Good People Doing Good Things — Stuck In The Snow!

When a sudden snowstorm hit Virginia, Washington D.C., and other surrounding areas on January 4th, the roads and interstate highways quickly became a mess, stranding some drivers for as long as 24 hours in their cars on icy, snow-covered roadways. Today’s good people emerged from that situation.

Life-saving bread

Casey Holihan Noe and her husband John, along with many other motorists, had been stranded on I-95 for over 20 hours and noticed that a Schmidt Baking truck was also stuck out on the road with them.  Said Casey …

“After almost 21 hours of being stuck on 95 South, sleeping here over night, not having access to food or water, and all of the nearest towns being out of power we were tired, frustrated, and hungry. Many of the people stuck out here had small children, were elderly, had pets in the car, and hadn’t eaten in almost a whole day.”

So, they decided to call Schmidt Baking Company in Baltimore in the hope that maybe it would be willing to offer whatever products were on the truck.

“We reached out to Schmidt Baking Company and begged them to open their truck that was stuck out here with us. We didn’t think it would actually work, but less then 20 minutes later we got an incredible surprise.”

Chuck Paterakis, one of the owners of H&S Bakery, which operates Schmidt Baking Company, called the couple directly.

“We received a personal call from the owner of the company Chuck who contacted the driver. This driver Ron Hill opened the back of the truck and with the help of some people close by passed out bread to more than 50 cars who were all incredibly thankful.”

About 300 packages of bread were handed out that day. Some families had children who had not eaten for hours on end.

“Some people said this was a saving grace for them. This was one of the kindest moments I have ever witnessed. Thank you Schmidt.”

An Uber dude with a big heart

An Uber driver who was stranded on I-95 in Virginia is being praised for his kindness and determination to get a young passenger home safe.

DaVante Williams was stuck on I-95 near Washington, D.C. for nearly 6 hours with an “overwhelmed” teenage passenger who was trying to get home to Williamsburg, Virginia — about 150 miles away. The teenage girl was originally going to take a train, but it was canceled due to a derailment, so she turned to Uber. Williams said she was “very, very emotional” after first having attempted to get home on a canceled train ride, only to become stranded on the highway.  According to Mr. Williams …

“She would call her mother or call her father here and there to communicate what was going on. She was overwhelmed, and I totally understood because all she wanted to do was get home.”

He also spoke to her parents to let them know he would take care of their daughter. Williams finally found a way to exit the interstate around 7:30 a.m. the next morning. Exhausted from sitting in traffic all night and still a long way from home, Williams booked a hotel room for the young rider to get some sleep and make alternative travel plans. He even offered to drive her the rest of the way home once the roads were clear, at no charge. Ultimately, a family friend was able to pick her up and drive her safely home.

An Uber representative later called Williams, thanking him and asking for a receipt of the hotel room to reimburse him.

Not all heroes are humans!

Grga Brkic was with two other hikers and his eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute, North, in the Velebit mountains in Croatia when he fell 150 meters down a slope and was unable to move. The other two hikers could not reach him and called for help. North didn’t leave his side.

North curled up on top of Brkic and kept him warm for the entire time it took for the high-altitude rescue mission which lasted 13 hours. 27 first responders eventually reached Brkic where he was stranded, nearly 1,800 meters above sea level.  Says Brkic …

“The minutes and seconds before they arrived were so slow. This little dog is a real miracle.”

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  2. we just have to have a small flurry of snow and there can be chaos on the roads. Okay if you are near a village and locals open up the village hall and their homes, but if everyone is stuck far from any sign of civilisation… Truck drivers usually help out with their on board facilities to make tea or let you have a pee! I have never been stranded yet!

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    • It is the same here! People lose their minds at the first mention of snow and empty the grocery shelves, then find some excuse anyway to get out on the roads! It takes so little. I’m glad you’ve never been stranded … I haven’t been either for more than a few minutes, though I once almost slid off of a steep cliff … that was scary!


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