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If there is hope for a brighter tomorrow, a world where people care about people more than they care about money, a kinder, gentler world, that hope lies in today’s youth.  Today’s post highlights just a few of those kinder, gentler young people doing what they can for others.

Summer Linn is 8 years old and lives in Pearland, Texas.  This year Summer is baking cupcakes … LOTS of cupcakes!  Why?  Because she wanted to do something special for foster children, kids with no real home to call their own, kids who are often bounced from pillar-to-post multiple times in a year.  Summer was afraid that Santa Claus might not be able to find these children, so she’s baking cupcakes, selling them, and using the proceeds to buy Christmas gifts for foster children.

“He’s [Santa] very busy.  They get moved a lot. They’re special no matter what anyone says or does. Seriously. They deserve a good Christmas. They need a good home.”

Thus far Summer has baked over 2,000 cupcakes, selling at $5 per box.

I’m not a big sports fan … these days the level of competitiveness is a distinct turn-off for me.  But a couple of weeks ago, a team of young soccer players in Buenos Aires rose above the all-out competitiveness and reached out for a member of the opposing team with love in their hearts.

Luca Güerci’s mother had died just a few days before the big game and he was so very sad, but nonetheless he showed up and played the best game he could.  Beneath his jersey, Luca wore a shirt that read: “Thanks for everything, Mom. Kisses to you in heaven. I love you.”

But what happened after the game will bring a tear to your eye.  Every single player on the opposing team ran to Luca and engulfed him in a huge group hug!

These are only two of many such stories – stories about young people setting an example we can all learn from!

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  1. How delightful to discover a “Good People” post! These young people’s acts of kindness are not only heartwarming but also gives one hope for the future. Given that on this date in1955 Rosa Parks, by sitting down, took a stand for what she believed in it seems fitting to share a few of her words : “Each person must live their life as a model for others.” Total aside here, but on Aug.30th three members of Congress (Ohio, Alabama, & Tennessee) introduced “The Rosa Parks Day Act” which if successfully passed would make today a nationwide Federal Holiday. WHAK!! Thank-you!


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  3. Oh my. What wonderful stories here Jill. Thank you for sharing them. Being a former collegiate, semi-pro, and pro soccer/futebol player—a short stint in Brazil too—the Luca Güerci story really touched me❣️ Wow, be still my heart… and please hand me a tissue. 🥰


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    Hopefully this meme (I think it’s a meme?) came through. It raised my spirits greatly when I read it.


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