Fire Da Bum!!!

Louis DeJoy, U.S. Postmaster General since June 16, 2020, is a ‘man’ without a conscience.  He was appointed by the former guy for one reason only:  to slow the mail and interfere with postal voting in the 2020 election during the time of a widespread pandemic that had already taken hundreds of thousands of lives in the U.S.  DeJoy had no prior experience that would have qualified him for the position of Postmaster General and since his appointment, he has done everything in his power to disrupt the mail service including raising postal rates, removing sorting machines from post offices, closing post offices, removing postal drop boxes and more.  Last year, a package I mailed to the UK for Christmas arrived a month later!

In addition to all that, DeJoy is profiting from his position well above his salary of over $300,000. Additionally, DeJoy got a $75,000 performance bonus in fiscal year 2021, plus about $56,000 in other perks, which includes membership in two airline clubs, retirement counseling and financial planning services   DeJoy did not divest himself of his $75 million equity stake in a company called XPO, a subcontractor for USPS. Under his tenure as Postmaster General, USPS has increased its business with XPO.  Additionally, when DeJoy sold his Amazon shares, he purchased stock options in Amazon that represent between 20 and 100% of his prior holdings.  USPS prioritizes Amazon package delivery.  DeJoy’s net worth is, not surprisingly, over $110 million.

Unfortunately, firing the Postmaster General is not as simple as saying, “You’re fired!”  Instead, it requires a majority vote of the nine-member Postal Service Board of Governors.  Last month President Biden announced the nomination of two new members to the Postal Service Board of Governors, including a new chairman, which could spell the end of Louis DeJoy’s controversial tenure as postmaster general … eventually.  Like most of the appointees of the former guy, DeJoy is as corrupt as they come and should never have been hired.  Let us hope that the Board of Governors sees fit to terminate his employment in the first half of next year so we can trust that our postal votes will be in good hands for the midterm elections next November!

Meanwhile, I loved Robert Reich’s take on DeJoy …

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  2. I’ve got a much better idea. Let’s fire Biden who has contributed to inflation by shutting down energy resources in our own country. Let’s also fire that son-of-a-bitch fauchi who has lied to the world since his reprehensible birth. The world would be much better off had neither of these two idiotic morons entered into the public sector to do their evil.
    I do agree that the post master doesn’t need a $75000 bonus, no one in government deserves a bonus, most of them probably don’t deserve the inflated salaries they get in the first place, courtesy of the funds stolen from hard working people in our country.


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