Already In 2022 … Guns And Death

As I write this post, it is just after 10:00 p.m. on January 1st 2022 in the U.S. and already 99 people have lost their lives to gun violence in the first 22 hours of the new year.  One of my New Year’s hopes I wrote about in a previous post was that reasonable gun laws would be enacted by Congress before the end of the year.  Had I taken a moment to write to members of Congress after seeing today’s statistics, my letter would have started with …

Hey, you STUPID Jackass, take your head out of your arse and do something right just for once!!!

But, as our friend Keith reminds me from time to time, that isn’t the right approach. It is certainly the one I felt at that moment in time, though.  There is something wrong with a nation, a society, whose citizens demand to be allowed to kill people, and that is exactly what the gun nuts in this country are doing.  Guns are intended to kill.  Period.  The only reason any fool wants to own a gun is to kill, whether they wish to kill fellow humans or animals.  And they will fight for the right to own an arsenal so that they can kill lots of people, before they will fight for the right for their children to get a good education or be able to live healthy lives.  Their guns mean more than their children, spouses, co-workers, neighbors, or dogs.

When I mention ‘reasonable gun legislation’, it is because I know that the sort of gun laws I would really like to see will never pass muster in this nation.  So, by ‘reasonable’, I am willing to compromise and settle for serious background checks on ALL gun purchases, disallowing anybody with a history of violence from owning a gun, and a cessation of conceal carry laws.  You want to carry a gun into Wal-Mart?  Fine, but make sure it can be seen by us all so we can exit and do our shopping elsewhere.  You’ll have most of the store to yourself … just you and your gun.

Last year, there were 42 school shootings in this country.  FORTY-TWO!!!  Thousands of children’s lives were in danger as they attempted to get an education!  Only in the good ol’ US of A.

In 2021, 44,768 people died as a result of gun violence.  Granted, Covid took more lives in the same time frame, and that is also the fault of the people in this nation who refuse to take precautions, but it is a story for another day.  Also, in 2021 there were 693 mass shootings, 310 children killed, 746 injured, 1,223 teens killed and 3,368 injured!  And yet, people just roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, and go back to watching their televisions or grilling steaks on the backyard barbeque!

Every single year the number of mass shootings, the number of children and teens killed by guns, increases over the prior year.  EVERY YEAR!  No other nation on earth has such an abysmal record!

Last month in Oxford, Michigan, a father purchased a gun for his 15-year-old son.  The next day, the son, Ethan Crumbley, took the gun to school where, with malice aforethought, he shot and killed four of his classmates and injured seven others.  He is being charged as an adult and will likely spend most of the rest of his life behind bars … as should his parents.  The parents are cowards who ran and hid, leaving their son to shoulder the blame by himself.  What parent in his/her right mind puts a killing machine in the hands of a teen???  A gun nut, that’s who.

No other country turns a blind eye, permits almost anybody to own a gun, as the U.S.  In essence, this nation tells people that it’s okay to kill … just don’t get caught!  In 1994, Congress actually got off their collective arses and passed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that prohibited civilian use of certain semi-automatic firearms that were defined as assault weapons as well as certain ammunition magazines that were defined as large capacity.  Unfortunately, by the time it expired ten years later in 2004, enough members of Congress were bought and paid-for by the NRA that the law was allowed to expire on September 13, 2004.  Every time that reinstatement has even been mentioned, the gun nuts go berserk and the members of Congress tuck their tails between their legs and slink off to safer turf.

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m sick and damn tired of walking through the grocery store not knowing whether that man perusing the bell peppers is carrying a gun and might just go off on a tangent if somebody accidentally bumps him with their cart.  I’m sick and damn tired of worrying about the children I see walking past my house in the morning on their way to the school bus, not knowing if they will be safe and return home all in one piece in the afternoon.  I’m sick and damn tired of reading about multiple shootings in my city every night, two of which were within a few feet of my front door last year!

DO SOMETHING, Congress!  The gun nuts in this country are destroying our peace of mind, not to mention our safety!  You have a responsibility … a grave responsibility … to every one of the people in this country.  Instead, you are owned, lock stock and barrel, by the wealthy arms industry and cowed by the gun nuts in the nation.  What about the rest of us?  Think about it.

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  5. I’m sorry Jill. It’s via me that the author of Theology Archaeology has found you, and I would not wish that upon anybody. He has been a… sparring partner, for a few years, but lately he’s ramped up his rhetoric towards both myself and another, and since he has never been amiable to reason or facts, we’ve cut him off, so to speak. He may latch on to you, and I apologise if he does.

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    • No need to apologize, Ben! He’s a bigot and I’m done responding to his comments, for I have too much else to do to waste my time with someone whose mind is closed and who doesn’t, as you say, listen to reason or facts. I had rather a good laugh out of him, but now I’m finished. Not your fault, so don’t feel bad about it!

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  7. Apologies for sounding cynical, but the only way to effectively pass gun control laws is to start our own PAC (political action committee), raise 100s of millions of dollars and literally bribe our congressmen, also employ dozens of lobbyists to fight the NRA and gun manufacturers and we might have a chance! …….follow the money……

    Forget trying to reform the gun nuts, they’re a lost cause. Cut the supply at the source.


  8. “Now is the time for a national policy on guns that takes the loopholes out of laws, the automatic guns out of our neighborhoods and the tragedies like today out of our future. Words alone cannot heal a nation. Only action can do that. Gun violence is a national epidemic. I demand action. The time for talk is over.” Similar words have been heard today. Those words were spoken by Michael Bloomberg, then Mayor of New York City and co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. On that day a 20 year old man with mental issues shot his way into the school, shot and killed 20 children 6 -7 years of age, 6 adult staff members including the principal before committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. This was after having killed his own mother, a gun enthusiast known to have at least a dozen firearms, in their home. He then took several of those weapons and drove her car to the school. Yes, the time for talk has long been over and still…exactly what has been accomplished?? WHAK!! Thank-you!

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    • I fully agree … we’ve talked ’til we’re blue in the face and NOTHING has been done! I would vote for confiscating every gun from every individual in the U.S., then bombing the gun manufacturing plants and forbidding them license to start over. But, of course, I’d be drawn and quartered for even suggesting such a thing! I do not understand the argument against background checks and DO NOT understand the argument for assault weapons! Who the hell needs a gun that can mow down hundreds of people within short minutes? How is that considered ‘self-defense’? Sigh. I am seriously considering taking my family and leaving the U.S. … I no longer think like these people and no longer believe that I belong here. I will be gone soon enough, but I’d like to know that my girls are living safely in a country that has a healthy respect for human life before I go. It’s obvious that nothing any of us say will change the minds of the uneducated gun nuts in the country, nor of the wealthy-and-getting-wealthier gun manufacturers and lobbyists. So, leave the country to them, let them kill each other off … sigh.


  9. Fear. It is all about fear. The NRA spreads fear and then the solutions. Be afraid of those people, be afraid someone will invade (notice they use words like invade deliberately) your home, be afraid someone will steal your car or wallet, be afraid those people will hurt you if you go there. But we have the solution to your fear, a gun is the great equalizer, you can use it to cause those others to fear … so they need to buy a gun also. More guns, only thing that stops a person with a gun is another person with a gun. Same with Fox News and other right wing media. Your country is being invade, crime is out of control, murders in Lib cities are out of control, states with Dem leaders are going to give your home to black people, make your son date another guy and turn your daughter trans, be afraid of trans women in a bathroom … but you can protect your freedom with a gun, so buy a bunch now. Politicians send holiday cards with all the family holding guns, the kids holding guns bigger than they are that would dislocate their shoulders and throw them through the air if they fired them. Dr Fauci will take away your rights unless you carry a gun to McDonald’s and Burger King. The gun will save you. But as I posted already this year, a dad shot his 16 year old daughter because she was sneaking either into or trying to sneak out of the house at 4:30 AM. He heard the security alarm beep and grabbed his gun which was not stored safely but kept ready and loaded to save his family Chuck Norris style, and rush to the spot filled with adrenaline and fear ready to shoot. Daughter gone. Life lost. Wouldn’t have happened if he had a bat, or a stun gun or even the old kitchen knife. Fear, the drug that helps fuel the rage of the right wing. Scottie

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  11. In Aotearoa New Zealand, the police are not routinely armed, but there is a call by some police officers to be allowed to carry weapons whenever on duty. I can think of no better situation in which to employ the statement by Mahatma Gandhi than in regards to arming the police. Currently they don’t use guns because they don’t have guns. That’s how it should remain.

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      • There’s a small but growing criminal fringe that are beginning to arm themselves, largely composed of deportees from Australia. It’s complicated but around 500,000 Australian residents have NZ citizenship, and any who are convicted of crimes are deported to NZ even if they have never lived here. This is a simplistic explanation: NZ criminals have not been armed as the police are not armed. Australian criminals are armed as the Australian police are armed. Criminals deported from Australia arm themselves when they arrive here. Some police feel the need to arm themselves in response. It’s an overly simplistic explanation and I do understand the concern of those police officers, but general arming of police is not the answer.

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        • What a mess! Yes, I can understand the police seeing a need to be armed, but more guns is not the way you want to go, else you may eventually end up like us! How are the Australians getting their guns into the country? Can’t they be searched upon arrival and any weapons confiscated?

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          • By world standards (but not American standards) we have a very high gun ownership rate – there’s an estimated 1.5 million guns in legal ownership. The exact number isn’t known as there is no gun registration system here. Guns can legally be sold only to someone with a gun owners licence, but there is a black market where some licenced gun owners sell their guns to those without a licence. The major source of illicit guns however is through legally owned guns being stolen. A few guns are probably smuggled into the country, but are insignificant compared to legally owned guns entering the black market by way of illegal sales or theft.

            Legislation setting up gun registration was passed in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings, but they don’t come into effect until 2023 I believe. Registration will be managed by a new independent authority, and not put into the hands of the police to manage.

            The previous police commissioner did establish a trial of armed police in 2019 in regions with high rates of violent crime, but public opposition was so strong that it was abandoned before the trial period was completed. The current commissioner has stated that routinely armed police will not happen while he’s in command as it’s contrary to community style policing.

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            • Sigh. Guns have to be the worst invention humans have ever made! Here, we have 330 million people and an estimated 120.5 guns for every 100 people! I have left stores before upon seeing a gun on somebody’s person and I absolutely refuse to allow anybody into my home with a gun, but methinks I am in the minority regarding my hatred of the weapons. Interestingly, I keep getting emails from some organization (I’m sure it’s not legitimate) offering me a conceal-carry license with no background check, no questions asked.

              Until the past decade or so, I felt safe with guns in the hands of police, but in the wake of so many intentional shootings of unarmed people, usually Black or Hispanic, by police officers, I no longer trust them, either. A sad state of affairs and one that is unlikely to change in my lifetime, if ever.


              • Where NZ differs considerably from the US is that the carrying of any weapon for defensive (or offensive) purpose is illegal. Gun, sword, knife, baseball bat, pepper spray or even a screwdriver, makes no difference. Which is why most criminals don’t carry weapons because if they are spotted “acting suspiciously” and are stopped by police and are found to have a weapon of any type with them then they will most likely be arrested.

                When applying for a gun owners license, one of the questions is about why you wish to have/use a gun. One way of guaranteeing to have the application declined is to state that it is for self defence or to feel safe.

                Guns must be stored securely and separately from ammunition and this also is a requirement when weapons are being transported to the location where they will be used, which makes them practically useless as a means of self defense anyway.

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                • You guys are much better than we are, then! I like that ‘self-defense’ is not considered a valid reason for gun ownership! It’s about the only reason anybody gives here, but why they need an AR-15 that can kill 50-60 people in under a minute is beyond my comprehension! I can’t imagine that NZ will ever stoop to the level of the U.S. where guns can be bought and sold with NO background check, NO license … sigh.


  12. Every word you say is true Jjill. Year on Year the name of the United States becomes more tarnished, more reviled, as people look on to see the bought and paid for politicians turn their collective backs on the very people who put them in power. We all look on in incredulity as guns are placed in the hands of people like Kyle Rittenhouse who are not punished for their killings but are lauded by the same corrupt politicians, offered positions within their ranks. Training for the use of weapons should not be the responsibility of those who sell the arms, they just hold Local Family Fair days intended to sell even more weapons for ‘fun’ but do not address the issues of responsibility. That’s making the poacher responsible for local wildlife preservation.
    In he Past the USA has declared itself the Peacemaker of the World and yet have been involved in more conflicts, then made worse with the addition of more weapons of war in places where that level of sophistication has not been known and things exacerbate out of control. Wars end when they’re allowed to, and that includes the wars at home but Politicians can’t be allowed to continue with their corruption, accepting money to support those who don’t work in the best interests of the people they represent. Politicians should accept just their pay from the US government as long as they are in power. The NRA and Big Pharma should not be dictating policy and forcing legislation and the people have to direct their votes to suborn this by putting people of conscience in power.

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    • Hey, David, there is one more thing that could be done. Make weapon manufacturing illegal. There are already more weapons in this world than there are people to use them, and while America does not produce all of the weapons manufactured in this world, they produce a significantly large number of them. To shut down weapon factories would go a long way to regaining some respect for Americans in the eyes of the world, and just might convince other nations to do likewise.
      As it is, there are enough weapons and ammunition in existence right now to fight 1000 wars over the next 1000 years and not run out. Why do me need to keep producing more?

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    • Frankly, I would like to see every gun owner or gun buyer have to pass a qualifying 2-part test and if they can’t, then take their guns and put them on a “NO GUNS ALLOWED” list for life. But then, I would like to see every gun confiscated and destroyed and the arms factories shut down …. or blown to smithereens.

      The U.S. is likely the only nation who considers it the “Peacemaker of the World” when we have been involved in most every war on the planet. The U.S. is filled with arrogant people who see themselves and the nation as being somehow superior to others. That, as we both know, is complete bullshit.

      Until the Supreme Court reverses the Citizens United ruling and takes the big money out of political campaigns, nothing is likely to change. Frankly, I think We the People should start a tax revolution, stop paying our federal income taxes so that these men and women in Congress won’t get paid until they learn to operate in the interest of the people, the average people, not the wealthiest people. But then, what do I know, right? Sigh.


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  14. I want to hear more about the 99 people who died today (yesterday now) from gunfire. But I also want to know how many people died last year at the hands-holding-guns of the police. Their deaths should be counted with everyone else’s. Where once upon a time police officers aimed to injure, thus stopping the gunfire, now they shoot wildly hoping to kill. One well-placed bullet is entirely effective. How many bullets are fired in a police battle nowadays? Too many to even count. And how many of those bullets end up “in” innocent bystanders? And the police don’t seem to care…

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    • Good point … I may do a piece sometime soon about police shootings, but it will require a bit of research that at the moment I don’t have the energy for. You’re quite right … it used to be that cops were trained to aim to disable, but today I have read they are told to ‘shoot to kill’. I strongly suspect that how many bullets are fired, or even if bullets are fired, largely depends on the skin colour of the ‘suspect’. Sigh.

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      • I don’t know. A video clip of a gun battle between Edmonton cops and white drug traffickers the other day showed two cars riddled with bullet holes. They belonged to the bad guys. But that was Canada. America has other “rules,” I know that too.

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