed infrastructure bill, or BIF.  Many are simply confused, others are attempting to paint it as something it isn’t.  But, our friend TokyoSand over at the Political Charge blog has some excellent FACTUAL information!  I hope you’ll take a moment or two to read her post and see for yourself what is actually contained in this bill, rather than believing the falsehoods that readily float on the media and the internet.  Thank you, TokyoSand!

We can’t amplify and tout the fantastic infrastructure bill if we don’t know what’s in it. This overview will help.

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  1. Hi Jill, so glad I looked you up today. Have been wondering how you are. On hiatus myself as I begin working on hopefully a move to the nursing home where my aunt lives. MS progressing faster now, and fear of losing another brother to cancer creating a huge gap in my life. Love you, my friend. Our mutual friend couldn’t give me much info on how to reach you the last time we talked.

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    • Hello my dear friend! I have been suffering for nigh on three months now from a serious heart condition that is being treated, but I still have very little ability to do more than walk to the bathroom or up to bed at night, thus I haven’t been blogging or emailing. I thought David said he had given you my address a month or two ago … I told him it was fine for him to do so.

      I’m really sorry that your MS has gotten so much worse and that you will likely be moving into a nursing home. I know you are like me and you cherish your independence, but I’ve learned over the last couple of months that sometimes we can’t be as independent as we’d like. I do think of you often. I can send you my address via email if you still want it. Love you bunches … take care of yourself!!!


      • Hi again, Jill. I just got home from the hospital where I’ve been for eight days! Another fall, this time with a broken ankle. So much fun in life lately! Fell Monday of last week, surgery for repair on Tuesday, spent Thanksgiving there and finally was released today, but still not sure what day it is. My son brought me home and got me settled in my chair and here I sit, waiting for the so-called friend who said she would be up as soon as I got home to decide just when that will be. I am using a knee scooter to get around because no pressure is allowed on the knee for almost a month. Bummer, but it could have been so much worse. At least all of the first responders were HUNKS!!! Hurt like crazy going to the hospital but with eye candy like that who noticed? And the one in the back with me was so worried about my b/p which I have to admit was off the charts that he was right there all the time. It’s kinda inconvenient at the moment since I had been making great headway on downsizing, but it will work out in the end I guess.

        David didn’t know your address so I had only your phone number, but remembered what you said about your hearing loss so I didn’t try to phone you. Not sure you would have wanted to be tied up on the phone or not, but I have been praying for you all along.
        So good to be reunited with my laptop. Gina brought it to the hospital for me but there was no wifi connection so it didn’t do me a lot of good as far as using it. Nice to see it setting there all forlorn looking though. Just frustrating as **ll to see and not be able to use after the pain wore off.

        Well, I guess since my “sweet’ friend hasn’t shown up I’ll have to try to fix something to eat so wish me luck in that. Hope I don’t break something else trying to get to the fridge. Love you lots, my friend.
        Take care of your heart! I know some folks get a second one at times but that’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I knew someone a few years ago who had a transplant. Oh, yeah, one of my nephews died last night of COVID and his wife is in the hospital fighting for her life. They thought it was all a joke and refused to get vaccinated. When will they learn? None of their kids vaccinated and they say they still won’t get the vax. I don’t know! At least I got my booster today.


  2. As noted on my comment on TS’s post, this seems like a great bill on the surface. Previous administrations, D&R, have ignored these things for ever, and now especially bridges and railway tracks are more dangerous than they should be. It is the same in Canada. The companies and corporations that are involved in these infrastructure items are more interested in making money than keeping their equipment and infrastructure safe for their users.
    I am glad something is being done, but I am leery that public money is being used to prop up private corporations that should be doing this on their own dime. How much of this bill is corporate welfare under a different guise?

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  3. This information needs to be printed in every major newspaper. There’s far and away too much “interpretation” by those who want to paint Biden with a broad brush.

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