Voting Rights — Going … Going … ???

Most states are passing laws that restrict voting rights, especially those of Blacks, Hispanics, the poor, the elderly and the young, and some of those laws are positively draconian!  For example, our friend Suze reports that …

“My own state has a bill under discussion that would make it a felony to provide transport to a voting site to anyone “not within their immediate family.”

So, if your neighbor’s car is in the shop being repaired, and the nearest polling place is ten miles away, you are forbidden to take them to vote???  I think not!  If such a law were passed here, I would double down on my determination to drive my friends and neighbors to the polling station and dare anybody to cross me!  Toss me in jail if you will … I won’t back down!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

Just this morning, Suze informed me that the bill failed in the State Senate … by one vote … ONE LOUSY VOTE!

And then there’s this little tidbit …

Election officials in rural Georgia county to vote on whether to close 6 of county’s 7 polling places

They would close fully 86% of the polling places, meaning every person would have to travel further and wait longer in line just to cast their vote.  WHAT THE SAM HELL is wrong with these damn fools???  Said one resident of Georgia’s Lincoln County …

“I don’t like it at all, because we are such a long county.  Now seven may be too much, but one is definitely not acceptable for especially the elderly coming all the way into town to do that.”

Thanks to many states expanding the options for early voting and postal voting due to the pandemic in 2020, we saw the highest voter turnout numbers in more than a century.  If the states are allowed to continue with their pattern of obstruction without overriding federal legislation or action from the courts, we may well see the lowest voter turnout in the history of the nation this year.

Meanwhile, the Senate Minority Leader, Kentuckian Mitch McConnell, yesterday made this statement:

“African-American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans.”

Yep, you read it right … he actually said that.  Obviously, Mr. McConnell doesn’t see Black people as Americans at all, but rather sees them as “other” and doesn’t believe it is his job to give them equal representation!  It is interesting to note that in the current Congress, there are 56 Black Democrats and only two Black Republicans … this in itself should tell you something about the Republican Party and its racist ideology.

And yet, in the face of all these attempts to keep We the People from exercising our right to vote, to have a voice in our government, some 52 members of the United States Senate have refused to enact two bills, the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.  WHY???  Because the more people who are able to vote, the less likely Republicans are to win at the polls.  Yes, it’s that simple, folks.  The majority of people 18 years of age and older in this country lean more toward voting for Democrats whose ideology is to put the people … ALL of the people … first, as opposed to the Republicans who pander only to the wealthy and large corporations.  Things like education, the environment, minimum wage laws, and more simply do not matter to today’s Republican Party.

Still, We the People continue working hard to pay our taxes to support these men and women who laugh all the way to the bank as they pat themselves on the back for screwing us over.  The situation is untenable and sooner or later the people of this country will tire of being walked on by those whose salaries we pay.

There are many things that need to be addressed by our federal government but there are two that are critical to our survival:  the environment and voting rights.  Both of these issues are being ignored or opposed by the Republicans in Congress.  Please, my friends, let them know how you feel with a phone call or a letter and above all else, let’s vote the slackers out of office and elect men and women who care enough about our future to do the right thing.

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  2. Jill, the saddest thing about the former president’s Big Lie that the election was stolen is too many believe this BS. Plus, those Republicans in state leadership are using the Big Lie to make it harder for people who tend to vote for the other side to vote. This has been going on for ages and both parties have spent time gerrymandering, but since the 2010 midterms, where the GOP made huge dividends in response to a Black man in the White House, the ALEC fueled cookie cutter Voter ID and gerrymandering efforts were heightened. Many of these have been ruled unconstitutional, but the former president showed the way with his bogus election fraud claims, which he has failed miserably to prove. But, he also showed the truth does not matter, if no one makes you accountable for lying.

    The troubling part of this, as per a former GOP strategist, tightening voter requirements is a key tactic to address the poor demographic outlook for whites in the US where whites will no longer be a majority, just the largest group. This goes part and parcel with the white washing of history going on, even as recent as the January 6 insurrection.

    As a white man raised in the south, seeing tacit bigotry is one thing, but seeing it as part of strategy is very concerning. For a party to say we cannot win with our ideas, we must win by not counting all of the votes, that is telling. And, as an independent and former member of both parties, it is Trump’s party that is doing the lion’s share of the cheating, not the other way around. By the way, this has long been a tactic of the former president as a narcissistic defense – blame others for what you are doing to distract.

    I truly wish what I wrote above was not true and I did not have to type it. But, it frightens me the lengths people are going to hamstring our democracy, to “burn it all down” as Trump’s niece said her uncle would do to not lose. Our democracy is what he is burning all down. And, that is seditious activity.


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    • I often wonder if they really believe his lie that the election was “stolen” from him, or if it’s just what they want to hear. I think that with the fact that those in charge have looked and can find ZERO evidence of massive fraud, and the fact that Biden won by some 7 million votes, not just a few hundred, anybody with half a brain knows that Trump is lying. Still, some want his brand of government, his racist leadership, to continue and will willingly believe that there is a basis for him to return to the Oval Office. And that, in turn, provides the ‘justification’ for all the restrictive voting laws being passed by the states. Just my two cents worth.

      I agree that much of what we’re seeing today began when we elected a Black man to the presidency not once, but twice. Those who seem to believe white skin is somehow superior are still fighting that battle.

      The whitewashing of history being recommended and demanded by some today is a tragic miscarriage of justice for future generations who will lack the knowledge to keep from repeating the mistakes of the past. We simply cannot allow this to happen! I have many Black friends and neighbors and I see the pain on their faces every day. Most days they are angry, yes, but still very much hurt that the country they were born in and have been loyal to all their lives has turned its back on them. I feel the same.

      Like you, my friend, I am very concerned for the future of our country, for it has gone far in the wrong direction. I have no doubt that, given half a chance, Trump will indeed ‘burn it all down’ next time and I think one of the primary goals today must be to ensure he NEVER gets that chance.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts here, Keith … you’ve made me think a bit deeper as well and I appreciate it.

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  3. What to do? Retaliation will get non-whites nowhere. What is needed, in my mind, is to scream from the rooftops that America was built on democracy, for all people, liberals and conservatives alike, Democrats and Republicans alike, white people and people of colour alike, male and female alike, poor and rich alike, and whatever other alike you can think of. If you can convince even one Republican voter of how bad life is going to get under a dictatorship or plutocracy or kingship that the Republicans want to replace democracy with (I doubt they know themselves, except that many want to give Trump his kingship!) EVERYONE LOSES, especially the poor white trash (pwt) who think they are getting back at everyone else by voting Republican!
    Someone, please take the “They came for” poem and update to every group of Americans that this stupidity will oppress, only, say it in words a grade 5 student can understand. Talk about the things the pwt are going to lose, including their “god-given” right to vote. Or especially their “god-given” right to bear arms. IF THEY THINK THE RICH ARE GOING TO ALLOW THEM TO RETAIN THEIR GUNS ONCE THE REPUBLICANS HAVE PERMANENT POWER THEY ARE SADLY MISTAKEN! The rich always fear someone is going to take away their power and their money, it is built into them. Once the democracy lovers are gone, once the blacks are gone, once the non-Christians and non-Evangelicals are gone, and women are safely tied with their apron strings, the rich will come for the poor white trash, and then the pure white trash too. That is what is going to happen if things are allowed to continue going as they are going right now…
    Clamour for Biden to put Trump behind bars to await trial for treason and sedition. At first they will make him a martyr, even if he is not dead, but don’t let him speak to anyone. Keep him in “true solitary confinement” somewhere no-one can find him. His MAGAts will scream for awhile, but will also forget him if no one hears from him. Their memory is still not that good!

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    • You have given me an idea about re-writing the Martin Niemoller poem, “First They Came …” I shall begin working on that … thanks!

      Most of what you predict is very realistic and could well happen if something doesn’t change and soon. Biden, however, doesn’t have the authority to “put Trump behind bars”, but I still believe it may well happen, with evidence of his complicity and criminal acts coming out of the woodwork recently. Personally, while I’d prefer to see him in prison for the rest of his life, as he deserves to suffer, I’d really rather see him dead, for in prison, there is always a chance that some shyster lawyer will get him out and then he will be a hero and a martyr to the witless, whereas dead is pretty much permanent. Seems to me that as angry as he gets and as morbidly obese as he is, he should have suffered a fatal heart attack long ago.

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      • Still waiting for the heart attack. But not that I have anything in common with Trumpelstiltorangeskin, but in my younger years I survived on French fries, hamburgers, and Coca-Cola for over 10 years. I was never healthier. Then I met my ex, and she I trounced me to “healthy” food. My body rebelled, and I was overweight in less than a year. And my health kept getting worse and worse ever since. Not saying that the early years did not affect the later years, but the timing was right on. Bad food -healthy. Good food – unhealthy.
        Andlife goes on.

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          • I came close three years ago, though mostly because of my bowel problems by then. I enjoy one or two burgers and fries a year now. And it has to be a pork burger, they taste much better than beef.

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              • Not taking recent reports as factual, probably paid for by the meat industry, but I have read where the plant-based products are filled with stringent chemicals that cannot be completely cleansed from the meatless products on sale these days. Gail and I used to frequent a vegetarian restaurant that used artificial flavours to make soybean products taste like meat, which at first was good. But halfway through the meal the product lost its flavour and began to taste like mush. It was like as the food lost its heat, the flavour disappeared. We have not gone there for years now.
                Some Indian restaurants in Edmonton serve pork burgers, since beef is not on the menu. Mostly though, we buy ground pork and make our own burgers with it. When we compared it to homemade beef burgers, the pork tasted ten times better to us. Now we no longer eat beef unless we are away from home and the only thing available is fast food. Even then we mostly buy chicken or fish burgers. Beef just doesn’t do it for us anymore.

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                • I’m no longer as much a fan of beef as I once was and we likely only eat it once every two weeks or so. Chicken and veggies are our main staples. Natasha and I love fish, but Chris isn’t a fan, so we only have it when we go out.

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                    • I’m surprised you still have tastebuds. I haven’t smoked for almost 40 years now, and most of my tastebuds are gone. But not the fishy ones. I have never tasted fish that don’t taste like fish

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                    • The taste buds are definitely diminished, but still there. The other night, I asked Natasha to taste a stew I had made and I specifically asked her if she thought it needed more salt, for I thought it did. She looked at me and said, “No, trust me, it’s plenty salty!” Salt is one thing I seem to want more of than other people, so presumably the taste buds that register salt are diminished!


                    • Funny. You want more salt. I HAVE TO HAVE MORE OF IT, My doctor told me after he removed my colon I would thereafter need to eat twice as much salt to absorb what my body needs in a day. Most salt is absorbed through the walls of the colon he told me. So I have to put extra salt on my food to get enough inside of me. Gail’s tastebuds are like new, she never smoked. As I said, mine are shot. I can barely taste the extra salt on my food, but take it away, and I notice its absence. When I go into the hospital for a stay, I have to smuggle a saltshaker in, because they no longer cook with salt.
                      Meanwhile, it must be hard being the cook if you cannot tell how much salt a dish needs. If a person has good tastebuds, they KNOW IMMEDIATELY if there is too much salt.

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                    • I had 1/3 of my colon removed many years ago, but was never told I should eat more salt. I’m thinking, though … with your heart problems, isn’t that extra salt bad for you?


                    • My heart is a weird piece of muscle. According to my heart specialist I had a heart virus years ago that somehow added an extra beat: thump thump, thump thump, thump. The pacemaker is mainly to force it to beat regularly. He does not think my heart is any weaker than it should be, but he fears the extra beat, if allowed to go on, could cause damage. So, while I have heart problems, it should otherwise be healthy enough to stand the extra salt. He thinks!

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  4. I found some of this genuinely shocking. You can be a conservative and still be a democrat, but I keep finding bigots on the left and right of politics. Surely, in the 21st C we can do better than this?! And, as you say, we are paying for our elected politicians and all of the infrastructure of government; these bozos work for us!!

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    • It seems to me that in this, the 21st century, bigotry in all its forms is on the rise … exponentially! It isn’t only the politicians, but the people … today in this country we have about 40% who would gladly return Black people to slavery given half a chance. They would murder LGBTQ people and return women to the kitchen if they could. They threaten violence in order to force their ideology on the rest of us. I don’t understand the mentality at all, but I do know that it is politicians and church leaders who have convinced these people that somehow they are being deprived of something and that their white skin makes them somehow superior. Sigh. Some days I despise humans!

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  6. Thanks for writing this. I’m still trying to figure out how to address this without sounding like Samuel L Jackson. Sometimes, life itself can be depressing as hell watching and listening to people summarily dismiss you and your community simply due to skin pigment.

    Democrats are putting Black Americans in an awful predicament. By cowering to the GOP and downplaying the urgency of addressing the arc we’re on towards apartheid, we’re running out of people to turn to for assistance. I hope white liberals are not convinced that their white skin will save them once minorities are gone. We just won’t be around to help you save yourselves from conservatives.

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    • I cannot even begin to imagine your pain and depression, but though my skin is lighter than yours, I am nonetheless appalled at the way the people of this nation are treating our Black brothers and sisters. I am, more than anything, ashamed to be (mostly) Caucasian at present. I imagine the current thinking is that if the Democrats can find common ground with the Republicans, at least some things can get done, but as was proven this week, that ain’t working! The time has come to get tough, and I don’t know in all honesty if the current batch of Democrats have it in them. Some do, but … perhaps not enough. I will keep yelling about voting rights, for it is the very basis of our democratic principles and if we lose the right to vote, than we have lost everything. Hang in, Bro … thinking of you.

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      • No need for you to feel shame. We know who’s with us and who’s against us. This isn’t a new fight, it’s just a new generation picking up the mantle.

        I’m well off enough that I could simply move on and I’d be fine. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself though knowing that some folks would still be suffering. I feel it’s my duty to speak up and speak out for those who don’t have someone championing their issues.

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        • I am the same, my friend. I could leave here tomorrow for Canada or elsewhere, and I’ve considered it more than once, but I feel compelled to stay and fight as long as I can. Sigh.


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