Jolly Mon … Er, Um … Toosday!

Good Monday Tuesday morning, my friends!  Sorry we’re a bit late starting this week out … circumstances beyond our control and all that, y’know.  Anyway, Joyful has made pizza for your Tuesday morning palate and we’ve got some ‘toons and other fun stuff for you today, so grab a bite and let’s start this week out … better late than never!

And now, bring on the ‘toons!!!

I found some weally funny signs to share with you …

I just LOVE this one!!!

And finally, it just wouldn’t be Jolly Monday Tuesday without a cute animal video, now would it?  This one’s a little longer than usual, but I thought it was well worth the extra few minutes …

We hope you have a good week ahead and that you share your lovely smiles with others who might need them even more.  Keep warm and safe, dear friends.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

43 thoughts on “Jolly Mon … Er, Um … Toosday!

  1. This brought me Wednesday smiles! “Before coffee”, “Just a cup of coffee”, LOL! Yes, gotta watch out for those fast birds when painting.! Oh Jill! You always pick good ones and I LOVE the mask sign!

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  3. No Hawaiian or Mushroom pizza, What a let down,Good Toons but tody’s animal video really takes the biscuit.Most of the cats are doolally but someon should tell the meeces to be more particular about the company they keep.

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  4. You’ve outdone yourself this time, Jill. I’m still laughing and that’s a great way to wake up in the morning. Woke up completely when I saw the toon about “eat here, get gas and worms”! Still laughing over that when I watched the video. That one really did it for me. Way too cute and so funny. All in all it is a good way to wake up and start a new day.

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