Filosofa Tries Not To Rant … Oops!

I tried really hard last night to write a post that didn’t turn into a rant.  I failed.  The only news I read that didn’t evoke a rant, put me to sleep!  There’s just so darned much to rant about these days …

It appears that the inglorious Republican Party is determined to impeach President Biden.  It started the day after his inauguration when Margie Greene filed articles of impeachment against the President (before he had even settled in, let alone made any policy decisions) claiming that he had ‘abused’ his power.  Nobody took it seriously, knowing that Margie is a conspiracy theorist, follower of QAnon, and not terribly intelligent.

The latest, though, really sent me into rant mode.  Senator Ted Cruz, also not terribly intelligent, has said that the Republican Party will impeach President Biden in 2023 if, in fact, they manage a majority in both chambers of Congress in the mid-term elections this November.  He made it clear that there was really no reason for impeachment, no legitimate cause, other than “just because we can.”

“… whether it’s justified or not … the Democrats weaponized impeachment. They used it for partisan purposes to go after Trump because they disagreed with him. And one of the real disadvantages of doing that . . . is the more you weaponize it and turn it into a partisan cudgel, you know, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

No, you Jackass!  Trump was not impeached because we disagreed with him!  He was impeached … TWICE … because he broke the law, abused the power of his office, and stabbed the people of this nation in the back with his autocratic ways!  Take your head out of your rather large posterior and wake up, Senator Cruz!

Now, I don’t anticipate that the Senate, even if led by a Republican majority, will vote to convict President Biden and remove him from office, because so doing would leave them with … GASP … a president who is both a Woman and Black!  The two things they hate most!

Unfortunately, Cruz is not up for re-election until 2024, at which time I hope the good people of Texas will remember how he abandoned them when a winter storm left them without electricity, leaving the country and heading for Cancún where the temps were in the 80s and electricity was plentiful.

Two of the former guy’s minions seem to have established organizations that are, in addition to other issues, advocating murder.  Okay, I know that’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m angry.  They are actually suing the Biden administration over vaccine mandates, which in my book means they prefer that everybody has the right to remain unvaccinated and thus go about spreading the lethal virus, infecting and killing people.

The first such organization is headed by the man with Nazi ties, former senior adviser and the architect of the former guy’s draconian immigration policies, Stephen Miller.  The organization is America First Legal (AFL), whose goal is to “oppose the radical left’s anti-jobs, anti-freedom, anti-faith, anti-borders, anti-police, and anti-American crusade” and “defend our citizens from unconstitutional executive overreach.”  Also affiliated with the AFL are former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker – a whole bunch of arseholes all under one umbrella.

The group is suing the Biden administration over “tyrannical and unconstitutional vaccine mandates,” claiming, among other things, that OSHA doesn’t have the power to “try and end pandemics.”  Like … ending the pandemic is a bad thing??????????  Sheesh!

The second group is led by former Vice-President Mike Pence and calls itself Advancing American Freedom (AAF).  You notice how these groups toss about that term ‘American’ as if anybody not on their side must not qualify to be an ‘American’?  AAF has joined forces with AFL to attempt to convince the Supreme Court to block the implementation of OSHA’s vaccine-or-testing mandate, arguing it is unconstitutional and poses a burden on workers.  WHAT burden???  The burden to keep safe and also help keep their co-workers, families, friends and neighbors safe?  Is that really such a burden?

My daughter, granddaughter and I have all been fully vaccinated, including the booster, and I can tell you that it did NOT infringe on our personal freedoms nor cause us any ‘burden’ in any way, shape, or form!  We can end this pandemic if every person does their part, but some would obviously prefer to spend massive amounts of time and money ensuring that more and more of us will become ill and many more will die needlessly.

And now, I will stop ranting so I can manage a bit of sleep tonight and so you can find something cheerier to read on a Sunday morn!  Have a great day!

22 thoughts on “Filosofa Tries Not To Rant … Oops!

  1. I’m all for freedom of choice, and super happy to hear that you and ur family are safe and protected by getting fully vaccinated, and that’s ur right to choose. I also support those who chose not to get vaccinated b/c we all abide by the Constitution, which gives us inalienable individual rights and freedoms in relation to our person. We are all sovereign citizens and have the right to choose.
    “My body, my choice” isn’t just a hollow aphorism, it’s natural law and a fundamental human right. Nobody, not the church, politician, doctor, no matter how well meaning can say otherwise – to dictate policy according to an agenda, even if it’s to save lives.
    Christians believe they are doing the right thing by banning abortion, doctors propose vaccine mandates, both are trying to save lives…. yet both are utterly wrong. Freedom ultimately must prevail above all.
    Thank you Jill for providing a rich and nourishing safe space for discussion and expressing ideas with different points of view. 🙂


  2. I believe it was Sigmund Freud who said “unexpressed emotions never die” and I would add that oft times they will keep one up at night too! Rant on and keep writing about the things that need to be heard. “Don’t keep all your feelings sheltered – express them. Don’t ever let life shut you up.” – Steve Maraboli. WHAK!! Thank-you!

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    • Freud was right … they simply fester and grow if not let out! Thank you, Ellen … I shall keep ranting as long as there is something that makes me growl, and I suspect that means I shall keep ranting until my very last breath! WHAK!!!


  3. Jill, breathe in, breathe out. Repeat. Let me leave you with a thought. On CBS Sunday Morning News, the results of a group of historians assessment on the presidency of Donald Trump, he ranks in the bottom five. They said he did do some good things, but on top of the many not so good, he will be most remembered for his poor handling of the pandemic where he failed to lead at numerous points (even with giving him some credit for the vaccine development) and the Big Lie which led to an assault on our democracy. One historian said he left a divided America when he left the office.

    What I also found interesting is he is the only former president to market himself to the historians so he would be remembered better. This reminded me of the annual Forbes 400 richest people, where the Forbes people said only two people ever marketed to be on the list – a man in India and Donald Trump. Ego abounds.

    Biden is an imperfect president just as he is an imperfect man. But, impeaching him over that is bridge too far. It wasn’t like his predecessor who overtly betrayed his country right in front of us. Keith

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    • Breathing in … breathing out … hear that wheeze? 😮‍💨

      Only the bottom 5? I have to find that, for I’m beyond curious as to who the other 4 were. His bungling of the pandemic that put every one of us in jeopardy is certainly one of the things that he’ll be most remembered for, but to me, it’s all his blatant lies and his attempts to play the role of a dictator that will keep me from ever forgiving him. And then, as you say, there’s the Big Lie that has left this nation torn asunder and from which I’m not sure we can ever reunite.

      Indeed, he has an ego the likes of which I have NEVER seen in any human before! And I’ve seen some pretty big egos in my lifetime, especially in politicians. Regarding his ‘wealth’, though, I understand he much overstates it, and relatively speaking it isn’t anywhere near the top 400! If all his debts were called in at once, he would likely be applying for food stamps!

      Nobody is perfect, and presidents often have to make decisions with imperfect information at hand, as Biden has done. But, in Trump’s case, he made poor decisions because he wouldn’t listen to his advisors and claimed that he alone knew what was best in all cases and even knew more than scientists and medical experts. That is a recipe for disaster, one that will leave a bad taste in our mouths for a long time, I fear.


  4. If there can be a perfect rant, this could be it. Why not highlight the stupidity of those supposedly in the position of caring for the people but who do the opposite. That Cruz returned quickly froim Cancun is not testament to his care but rather to his cowardice when Texans rose against him.

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    • I sincerely hope their disgust is still simmering when it comes time for his re-election., and that of every other Republican Congressperson who has shown that the people don’t matter.I hope you enjoyed a sound sleep after getting this off youir chest and that the justified rants keep coming.

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      • I share your hopes, but the reality is people have short memories and will likely have moved on and forgotten about Cruz’ lack of concern for his constituents and even forgotten about the attempted coup on January 6th. More rants ahead, I’m sure …


    • Thank you, kind sir! A perfect rant, eh? I like that! You’re right … if we don’t highlight the stupidity, if we simply ignore it and sweep it under the carpet, then it’s destined to continue. Cruz is a grade-A jerk whose only concern is his own self-interest.


  5. Glad, to hear, that you and your families are, fully, vaccinated, and, I think, that the Republicans’ attempts to get Biden impeached, is merely, the, response of how Trump was, impeached, it’s, retaliation, and, it goes, back and forth, back and forth, like how one child, hits another, and the one who’s hit, hits back, and, it, never stops, until, a highter, authority figure, stops them, but, un the case of Republicans v. Democrats, it just, keeps on, going, going, going, and, it never ends…

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    • Thank you! You’re quite right … the Republican attempts to impeach Biden are nothing more than childish retaliation, even though they know without a doubt that Trump was guilty of his crimes, and thus far Biden has committed NO crimes. I hope this isn’t a trend that we’re going to have to put up with every time we have a new president — I hope adults return to Congress and evict the childish minds that are there now.


  6. Hope you had a good sleep. At least you got something off your chest beside medical equipment and bandages and stuff (if you had any on in the first place.) Ranting can be good for the spirit. LuL.

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