Wally World Comes To Your Fridge!

Just how lazy can people be?  Now, admittedly, I have been taking advantage of the Kroger’s ‘click-list’ whereby I place an online grocery order, then just drive up at the appointed time and a Kroger employee brings my groceries out and loads them into my car.  I started doing this in the early days of the pandemic and have continued due to both the pandemic and my own health problems.  I don’t subscribe to their delivery service, in part because of the cost of about $20 per delivery, but there have been times in the past 4 months that it’s been tempting.  Still … I would never … not in a million years … subscribe to the new service offered by Wal-Mart.

From an article in CNN Business …

“Walmart is expanding its push to deliver groceries straight into customers’ kitchen fridges, even when they aren’t home.

Walmart (WMT) said Wednesday that it plans to make InHome, its $148 annual delivery option, available to 30 million US households by the end of the new year, up from six million today.

Walmart did not disclose how many shoppers have signed up or stuck with the program. But it’s targeting wealthier, time-strapped customers who are willing to pay a subscription — and are comfortable with a stranger entering their kitchen — to avoid going to the store or sitting at home waiting for their order to arrive.

Here’s how InHome works: Customers who subscribe order groceries online and select InHome as their delivery option. Walmart’s employees wear a camera when they enter customers’ homes, allowing shoppers to watch the process live from their phones.”

I’m sorry, but I really don’t want a stranger rooting around inside my fridge!  What’s next … they come and cook the food for you, too?  Perhaps they could throw in a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher while waiting for the veggies to sautè?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to Kroger and pick up my online order!

48 thoughts on “Wally World Comes To Your Fridge!

  1. How would the Walmart delivery person get into your house? Do you leave the key under the mat?
    What if ur house get’s robbed, will insurance cover the loss when you contractually “allow” a person to legally enter ur residence. Technically it’s not breaking and entering.
    So many logistical problems to overcome, this will be a hard pass for me.


  2. Right now, with our van in the workshop and me kinda grounded, we’re ordering delivery again. The delivery guys are schlepping our filled bags into the kitchen but unloading I gotta do myself.

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    • I can see that, as long as you’re home and they aren’t simply given a key and allowed to enter without you being there. Hope you get your van fixed soon! I was having van troubles, but my daughter bought a new SUV and gave me her Saturn, so I donated the van!


  3. YUCK. I wouldn’t do my grocery shopping at Walmart if you paid me. OK … I live in Buffalo & I have GREAT local grocery stores & I don’t HAVE to shop at Walmart … & I can get delivery from any one of the local supermarkets if I desire (I even have the Wegmans app). But no, nobody goes into my fridge or my pantry & puts my food away for me! Not to mention that I also shop at numerous small meat markets & delis & specialty shops …. well, you get the picture. Walmart is not the kind of place that I shop & that’s the end of it.

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    • I stopped doing ANY shopping at Wal-Mart a decade or so ago when I found out how they treat their employees. I never did much grocery shopping there, because their produce was never as fresh as other stores in the area. Sure, their prices were a bit cheaper, but I prefer to spend a bit more for edible food. I’m like you … I simply cannot imagine letting someone come into my house when I’m not home and root through my fridge and pantry! Plus … I’d be afraid they might decide to come back in the middle of some night, since they’d have a key, and help themselves to computers, televisions, etc.

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  4. I love King Soopers/Kroger better than WM for fruit and veg quality and they have some products I can’t get at WM, but I have WM delivered and left at my door. I started it over a year ago with the pandemic and it became a good service. Now there are a lot of items out of stock, some need to be shipped and take a while, but it’s either that or ask someone to shop or pick up for me and it’s just inconvenient to do that. So far I would say I’m 90% satisfied with their delivery but in no way would I want a stranger in my house in my kitchen😳😂

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    • Where I live, we have a choice between Meijer, Wal-Mart, and Kroger and between them, Kroger has the freshest selection of both produce and meat, plus it is only a mile from my house! I’m lucky, because anything Kroger doesn’t have, and there isn’t much they don’t have, my daughter will pick up for me on the weekend.


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      • i had to go to wally’s this morning. I needed windshield wiper blades and NONE of the local auto places had the size I need for my 30 year old truck. It took me five minutes to find the blades and 45 to get through a checkout. I HATE the place!

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        • Oh my! 45 minutes waiting in line at the checkout? I’d have put the wiper blades back and told them what they could do with them! Question … were many people wearing masks? Here, it seems that nobody wears a mask anymore and it makes me so angry … there I am struggling to breath under my mask, while the rest of the people are walking around as if there were no such thing as Covid. Sigh.

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  6. Ain’t nobody coming in my house when I’m not home.I like the WalMart curbside so we can avoid the nightmarish crazy train ride inside the store but no way to someone stocking my fridge. I have zero trust in most humans at this point. We actually enjoy shopping for our food in nice places. Now even Publix is a freak zone. 🤦‍♀️Glad we are in a different place for now.

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    • My sentiments exactly!!! Heck, I’d have to clean my whole kitchen, including the fridge and pantry, just so I wouldn’t be embarrassed for them to see it! Like you, I’m not a very trusting soul these days and I would feel somehow violated to know that someone had been in my house and poking about in my fridge. Besides … I have a system … a certain place for each thing so that I know just where to find it. I used to enjoy shopping for my own groceries, and no doubt will again, but between Covid and my own health issues, for now I’m content to order and pick up.

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  7. Those delivery charges are very high compared with what I pay here. I use Tesco for home delivery and pay them £6.99 a month for unlimited deliveries. Each one would cost £5.50 so I’m saving a lot, having four a month, and can ask them to leave the stuff at my door. Maybe you should move over here for a cheaper, more flexible service!

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    • Yes, it is high! Like you, I place an order once a week, which would come to $80 or £58 per month. The store is just a mile from my house, so I can drive there and back for nearly an entire year for less than it would cost me to have my groceries delivered! For a number of reasons, I have seriously considered moving to your side of the pond. The political and social situation here is becoming depressing and dangerous and I’m debating between Canada and the UK.

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