Snarky Snippets Returns!!!

It seems that every time I log onto any of the news media sites, I am driven to gnashing my teeth and muttering expletives under my breath … or sometimes on top of my breath, which explains how my cat learned the “f-word”!  There is just so damn much to be angry about these days, so much pure idiocy in the world.  I often look at friends and wonder how they can simply ignore the world around them and live in their own little nooks, happily focused on what to wear to a party or the new ornament they bought for their holiday tree or what to cook for supper, with never a mention of climate change, coup attempts, corrupt politicians, mass shootings, etc.  Must be nice to be able to tune it all out, but I can’t do it.  Thus, what follows is my first ‘Snarky Snippets’ post in several months.

Thumbs Down to Time’s “Person of the Year”!

Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2021 is the world’s most wealthy human, Elon Musk.  ELON MUSK???  Seriously???  They couldn’t find anyone more worthy for this honour than a man who is more interested in flying into space for no good reason than in providing food and housing for the poor, or helping victims of a natural disaster regain their lives?  On hearing this announcement, I immediately lost any and all respect for Time and vowed never again to subscribe to this publication.

But then, I took a look back at some of their previous “Person of the Year” selections and realized that I should have parted ways with Time long ago.  For example, Adolph Hitler was Time’s “Man of the Year” in 1938, and Joseph Stalin was actually awarded the honour twice, in 1939 and 1942.  Donald Trump was chosen in 2016 and Vladimir Putin in 2007.  To be fair, they have made some good choices, such as Greta Thunberg in 2019, Lech Walesa in 1981, and Dr. Martin Luther King in 1963.

Elon Musk is a nasty man.  For starters, he called quarantine measures “fascist” and demanded that officials return people’s “freedom.” He then kept his Tesla plant open in defiance of public health orders, with the result that over a hundred Tesla workers contracted COVID. They said the company covered up the outbreak. Then he fired workers after telling them they could take unpaid time off if they didn’t feel safe coming to work. He threatened to rescind his employees’ stock options if they unionized. He broke 11 other labor laws by harassing pro-union employees.  Although his net worth is somewhere above $300 billion, he pays relatively little in taxes and has received $1.3 billion in tax breaks over the past two decades.  He is an arrogant s.o.b. who denigrates any who dare to question or criticize him.

Time defines their “Person of the Year” as: “the individual or group who most shaped the previous 12 months, for better or for worse”, so I suppose in that context it makes some sense that they would glorify the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and Musk.  Personally, though, I would prefer seeing the honour, such as it is, used to pay tribute to those who have had a positive impact on life here on earth.  Bye-bye Time magazine!

Where are the Adults???

People have always and will always have ideological differences about how our government should function and how society ought to work … that’s nothing new.  Since its inception, Congress has been a venue for those differences to be aired and, at best, a compromise reached, at worst a stalemate that did no good for the people of this nation.  All of this is nothing new, but one thing is new and extremely disturbing.  In the past, we have elected adults with at least a modicum of education, a basic understanding of how the government functions, but today it seems the most immature samples of the human species are occupying a portion of the seats in our lawmaking body and are turning the process of governance into a three-ring circus.

There are numerous examples of this, such as Margie Greene and her QAnon conspiracy theories, her praise and adoration for a juvenile murderer (Kyle Rittenhouse).  Or gun-totin’ Lauren Boebert and her hostile, bigoted speech directed toward one of her fellow representatives simply because Ilhan Omar is a Muslim.  Or Paul Gosar, who posted an anime clip on Twitter that showed him killing another representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

All of the aforementioned incidents were horrifying examples of people who do NOT belong in Congress or any other branch of government, and all of them made my blood boil.  But perhaps the most disturbing were the holiday pictures taken and posted by Representatives Thomas Massey and Lauren Boebert showing their entire family, even young children, holding assault rifles.  Any mature adult with half a brain would NEVER even consider allowing their children to touch such a weapon, let alone take a picture of them with these instruments of death.  And even if they found it humorous, any adult with half a brain who was in a position of great responsibility to a nation of 330 million people would NOT for one minute post that picture on social media!!!

There are at least a dozen members of this Congress who should never, ever have been elected in the first place and should be occupying a prison cell or a mental hospital rather than an office in the United States Capitol!  I can only hope the people who elected these buffoons in 2020 have seen enough to make much wiser decisions next year!

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    • It IS improving, but far too slowly to suit me! I managed tonight to unload and partly re-load the dishwasher, wash a load of laundry, and put away a few groceries, by which time I was shaking like a leaf and barely able to stand. This has got to stop!!! No worries about being late to the party … the party lasts forever, my friend, and you are ALWAYS welcome! Hugs to you and to Sheila!

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        • Sigh … yes, I have an ongoing argument between my mind, which wants to do a heck of a lot more, and my body which only seems to want to sleep and sit in the chair reading. I keep thinking about that saying, “Mind over matter” and I tell my body that it does NOT rule this roost, that I can trade it for another if it cannot behave, but in the long run, I find that maybe it does, in fact, rule the roost. Sigh. 🙃

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  2. first of all, kyle is not a murderer, if you paid any attention to the trial and the actual video evidence, you’d be able to come to this rather obvious conclusion for yourself. but I guess you were okay with nbc stalking the jurrers right?

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    • Yes, Scott, I am aware of the verdict and have seen the video. Kyle choose to borrow an assault weapon and travel outside his own state to attend this protest … he had no business there, no reason to, but he was itching for trouble. He killed two people and injured a third without direct provocation … he had no monkey in this circus, but was looking for a fight. He is, in my book, a murderer despite what the lily-white jury decided. Give it a year and he’ll be back in court on some other charges … he’s trouble looking for a place to happen.

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  3. All that, and Canada is about to launch a TEN BILLION DOLLAR ROCKET into space, and SCIENTISTS all over the world are drooling with bated breath for the first pictures of space so distant they are hoping to see what happened at the start of he universe. This rocket ship will TRANSFORM into the biggest Infra-Red Telescope (called, of all things, The Web!) ever conceived by mankind, IF EVERY STEP OF THOUSANDS OF STEPS WORKS PERFECTLY! If even one step goes awry, the whole thing becomes a massive pile of junk metal, not worth the money of bringing it back to Earth.
    While I can appreciate that scientists want to know new things, they do not need to know it TODAY.
    Today, almost 8 billion people in the world are living below what we in the G-7 countries call the “poverty line.” And no matter how poor we are here in North America, we are still better off than almost everyone that lives in Trump’s “Shithole Countries!”
    $10,000,000,000 would help a lot more people in this world, including some right here at home in Canada, than the number of scientists in the world who will get their rocks off looking at pictures of things so far away in space and time that it will not help anyone here live a better life for the next 10,000 years.
    You ask about adults. The human race is nowhere near adulthood, and if the past really does tell us about the future, we will never reach adulthood.

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    • I am 100% in agreement with all you say, my friend! I see the space program in the U.S. and in Canada as a huge waste of money that could better be used to save lives here on Planet Earth, to help people survive the aftereffects of the pandemic, to build renewable energy sources, provide medical care, feed people, etc. I guess this is why I’m not rich, eh?


      • Would you want to be rich, really rich? I doubt it. I would not be able to handle riches.I like being poor. I maybe cannot give people all the help I wouldlove to be able to, but if I was rich I would probably not be the person I am today. I like myself the way I am!

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        • Nope … I like having enough money to pay my bills, eat out once in a while, buy groceries, and save a bit for an emergency, but other than that, I have no desire for more. I would no doubt give most of it away if I suddenly found myself to be a millionaire, give it to people about to be evicted, people living on nothing but beans, people who are the future of our world but cannot afford college. So many causes I could support. Like you, I’m content with who I am.


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  5. Your snark and anger has been missed Jill. All true, what you wrote. My only hope is that some of these idiots get indicted in 2022 for taking part in the Jan 6 insurrection. I’m so tired of these a-holes getting away with it, including you know who. Will 2022 finally be the year we see it? God I hope so.

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    • Awwww … thanks Jeff! These arseholes seem to have some sort of shield that protects them from ever being held accountable. Like you, I have a list of at least 25 who I would like to see spend anywhere from 5 years to a lifetime in prison, but I have doubts that it will ever happen. Still, fingers are crossed in hopes that at least Trump, Meadows, Bannon and a few others will be wearing orange jumpsuits next year.

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  6. Jill, I am glad you are fully back. Musk is far from perfect as with every person and we certainly can find fault with him. Yet, he has helped move the battery storage industry forward and his company’s efforts are 1/3 of three entities (Chinese solar panels, plus French design) that helped power the southern part of Australia with solar energy. Tesla is a car company disguised as a battery manufacturer. And, he has done a lot through donations. Does he have a very large ego? – yes. Has he said things that make you cringe? – Yes. Are their better candidates for person of the year? – yes. Keith

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    • Thanks, Keith! I’m far from being fully back, but am once again finding joy from my blogging, so I’m definitely in a better place than I was a month ago! I think his arrogance is a deterrent for me, and I have no use for the wealthy who don’t believe it is their responsibility to pay their fair share in taxes. I think Musk lives in a fantasy world of self-driving cars and space exploration, while the rest of us struggle to survive through a pandemic, climate change, and more down here on earth.


      • Keep up the good fight, my friend. No question, Musk is arrogant. But, he has done more than people are aware on fighting climate change, especially with the battery storage and showing that electric cars can be fast and cool. That last point may sound childish, but in so doing, he brought attention to electric cars by many who would not pay them any mind. Could he do more – absolutely.

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  8. Uh, Jill, please allow me a couple remarks: Hitler’s name was Adolf, not Adolph, and Stalin was person of the year for good reason: He fought and destroyed said Adolf and rid the world of fascism (at least for a while)!

    And Putin is by all means and purposes the best, most intelligent and levelheaded of all the collected “world leaders” we have right now. If Time really wants to award any politician with the Person of the Year honour, there is really no competition. 65% of Europeans would swap him for their own leaders – on the spot!

    In contrast to The West, the Russian Federation is completely democraticised, up to the last nook and cranny and the smallest Siberian hamlet. Pensions are paid on time and nobody goes hungry. That’s why our own politicians don’t like Putin, he makes them look like the assholes they are. Hubby and me, we always say “our boss” when we talk about Putin. ^.^

    But you’re right, Musk is an unbearable egomaniac with no political conscience and no human empathy nor values. A sociopath like Trump and Biden and all the other self-promoting politclowns.

    “Where are the Adults???”
    Great question, Jill! And you’re not the only one asking it and feeling that nagging hole in a system that’s supposed to govern us wisely and always with the thought of Common Wealth on its mind. Alone the last 18 mths of Covid-19 have shown us time and again how childish and how brainless our leaders truly are.

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    • Thank you for correcting my spelling of the murderous dictator’s name … wouldn’t want to offend him, now would I? Meanwhile, I have to disagree strongly with your comments about Putin. Yes, he is intelligent, but I strongly dispute the rest of what you say … he is NO hero and Russians certainly do NOT have the benefit of a democracy or even justice … they live in fear.

      There are good people with consciences in our government … but they are the silent minority, it would seem.

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      • “wouldn’t want to offend him, now would I? ”
        You may offend him as much as you fancy but this wasn’t offensive to Adi but to everybody on the planet with a basic comprehension of spelling.

        “I strongly dispute the rest of what you say … he is NO hero”
        No, ofcourse not.He’s a politician, only a better one than all the others.

        “and Russians certainly do NOT have the benefit of a democracy or even justice”
        Who told you that shit? They vote, they are organized in multiple parties, from far right nationalists to commies, it’s all there.

        ” … they live in fear. ”
        Absolutely not! I really start to wonder what sources you use. Who should the livev in fear of? The CP? Don’t be silly, they only get like 20% of the votes.
        Quite the contrary: I can’t wait to see who comes after the levelheaded and fairplaying Putin/Lavrov duo. Maybe some ultranationalist warhead, following America’s bad example?
        And when they butt heads … 😮

        “There are good people with consciences in our government … but they are the silent minority, it would seem.”
        Very minor minority. It’s system imminent in the USA: Once you’ve worked/bought your way into any kind of position in DC, you’re already compromised beyond believe. 😦


  9. Yeah, the world is, too harsh these days, especially, for those of us, who feel, too strongly over, everything, so many, injustices, so much, bullshit going on right now that I too, wish, I can become, blind, and, deaf to it all, but, I can’t…

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    • No my friend, we cannot become deaf and blind to all the injustice, for that is what ‘they’ want us to do. We must fight to preserve what is good in this nation and to make other things better.


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