Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

President Biden is doing the best he can, folks, given what he has to work with!  No one man can solve all the nation’s problems … he needs the help of others, but the only thing President Biden is getting from others is obstruction and criticism.  Thus far, I think he’s done a pretty damn good job, considering that not one single Republican in Congress has found their conscience in the pile of dirty laundry they left lying about the floor of the Capitol.  But it’s not only the Republicans … even members of Biden’s own party are wringing their hands and saying he “should do this …” or “shouldn’t have said that …” instead of supporting his efforts.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and damn tired of the media focusing on what President Biden didn’t accomplish, calling his first year in office a ‘dismal failure’, and blaming him for everything from the price of sugar to the high rate of Covid cases/deaths.  The reality is that he has accomplished a lot and would have accomplished much more, had it not been for the obstruction of the Republicans in Congress.  The media … ALL of it … needs to stop and think, needs to be more honest and give credit where credit is due!  Bill Press is an author, journalist, and radio talk show host who I’ve highlighted here a few times before.  His latest column is spot on regarding the painting of President Biden with a very dark media brush …

Bill Press: Biden lays blame where it belongs


One year ago, Joe Biden took the oath of office as the 46th president of the United States. So, it’s only fair to ask the question, on Jan. 20, 2022: “How’d that first year work out?” And, indeed, that was the entire focus of Biden’s news conference on January 19.

President Joe Biden speaks during a press conference in the East Room of the White House on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022 in Washington, D.C.

Take your partisan hat off for the moment. Whether you like his politics or not, you have to agree that Biden proved once and for all – despite relentless smears by Donald Trump – that he’s more than up for the job. He not only gave the longest news conference in presidential history, but he also proved knowledgeable and up to date on the widest possible range of topics: from Ukraine to Yemen, from COVID-19 to voting rights, from inflation to the supply chain.

You probably also agree that the big show dragged on far too long and, at times, Biden talked too much, especially when he mused about how the West might respond differently to a “minor” invasion of Ukraine by Russia vs. a “major invasion.” When, in fact, the only correct answer is that “any” invasion of Ukraine by Russia is unacceptable and will be dealt with severely.

Not surprisingly, Biden walked into the East Room facing a skeptical, if not hostile, group of reporters. With few exceptions, in the days leading up to Biden’s press conference, news outlets had basically already written off his first year as a total disaster. You heard it over and over again: Biden promised to do big things, he promised to deliver on voting rights, he promised to work with Republicans and restore national unity – and he’d failed at all three.

Yet, by the time the news conference ended, in his own plain-spoken, and sometimes plodding style, it was Biden who’d proven the media wrong about all three.

Getting big things done. Did Biden achieve everything he set out to do? Heck, no. What president ever has? In four years, let alone one? But, as Biden was quick to point out, he could, and did, brag about “enormous progress” on several fronts: record economic growth; 6 million new jobs created; unemployment down to 3.9 percent; new business applications up 39 percent; record investment in rebuilding America’s ports, bridges, and highways; from 2 million to 210 million Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and from zero to 1 billion home test kits available. Yes, Biden admitted, he faced “a job not yet finished,” but he’d still accomplished a great deal in his first 12 months. And he wisely said he’s willing to break up his “Build Back Better” bill into smaller pieces to add that to his list of accomplishments. Score One.

Voting rights. Biden admitted that failure to pass voting rights legislation is the biggest disappointment of his first year, but you can’t blame him for not trying. He endorsed both bills, lobbied senators for their passage, and even supported ending the filibuster to make it happen. But there are limits to what a president can do. Blame Senate Republicans, 16 of whom, including leaders McConnell, Grassley, and Cornyn – previously voted for the Voting Rights Act, but refused to do so again for fear of alienating Donald Trump. And blame especially two stubborn, blockheaded Democrats, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Score Two.

Unity. The reality is, it takes two to tango. And, in the past, Biden’s always found Republican tango partners. No longer. “Did you ever think,” he asked, “that one man out of office could intimidate an entire party?” Biden acknowledged that times have changed: “I did not anticipate that there would be such a stalwart effort to make sure that the most important thing was that President Biden didn’t get anything done.” National unity is impossible when one political party always says no. Score Three.

On this point, Biden was at his best. All-out Republican opposition, he noted, raises the question: “What are you for?” The truth is, we know what Republicans are for. For eight years, they were for nothing but stopping President Obama. For four years, they were for nothing but whatever Donald Trump wanted (which turned out to be nothing). Now they’re for nothing but stopping President Biden. For 13 years, they have not put up one new idea. They stand for nothing. They’re the party of nothing.

Perhaps unwittingly, Biden has given Democrats a strong argument to take into the midterms, by challenging every Republican opponent: “What are you for?” Other than making Donald Trump happy, they have no answer.

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  1. An excellent share! In February of 1958, then still a Senator, John F. Kennedy spoke some words worth remembering that remain relevant today. “Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past – let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” It is long past time to do just that! WHAK!! Thank-you!

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    • I had forgotten those words from Kennedy, but boy are they relevant today!!! “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer” … every single member of Congress should be forced to recite those words every single day!!! Thank you, dear Ellen!!! WHAK!!!


      • If memory serves me correctly, and here of late that is questionable, I am fairly certain that I had added this quote on some long ago post. These words should never be forgotten and should be engraved on the walls of the House of Representatives and the Senate!! Sadly, Kennedy’s advice is not practiced in our present times and it is doubtful that it will be so in the near future. WHAK!! Thank-you!

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        • Key word here is “long ago post” … you know I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning, let alone what was said long ago! But, you probably did and I probably forgot. No, sadly his advice is not being recalled in this, the 21st century, nor is it likely to be in my lifetime. Still, I try to remain hopeful that somehow, without requiring violence, we will find our way out of this darkness. WHAK!!!


  2. Seriously the poor man is nearly 80, and being President is a thankless soul sucking job.
    Battling dementia is hard enough, he doesn’t need grief from damn Republicans, the media, and even members of his own party.
    Hell, i read that during Ronald Reagan’s last term both parties covered for him due to his debilitating end stage Alzheimers. Now why can’t politicians put aside their differences, rally and support this President for the sake of the nation? It’s not fair.


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  4. I have to disagree with your statements, Jill. I think Joe Biden and Pamela Harris do not have the leadership strength needed for this job. The administration makes too many mistakes that partisan politics can’t explain away. It is not just Joe and Pamela but almost at every level. In addition, for congress to function, both sides have to give and take. Our current situation is neither side will move, and leadership from both sides need to share the blame. To write off one’s failures by blaming others further weakens the leadership profile at the executive and legislative branches.

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    • John, I agree with you to a point, but I disagree with your remark that “neither side will move.” The Democrats have altered their proposals several times in an effort to placate the Republicans … and yet they still won’t give.

      Biden is my president. I voted for him. He supports the ideals of democracy. (And no, I don’t like the media ripping him every chance they get. But they did the same to Trump — the difference is that most of us agreed with what was being said about him.)

      Having said that, I am forced to say that I’m disappointed in him. I personally feel he has focused far too much on the COVID situation. Again, this may be related to the media, but IMO, I just don’t feel he has shown himself to be a Strong President.

      Quite frankly, if Trump runs again in 2024, the Democrats MUST put a Strong Democrat up against him … and I don’t think Biden is it.

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      • Biden has never been it. His party knew it when it put him forward as the best candidate for the job, his wife knows he’s cognitively damaged. And mainstream media colluded with the Democrats and Jill Biden. if you note Biden referring to a list of friendly journalists in the recent press conference – only the second one in a year – you’ll realise nothing has changed.

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        • Obama tried to dissuade sleepy Joe from running, there was no illusion that Biden’s not the best man for the job, sadly there’s no one else to successfully challenge Trump. It was a desperate last ditch attempt that paid off!
          Personally i felt relieved that #45 was no more, so yeah, lesser of two losers.

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      • Thank you, Nan … you make an excellent point in your first paragraph about the Democrats having altered their proposals numerous times to try to compromise.

        As for Trump in 2024 … my sincere hope is he is behind iron bars (or under 6′ of earth) by 2024 and not eligible to run at all. That would leave DeSantis who doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in a hot place!

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    • I do understand your view, but stay tuned, for I think you may see something different in the coming year. Unfortunately, he does need Congress for there is much he cannot do via executive order, such as voting rights. Sigh.

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  6. Biden is trying, I will give him that. He is facing impossible opposition, as only previously experienced by President Obama in his last four years. But in my eyes, he has not shown the strength needed by a person who is supposed to be President of the USA. He took charge of the government, but if you get my meaning, he did not TAKE CHARGE! Maybe he needed to take time to find his way around the Oval Office, but at this point in history he does not have that time to take. He had been there before, had a very dynamic leader to look up to and emulate, but he was not Obama, or Kennedy, or Lincoln exactly when America needed such a leader.
    But for me, this is all water under the bridge now. Year 2 is starting. Is Mr Biden going to come out of his protective shell he has been hiding in, or is he going to stay timidly in the background as he mostly did in the first year.
    IS HE GOING TO CAUSE THE ARREST OF DONALD J TRUMP FOR TREASON? Why is he waiting? Do cops wait for perfect cases when they have evidence of a crime before they make an arrest? No, they arrest the known crime-doer, and build their case while that person is under arrest! Donald J Trump is still walking around a free man, DESPITE all the evidence the whole world has seen or at least is aware of. Until Trump is behind bars, he is a danger to society, as well as still in charge of the party of his sycophants. Why is Biden refusing to arrest Trump? That one act would go far in telling us, the people of the world, that JOE BIDEN HAS BALLS! Right now, he has none!

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    • Biden is NOT the one who is responsible for the arrest or conviction of anyone. that is ENTIRELY within the province of the Department of Justice. It is simply not rational, or fair, to blame someone who actually has zero say in it.

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      • If anyone has the power to make the arrest happen, it is Biden. He only needs to say, “Make it happen!” and it will. The American people need him to say that! So does almost every other nation on Earth. It will go a long way to giving Biden some credibility!

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        • I wish you were correct in this assumption. However, there is a constitutional separation of executive powers, and those of the judiciary. He can not, morally, ethically or LEGALLY make that statement.. We are NOT living in an autocracy, even though the former guy tried to make it so.

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          • Other presidents have done worse. Tricky Dicky for one. Ronald Reagan. George Bush.
            Obviously I don’t have your knowledge of how your political system works, and I apologize for that. But I still think Trump has to be under arrest and in jail, right now, so the people of the world, especially Americans, can see that rank does NOT HAVE ITS PRIVILEGES! A free Trump is a slap in the face to every law-abiding citizen–no matter where they live!

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            • hun, anyone with a functioning brain wants Trump imprisoned, preferably for the rest of his life. I KNOW about the other presidents misbehavior, I lived through everyone you mentioned…and protested loudly during their wretched terms of office. Still screaming for justice all these decades later. and I wish Joe COULD use his office in the case of the traitors we are waiting to be arrested and punished…but that still wouldn’t make it right or legal.

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              • But it would make a helluva lot of people happier, and safer, just to know he was off the streets, and away from a microphone. The police often arrest the wrong person and keep him or her in jail awaiting trial for months, or even years. I don’t care about the trial (not yet), just arrest his orange ass and refuse bail. He of all people would be a total flight risk!

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    • Question: How do you think Biden could “cause the arrest of Donald J Trump for treason”? Mind you, I fully agree that Trump belongs in prison for the rest of his life, and yes, he committed treason, but how can Biden bring that about? I don’t think he can … I don’t think any president can. This, ultimately, will be up to the Department of Justice and the courts.

      That said, I do believe that Biden will be getting tougher … he tried the ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ approach to get the two parties to work together, but he’s been slapped in the face too many times by the Republicans in the past year and, by the tone of his latest speeches, I think he’s realizing that cooperation isn’t going to happen as long as the Republican Party is held hostage by the former guy.


      • If Biden cannot direct the Department of Justice to at least put one political criminal in jail, what good is he. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Surely he can find a way to get the army to do the job. 5 dead police officers need justice. Surely Biden can get the process started….

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  7. Thanks Jill. Biden is not perfect and has made some mistakes, but he gets blamed for more than he should. We have governors and state legislatures who have actively promoted the defiance of COVID safety messages and measures as they believe it plays to their political base even though more people are dying as a result. They are also covering for the mishandling of COVID response by the previous president. And, yet they are trying to blame Biden. Could he have done better, yes, but what Trump, DeSantis, Abbott et al have done is beyond poor stewardship.

    Yes, inflation is up, but there is more money in the system than supply driving prices up. Yet, the stock market has done well and the economy continues to grow, but the bad news is what is sold as Biden’s fault. People also like to give Trump more credit than he deserves as he was handed an economy that was in its 91st consecutive month of economic growth with six straight years of 2+ million annual job growth. He tells everyone he created it, after lying about the economy throughout the campaign. Day one it was better – a rabbit out of the hat.

    Biden messed up on the Afghanistan withdrawal, in my view, and was too slow on the infrastructure bill. But, as a citizen, I do not care for the GOP choosing not to work with Democrats to get more done because of political reasons. Get back to work and do your job and worry less about keeping your job. Keith

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    • I too have soured a bit on Biden since the precipitous Afghanistan withdrawal, but compared to Trump & Company, what’s the alternative?. My biggest problem with Biden post-Afghanistan is that his mind seemed to be stuck in a time warp in which the Senate and GOP were the same Senate and GOP as when he served 30 years ago. He now seems to finally be ‘wising up.’ Better late than never? We’ll see.

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      • Admittedly, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was poorly prepared and executed, and there will be consequences well into the future. But, apart from that, I don’t find much to fault him for. I keep hearing he needs to be tougher to get the filibuster changed and get voting rights bills passed, but that responsibility lies within Congress and I really don’t know what people expect the president to do about it. However, I do think we’re going to see a tougher Biden in the year ahead … I hope so, anyway. And frankly, if Trump had won in 2020 I wouldn’t be living in the U.S. today.


    • No human is perfect, and presidents have to make decisions with imperfect background information, so naturally they won’t always make the right decisions. Yes, Biden has made some mistakes, but at least his weren’t deliberate or an ego trip, as we saw the four years prior to Biden. But, you’re right … he is being blamed for things that were done in the previous administration and frankly, if you look at the vaccine rate since he took office, I think it shows he has given it his best shot. For people to blame him that we are looking at a million deaths by spring is ridiculous. And, as you say, what certain governors have done … defying mask and vaccine mandates … is unconscionable for it is signing a death warrant for some of their own constituents.

      Inflation … it’s up everywhere, largely as a result of the pandemic. The U.S. is not the only country to see rising prices and scarcity of some goods, but the media blames Biden, without bothering to note the jobs report or other positive economic indicators. Bias? Yes, but why?

      I agree that Biden should have thought long and hard about how to withdraw from Afghanistan and should have listened more closely to his advisors. We needed to get out, but … it wasn’t handled well and lives were lost as a result. I read an article today saying that Biden better get tougher on voting rights, and I scratched my head, for just what do they expect him to do? He cannot sign an executive order on this one, but must rely on Congress to pass the bills! Short of holding a gun to the heads of the Republican senators, he has basically done all he can, I think. The Republicans have made a pact to obstruct him on any and everything and I don’t know how he or anyone else can convince them to honour their oaths. I wonder what the coming year will bring … I’m almost afraid to think too hard about it.


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    • No, that doesn’t surprise me one bit, Michael. Heck, even here in the U.S. almost every news story plays up Biden’s age, any faux pas he’s made, the things he has NOT managed to get done, even though through no fault of his own. Sigh. xx

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      • Seems some people are having too much free times, and less space in their brains. 😉 He was elected, and honestly nobody else has such experiences like him. If we are going back to something like the Cold War, he is the best now. Enjoy your weekend, Jill! xx Michael

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        • You are spot on, Michael! I think people are bored and, as you say, have too much free time and too little in the way of brains. I have been enjoying a relaxing weekend so far, and I hope you are too! xx


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