Saturday Surprise — Avian Humour

I must admit that I nearly forgot that today is Saturday.  There’s a reason for this … no, I’m not losing all my marbles, only a few of them.  See, daughter Chris was off from work yesterday (Friday), which made it feel like Saturday all day, for she’s never home on Friday.  At any rate, I remembered in time and thought since a few of my posts this week were pretty dark, we really do need some humour to lead into the weekend.  This is a post from a couple of years ago — July 2020 — when I had also forgotten it was Saturday and for the same reason, that Chris had been off work, only that time it was for the July 4th holiday and this time it was for the ice & snow storm we had on Thursday!  Anyway, enjoy the birdies and have a terrific weekend!



Proud momma bird with newly hatched baby


A warm place to be



Eh … not even big enough for a snack


Caught one of those alien drone birds!



Photobombed by an owl!



Bees???  What bees?



Oh that’s gonna hurt!


Apologies for such a short Saturday Surprise, but I do hope that you enjoyed the birds!  And one last treat … I love owls, and I came across this video of some really adorable owls!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!!Weekend

38 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Avian Humour

    • I love seeing them, but wouldn’t want to confine one to a cage indoors. When I was a child, somebody I used to visit — I don’t remember who — had a bird and it flew around the house. One time it tried to land on my head and got tangled in my hair, and I’ve never been a fan of ‘house birds’ since! Glad you enjoyed the birdies!!! ‘Twould be a better weekend if it were just a tad warmer … brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Have a good one yourself, dear friend!


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