One Nation, Divisible, with Liberty and Justice for Few – How the U.S. could split up

Due to my own unfortunate circumstances of late, I have not been reading many blogs, but I’m gradually working my way back into the fray. Tonight, I read Robert’s blog and I found it to be extremely well-written (as his always are) and more thought-provoking than any I’ve read in a long time. I urge you to read this from start to finish and think about the possible outcomes of our current state of division. There are no easy or particularly good solutions. Thank you, Robert, for this excellent piece of work!

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One Nation, Divisible, with Liberty and Justice for Few
How the United States of America could split up much sooner than expected
January 3, 2022

By Robert A. Vella

The United States of America is currently the longest standing democracy in the world at nearly 246 years old (as a constitutional republic, it is almost 234 years old).  The next oldest democracy is Norway at 208 years old.  That’s quite an accomplishment considering that it barely survived tearing itself to pieces during the disastrous Civil War of 1861-1865 and also the global threat to democracy posed by Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan during the catastrophic Second World War.  But, even the most optimistic Americanophiles have always known that the U.S. could not endure forever.  All countries experience multiple peaks of achievement and valleys of failure, and all of its various forms of government are inherently transitory.  Even the…

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29 thoughts on “One Nation, Divisible, with Liberty and Justice for Few – How the U.S. could split up

  1. I’ve been saying for the last few years, when the revolution needs me call! I’m not just pissing in the wind here either.

    I told my wife just today, I’m considering writing a D Congress person to ask, that when this **** actually goes down, I want to know where they want me. Where can I do some good for my country? I think this is a question we need a good answer to.

    I can’t take on all of these moronic mouth breathing rednecks by myself. I live right smack in the middle of MAGA land.

    Will travel. I sure don’t want to be here. Nor do I want my family here. I hope for the best, but I tend to plan for the worst, and I don’t have the info I need to do that.

    In the meantime, still hoping for the best. But we all know, it ain’t looking good right now.

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      • That would be my preference, but a year ago today, we saw what they are capable of. They are still primed. Facebook, other social media platforms, idiot tv e.g. Faux news, Newsmax, OAN, all still stirring the pot. Our red hat militia wannabes are still looking for the crack in the armor. You can count on that.

        The R party as we all know, is now moving to legislate their hold on power through gerrymandering and voting roadblocks.

        If/when they accomplish their goals, and we realize we have had our democracy overthrown, either by a vilolent coup or the subversive attempt at takeover, and find ourselves living under a new dictatorship, it is time to bloody some noses.

        Like it or not.

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        • Well, there is one school of thought that says, “Fight fire with fire,” but I typically think more along the lines of, “Let us not stoop to their level.” Let’s fight the attempts at gerrymandering and voter suppression through legal channels, like demanding that our senators pass the two voting rights bills sitting on their desks. These are tough times, but … I just don’t want to lower myself to their standards, I’d rather fight with my voice than my sword … especially since I’m 70 years old and don’t own a sword or a gun … a kitchen knife would be the best I could come up with!


  2. I don’t think it matters how long we have been a democracy. The point is we are one and have been for a long time. Sure there are others and different forms, but nonetheless.

    While I agree that in reality a separation cannot feasibly be done (I wish it could although I’d have to move) I also do not see a way out.
    I’m also not sure education is the answer. I mean look at Ted Cruz and he went to Harvard. Some educated smart people are also trumpers and far right republicans. We all know of some, I think.
    One chance might be for the moderate republicans to take back their party, but I don’t see that either and a third party doesn’t stand a chance.

    Control of Fox News etc. and the am radical right radio stations and social media, hate speech, white nationalists organizations, kookie Drs. and health gurus might help too. Even mainstream media denigrates Biden and never speaks of his accomplishments and how they are so often blocked by the republicans. But after all, we have freedom of speech in a democracy.

    So how do you stop a car hats already fallen over a cliff? Not until it hits bottom. I think we still hav a long hard dangerous road ahead..hope I’m wrong.

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    • Like you, I’d have to move if such a division were ever to occur, but I don’t see it happening. The reality is more likely that we will be ruled by an autocrat, one with no social conscience, and it will be decades, perhaps centuries, before this nation can be whole and happy again.

      The only hope for the Republican Party is to completely be dissolved, then rebuilt by people of conscience, people who take their oath to the Constitution and the people seriously. As long as Trump is pulling the puppet strings, however, that isn’t going to happen.

      You are so right, my friend … we have a long and treacherous journey ahead and we may well have already begun our descent off of that steep cliff. Like you, I hope I’m wrong.

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    • Dearest Mary, I was not referring to educating such people as Ted Cruz, whose head is already up his ass. I was referring to better educating the poorer and middle classes, as in the majority of voters. Those who mainly vote Republican in the greatest numbers do not have the good sense to critically examine the lies they are being told. Trump says he is speaking the truth even when he knows he is lying, because he knows those less educated people will believe him without question. I’m not saying there aren’t educated fools who choose to ignore his lies, the Republican Party’s lies. but the many can’t grasp that a liar is lying if he says it is the truth. This is where I think, and firmly believe, better education can give them the tools to see through the lies. Even then, maybe that won’t be enough, I don’t know. But there is a reason Republicans do not want an efficient and effective education system. They get to keep their elitist position, being able to have people believe their lies.

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      • Last two sentences says it all. I also think it’s inherent in the genes that a vast number of people are are gullible and willfully ignorant and apathetic and the con men know this and take advantage of it. I get your point about education, but I think the media is an even bigger problem..with the lies, conspiracy theories, pushing fear and sensationalism, especially the right. Anyway I sense this is just going to have to play out and it’s going to be a long haul that only future generations way down the line, may be able to reverse..but not at present.

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        • I know we’re all getting old, Mary, and apathy is setting in. It isn’t our job to change the world anymore. We tried, were winning for a while, but in the end we lost. It is time to pass the torch.
          But who are we passing the torch to?
          I think you are somewhat right about the media, but are we to let the media control us, or are we going to control the media? They don’t see their jobs as being truth-telling journalists anymore, they are profit-making machines out to bilk the public. In “days of old” we boycotted those companies and industries that failed to produce goods up to the standards we set for them. When is the last time we, as a generation, boycotted anything? Our children’s children don’t boycott anything anymore, or not enough to makes real waves across the world. We still have time to show them the power they have. Let”s go down fighting, not whimpering and whining!

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  3. Moving on from my reply to Clive, I think my comment about “civil war” is a lot more likely than Robert’s idea to split the USA into blue and red. Every state in the union has both Republican and Democrat voters, lots of each. I understand why he is splitting it the way he is, but it will not work. Democrats are not going to turn red, nor are Republicans going to turn Blue. What about all the Black, Brown, Yellow, and Red people, are they going to have a say in the matter? Or are the Whites once again going to try to dominate them as they have been trying to do for the past 250 years?
    I think earlier on I myself proposed such a split, but after thinking about it, it cannot nor will not work. Your citizens are too interspersed to even try.
    But the thing is, something has to be done. The rift between peoples of all races and political persuasions must either be healed, or be allowed to come apart at the seams. No one wants civil war, but neither do we, including non-Ameticans, want to see your nation disintegrate. A peaceful solution needs to be found, and in my mind that solution can only be found in education around what democracy is, and what it is not! Education will hopefully lead to responsibility, with everyone taking responsibility to keep your nation together, not purposefully working to make it fall apart. Somewhere there has to be a happy median, but if that median is not found soon, I do not want to see the results of the failure…

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    • Either option, civil war or a nation divided into two separate nations, would be a disaster, one that I sincerely hope I won’t live to see. There aren’t likely to be any peaceful solutions as long as both sides stubbornly fight against even the common core values of the other. With that said, I am seriously considering moving my family out of the U.S. in the next year or two. Canada is one option we are considering and the UK is another. I don’t look to be around a whole lot longer, but I don’t wish to leave the girls in this country, given its current state of affairs and what is likely to happen going forward.


      • As much as I hate to have to say this, Canada is turning into a possible mirror of the USA. But you and those like you would definitely be welcome here, because having your voices added on top of those voices who reject the Conservative way of life might be enough to turn the tide, and keep us Canadian. That is a most hoped for result.

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    • Because he is American. Sorry, Jill, but the statement that the USA is the oldest democracy in the world is nowhere close to true, unless you define it to fit only the American style of democracy, which is only one type. I’m with Clive. His statement is extremely fatuous!

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        • No. I live in Canada, where we learn more about world history than we do even about Canadian history. We are but one nation, though large in area, we do not try to be above everyone else. Until we can figure out a way to create a world government, we must share this planet with everyone else. No one nation can be allowed to dominate the rest.

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    • In truth, the U.S. has never been a pure ‘democracy’, but rather a democratic republic … there is a difference. While we have, for one reason or another usually involving wealth-privilege, given up some of the democratic principles, and while others never truly existed, we still have much democratic-style freedom, especially as compared to many other nations. Now, how long that will last remains to be seen, given that our voting rights are being taken from us and many of our civil rights are eroding. Can the U.S. retain its mostly democratic foundation beyond 2024? I’m not betting on it and hope I won’t be around to see it.

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      • I may not be answering this for Clive, but it is not about 0whether the USA is a democracy or not. This is about RAV”s arrogant statement that America is the oldest running democracy. It is just so typically “American” to assume America is at the top of the heap, even when it is not. (We know not all Americans are like that, but there ARE THOSE who put themselves at the top of any list of anything. Certainly you have the most gun nuts of any nation on earth, but you also own the most arrogance of any nation on Earth, but that is where being “the best” ends. This is best shown in America’s supposedly favourite past time, baseball. You call your championship the WORLD SERIES, but you don’t allow any other nation, except the Toronto team, to play for that championship. It should rightly be called the American Series, but that is not gaudy enough for Americans. They NEED to pretend they are the best for their collective psyches. Horse racing Triple Crown, run only in America, is another example. It is talked about as if the winners of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes are the top horses in the world, but send those same horses to England or Europe and they become also rans 90% of the time.)
        I apologised directly to you, Jill, because I know you are not like that, and neither are a lot of other Americans, but the majority are. And with Trump this has only become much more evident, at the very same time as showing the rest of the world that this arrogance is completely false! “Americans,” those who do suffer from this disease, are so scared to be “common” that they have to puff their chests up so they look the way they pretend themselves to be. But chests can only be puffed up for so long before the air has to be let out of the balloons they call their lungs. This may not have been what Clive was referring to, but I bet my money it is. I know it makes me want to puke, no offence to you or those like you.

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