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A few nights ago, our friend David suggested I do a post asking for readers’ opinions on the most current issues and I thought it was a great idea, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Meanwhile, David himself posted a ‘questions’ post that asks six very pertinent questions. I couldn’t have done better, so I am sharing his. David has had some problems with his blog lately and unfortunately, there is no room for comments on his, so I will be asking him to check out comments here and respond where he feels so inclined. Thank you, David, for these thought-provoking questions.


Before we start, if you are a confirmed Republican who sees no problems confronting your Country at the moment and feels that everything is as it should be with the reduction in voting rights within the states adopting them, and that the Investigation into Jan 6th is wrong, there’s no point in starting an argument with me as you won’t change my views. If you have any constructive suggestions as to how things could change to benefit the United States We want too hear them. Please include any opinions on the current status of gun control too if you have them.

1.Are the current State Changes to voting legislation fair to all? If not, what is wrong with them and how can they be changed to ensure fairness?

2.Why will Republicans not bring forward and vote for the new Bills on Voting Rights, waiting in the wings.

3. Do You…

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52 thoughts on “Your Opinions

    • I often find that those who live outside the U.S. can see our situation with far more clarity than those of us mired in the daily muck. Why the Republicans? Because over the last decade or so, they have decided to become the party of the wealthy, the party of obstruction. They no longer have an ideology or a platform, but rather their sole goal is power and wealth. They have supported an autocrat who has already once attempted to destroy any remaining democratic foundations, and now is planning to run for the office again in 2024 with no illusions of being a president, but rather a dictator. Twice impeached for crimes committed against the nation and its people, there are somehow about 40% of the people in this nation who would support him. I don’t understand it … bigotry is part of it … the white community fears they are close to no longer being a ‘majority’, and they have been told that they should be afraid of people who don’t look like them. The Republicans feed those fires of fear on a daily basis. Sigh. Good to see you, Paul!

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  1. Voting rights act needs to pass. It won’t though, because republicans know they can not win their races unless they cheat in some way. It is far easier to get state laws passed than federal ones, so they are focusing on making ridiculous rules for voting in each state. The only states making any changes are those with republican party rule. My own state has made it more difficult for me and my husband to vote by changing how mail in ballots are processed. Now, not only do we have to send copies of ids with our ballots, we must have everything INCLUDING THE DAMNED ENVELOPE notarized, and at 2 bucks a page those of us on social security can not afford to do it. I’d suggest nullifying the republican party. disband the sucker. disband the democratic party, the green, the socialist etc. and have NO parties at all. Make each politician pay for their own campaign. NO DONORS. Or, if that is too draconian, no donation over 5 dollars can be accepted from any household. businesses no longer can give anything. Rawgod, according to our constitution we DID have an insurrection on January 6th. It may have been made up of idiots, fools and bullies,…let’s not forget the murderers in the group…but while it looked to others like nothing but a mob it disrupted the peaceful transition of power. Therein lies an insurrection. Everyone involved needs to be arrested, tried and punished to the full extent of the law. If they held public office, they should be stripped of all power and never allowed to hold public office again. Our arrogance in spouting that the US is the “best” is disgusting. We’ve never been the best of anything…unless it is allowing people to run around with weapons of war when we are at peace and they have no valid reason for carrying.

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    • I fully agree that the two voting rights bills MUST pass and the Democrats need to be more vocal and tougher on those who would fail to vote for our rights. What the hell … it isn’t rocket science! Why should only wealthy white people have the right to vote??? Oh Suze … the new requirements placed on you are just awful! And we both know that the majority of people who don’t have unlimited time or money will simply not jump through the hoops and will not vote, which is the Republican’s goal all along! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I think it’s time people wake up and dissolve the Republican Party altogether … let them rebuild from the ashes, if they can. The oaths of office they take seem to have absolutely no meaning to them at all!

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    • In my book, every single person who had a hand in it, whether directly storming the Capitol, stealing documents, defecating on the floor, destroying property or the suits who plotted the entire thing from the Willard Hotel … WITH Trump’s knowledge and assent … should spend the next 20 years or longer in prison.


        • Trouble with that is that the sheep will just go find or create other ‘leaders’ with the same traits and follow them to the ends of the earth. If someone was stupid enough to break into the Capitol and cruel enough to beat a policeman half to death, he/she deserves 20 years in prison.


          • Granted. But most there were there for the real criminal types to hide behind. Only, they did not know that. How many people would have gone there knowing with absolute foreknowledge people were going to be killed? Maybe 1 in 10, and those were the ones out to do the killing, or whatever they were planning to do. The rest were just dupes. 20 years in prison is not the proper sentence for dupes, no matter how stupid they are. Sorry, Jill, but I watched the same action videos as you did, and I can remember saying to Gail, “Riots? Those people have no idea what a riot is? They are privileged white folk pretending to be rioters.” And my opinion of those events have not changed in all this time.
            When you go to a riot, you know you are lucky if you survive without a cracked skull. Most of those people would have pooped in their drawers if they thought they might hurt a pinkie.
            Definitely there were people there who wanted violence. Do whatever you want to them, I don’t care. But the pissantes that were there, there might still be hope for them. What they need is the opportunity to change. That is what I see when I look at this situation.

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  2. 5. You have been one of the most-hated people in the world for a long time now. You are arrogant elitists. You lord it over people from every other nation. But you also have nice people living there. Generous people. Nice people.
    The truth is not how the world feels about Americans, the truth is how Americans show themselves to the world. Ugly comes to mind.

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  3. 4. Healing the rift! The day keeps coming closer when it will be a day too late. You must stop weeping like babies. You must start sweeping up the conservative talking ponts.. Fire all non-partisan legislators. Show the people these scum are out to destroy America, without knowing what they want to replace it with.
    4. A) Stop babying the babies. Bum-rush them out of America!

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    • Of late, I’ve concluded that in the foreseeable future, there is no panacea for the things that divide us and we will keep becoming more and more divided. 50 years, 100 years, 200 years down the road, perhaps we will once again learn to live side-by-side without hating, but not in my lifetime nor yours.


  4. 3. Jan. 6, 2021, was not an insurrection, or sedition. It was a mob acting like a mob. Civil disobedience at best.
    3. A) Take lessons from Jan 6th. It was not a well-coordinated military coup, or terrorism. It was a bunch of phoney-baloney Republican crybabies running around pretending to be better than they were. They were laughable. You want worse days. Rodley King (police)! Kent State (National Guard)! The racist riots Jill wrote about earlier in the year who names I cannot remember? Union busters! THE TRAIL OF TEARS. There were thousand of worse days! Including Pearl Harbour and 9/11. School shootings! You have learned nothing from them all. Learn something from Jan. 6th! The next attempt will not be a mob. It will come from professional soldiers.

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    • It was an insurrection, or more likely an attempted coup. Yes, the mob acted like a mob, but who riled them? Who convinced them to gather at that time and place? It was a well-planned event to attempt to overturn the election, to overrule the voice of We the People. There is sufficient documentation to prove this … the mobsters that did the hands-on dirty work that day were used, they were puppets being directed by the likes of the Trump clan, Ali Alexander, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and numerous members of Congress. Yes, Pearl Harbour and 9/11 were worse events, but … the big difference is they were from outsiders, from those who wished to bring down this nation, whereas January 6th was an “inside job” … it was our own people trying to force their choice on us.


  5. 2. REPUBLICANS want to regain power. They love being paid to do nothing. Government welfare bums. Don’t pay them if they don’t do their jobs. Let the people who voted for them pay for them.
    2. A) IF THE ELECTORS HAVE TO PAY THE POLITICIANS THEY ELECT, they are going to start paying more attention to what the elected do!

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    • Republicans have, it would seem, a grand plan to install the former guy as a dictator. Why? Who knows? He has promised them something, though, in order to get them to burn their oaths and throw We the People to the wolves.


  6. 1. Politics will never be fair, and even less so today than 50 years ago. And if you lived then, you are aware of the problems they had the. Remember your childhood, “Daddy, that’s nor fair!” “Child, the world is not fair, so learn to live with it!”
    1.a) Ban voter registration! Everyone is eligible to vote the day they reach the age of majority. No papers to sign. No i’s to dot. No t’s to cross. Automatic! You are old enough, you get to vote if you so choose. (The question of what age is a good age for majority? Probably 30, but that won’t happen. Throw a dart at a spinning board!

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    • The trouble with banning voter registration is that there would then be no way to ensure that each person cast only one ballot. And you’re right … the world is not fair. Why? Because people in general are greedy and arrogant.


      • Nobody gets to vote twice in Canada, but with the proper ID in some provinces you can vote from anywhere, not just in your own riding. Still, if someone wanted to, there are probably a million ways to scam the system. Any system.

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    • It was the worst I have seen and the one that came the closest to upending our government. As re voting rights … either everybody should be able to vote without having to jump through hoops, else we will soon live in an autocracy. Sigh. Seems to be the way we are headed. xx

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  8. 1: Voting legislation

    I have not closely examined the new legislation. I have the impression that it is intended to bias the elections and make it more likely that Republicans can win.

    2: Opposition to voting right

    I see this as fear by the Republicans that they will lose in a fair election. So they are determined to cheat.

    3: Jan 06

    Yes, I saw this a very black day for America.

    4: Healing the rift

    I do not have any brilliant ideas about this. At one time, I saw the Republican party as respectable. But that changed, somewhere in the 1980s or 1990s, and I now see them as unfit to govern.

    5:The rest of the world

    Yes, it matters very much how others see us.

    6: The Jan 06 participants

    Some of them need to spend long terms in jail.

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  9. My opinion on American Political systems is probably as relevant as the opinion you would get from SpongeBob SquarePants 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Here the current regime is trying to rig the system. Changing voting constituencies, requiring people to carry photo identification to vote. Let’s think about that. Letting Johnson change the voting system. That’s going to end well….

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    • Ha ha … don’t forget that SpongeBob was a pretty smart cookie, as are you, my friend! Your country and mine have some things in common these days, unfortunately. However, I often find that you guys on the other side of the pond have a better grasp of our problems than we do. I think it’s that old “Can’t see the forest for the trees” thing. From what I read tonight, Johnson’s wallowing in a pot of hot oil over a party at 10 Downing … maybe that’ll keep him occupied for a bit. I often said that he and Trump were cut of the same cloth, though I never believed Johnson was quite as ignorant and evil as Trump.

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    • My pleasure, David. Obviously my directions weren’t all that excellent, as they didn’t work! I’ll delve a bit deeper into the problem tomorrow … for tonight, I’m a bit under the weather and heading for bed soon. This was a great post, though, and I only wish you could have gotten comments on it.

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  10. 1.Are the current State Changes to voting legislation fair to all? If not, what is wrong with them and how can they be changed to ensure fairness? – No. I believe they are designed to tilt the system. In NC, I have seen Voter ID and redistricting laws be ruled unconstitutional – with reason. They were designed to make it harder for the voters who do not tend to favor the party in power to vote.

    2.Why will Republicans not bring forward and vote for the new Bills on Voting Rights, waiting in the wings. – It gets in the way with item #1.

    3. Do You agree that the actions of Jan 6th were one of the blackest days in U.S. HISTORY? iF NOT, WHY NOT? – Absolutely. We cannot let this happen again, full stop. I especially do not like that some representatives had a hand in abetting the insurrectionists. We must get to the bottom of this.

    4. Do you have an opinion as to how the rift between the Republicans and the Democrats can be healed? Are both sides actively working to make things better. How? -When folks are penalized by party leadership for cooperating, that is just poor form. We need to tell our reps to get stuff done to help Americans and stop the childish zero sum games. How to do it? – term limits would help; make them work rather than fundraise 40% of the time; intermix the seating; restore common eating areas; and highlight the extremists on both sides.

    5. Does it matter how the rest of the world views the U.S.? Is it a fair image? – It does matter, but too many have been taught not to care. The fact the previous president harmed the US reputation did not matter to his base. That was short sighted. Is it fair image? Yes, the US has declined in so many measures and in our standing. What happened on January 6 mattered to the world – it emboldened our enemies and made our allies wonder how we could let that happen. Truth be told, it made us look like a third world country. Thank goodness the adults voted later to certify the election.

    6. What should happen to those who planned and started Jan 6th and the foot soldiers who have since been arrested.? I do like that many have been arrested. I think we will see stiffer sentences, but I would also like more legislators who enabled them held to account. I find legislators and a president who had a hand in this to be seditionists, just like the insurrectionists. Our democracy is in jeopardy because a weak-minded person cannot stand the fact he lost. With all of his money and funding, he won 1 out of 65 or so court cases and lost every recount, review and audit – it would be hard for him to lose any more than he has. As his AG said before he was fired for saying it to his boss’ face, the election fraud claims are BS.

    That is my six cents. Thanks for asking. Keith

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