Jolly Monday … Better Late Than Never?

Hello fwiends … Gwammie is “under da weather” today an’ she was gonna skip Jolly Monday, but me ‘n Joyful tol’ her we’d do it.  We might not do it as good as Gwammie, but we’ll twy, okay?

Joyful:  Now, Jolly … I can’t help you with Jolly Monday AND cook up a storm like I usually do, so …

Jolly:  Okay, Joyful … I get it … I’ll just pop out for some donuts ‘n coffee while you find da funny critter video, ‘k?

Joyful:  Okie Dokie! 

… … … …

Jolly:  I’m back wid da donuts ‘n coffee!

Joyful:  Did you remember to get Miss Ellen’s favourite coffee?

Jolly:  Got it wight here!

Joyful:  Okay, put everything out on the table and let’s get busy with these ‘toons you dug up

… … … …

How ’bout some funny toons, fwiends?

And here’s some cool memes dat Joyful found …

We pwob’ly don’ do as good as Gwammie, but Joyful found dis cute cwitter video …

Well, fwiends, we weally hope you laughed with us today an’ dat you can share dose smiles dis week!  Lots of Love ‘n Hugs fwom Joyful an’ Jolly … an’ Gwammie, too!

34 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … Better Late Than Never?

    • Gwammie is feeling better and even managed to mop the hallway, bathroom and kitchen today! Plus cook a roast and roasted veggies for supper! Gwammie is, however, totally worn out now!


  1. Monday’s myriad of joviality found in Joyful and Jolly’s post can best be described by something written in one of the many short stories of Washington Irving’s “The Sketch Book” (1819-1820) : “…honest good-humor is the oil and wine of a merry meeting, and there is no jovial companionship equal to that where the jokes are rather small and the laughter abundant.” The Krispy Kreme donuts and Starbucks latte were quite enticing and gratefully accepted! WHAK!! Thank-you!

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    • Thanks, Ellen! Can you imagine a life without humour, without laughter? I cannot, or if I could, I know it would not be a life I would want for a single day! Even in the darkest hours, we can still lighten the load with a bit of humour. Washington Irving said it quite well! Glad you enjoyed the donuts and latte and the humour as well! WHAK!!!


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