Saturday Surprise — Fun Facts!

I realized too late last week that Saturday had come and gone and I hadn’t even thought of a Saturday Surprise post, so I vowed not to make the same mistake this week!  I hope you are all having a safe and relaxing weekend so far.  We are, as usual, staying in this weekend, with daughter Chris going out to pick up a few things and a carryout dinner later this evening.

I found some interesting and fun facts over at Bored Panda and I picked 10 of them to share on this post, but if you still want more, I suggest you head on over and see all 50 of them!

I can ABSOLUTELY believe this one!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that you find something to bring you laughter and joy!

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  3. Jill, I absolutely love these, especially the first few. Nicely done. You were speaking of making a difference on voting rights in your last post, maybe women should walk of the job and demand voting rights be protected. Keith

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Your idea would certainly wake up some people at the tops of the corporate ladders, but sadly most women cannot afford to do that, for they live paycheck to paycheck just trying to feed their families.


  4. Some interesting stuff here, Jill. I’m assuming the source is American, as the piece about Iceland misses the fact that countries with a constitutional monarchy elected female leaders – Prime Ministers – well ahead of 1980. The first was Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, in 1960.

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